Sandhir : The Story About Love and Hate (Episode 1)

The story is set In the Premises of FITE, “Founders institute Of Technology and Engineering”, which is India’s top most engineering college. The story is inspired by a popular show on Indian television named “Sadda Haq” That means “My Right.”
Randhir Shekawat: Freshman in FITE and is angry young man who is also a genius. Topper of the entrance exam.

Sanyukta Agarwal: Also a freshmen in FITE and is a family friend of Shekawat’s and childhood enemy of Randhir

The story starts in Delhi, at the airport. Sanyukta is waiting for Mr. Shekawat to come pick her up as that’s whom she will be staying during her time in FITE. Mr. Shekawat calls Sanyukta and tells her that he is in the front of the airport and she should come there. She comes to the airport, and sees Mr. Shekawat and says “Hey, Harsh uncle” and Harsh says “Hi Sanyukta, how have you been and how is your family?” Sanyu says they are fine and I’m also fine as well. Harsh says lets go home and talk more and your Renuka aunty is waiting for you. She is happy that you are staying with us during your time here.

They arrive at the Shekawat home and everyone is happy to see Sanyu except one person. He was angry and you can see the frown on his face and that person is Randhir. Randhir murmurs does she have to stay here with us. Sanyu seeks everyone’s blessings. Randhir and Sanyukta comes face to face and they starts to argue. Randhir’s parents says can’t you guys ever talk without fighting. They say “NO…”together. Everyone laughs.
Mr. and Mrs. Shekawat says Randhir, Sanyukta will be staying in your new room and you will be staying in your old room. He says no, I don’t want her in my new room. Can’t she use the old room? Sanyu says she’s fine with staying in the old room but Mr. and Mrs. Shekawat says no, you are our guest and you shall stay in the new room. Randhir says fine and angrily goes.

Its dinner time and all come done for lunch time. Randhir and Sanyu starts arguing about a seat and Sanyu says I was here first and I shall sit on this chair. Randhir says this is my chair, I always sit here. They both start pulling the chair and they both fall down and Sanyu lands on top of Randhir. He say get off of me, you jhalli. She gets off of him and says don’t call me jhalli. Mr. and Mrs. Shekawat says can we eat if you are done with your fighting. They say sorry and everyone starts eating and Renuka aunty says Sanyu I made you your favorite dessert. She says Gulab Jamun and she says thanks aunty I love you. Randhir murmurs now everything will be done and made according to her. Randhir says I’m going to my room, please don’t disturb me, I’m going to get everything ready for college tomorrow. Harsh and Renuka says you know you have to take Sanyu with you to college every day. He says fine and can I go now.

Next morning, Sanyu and Randhir gets ready for college. Randhir is ready and say Sanyu if you don’t come in 5 mins I am going to leave without you. She says I am coming down. She is running down the stairs and trips. Randhir holds her, and they have an eye lock and as they hear Harsh’s voice they snap of it. Randhir says angrily can’t you do anything right. She says leave me. He drops her and she says ouch, and asked him why you drop me? Randhir says you said to leave you. And they start arguing and they leave together. Randhir whispers “jhalli” as he walks out and Sanyukya whispers “saddu”.

Precap: Randhir and Sanyukta are on a bike, and suddenly Randhir stops the bike and says this is a bus stop and you can catch a bus to college directly from here. Then he leaves.

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  1. AMkideewani


  2. Excellent plot

  3. awsom samdhir’s 100% love story. good keep going.

  4. awsom sandhir’s 100% love story. good keep going.

  5. SidMin

    Wow Loved it Yaad diala diya Rd air Sanyu ke fights ke Precap is so interesting 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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    its soo good so plz continue writing


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