Sanam Tuje Meri Kasam(Season-2) Episode 16


a girl is shown walking here and their.
her sweet payal is making a cute noise as shes walking here and their…
now camera moves to wards the girl…her back is shown..
we can c the girl dressed up in peach green long cut top..with white legins and a perfectly matching flat footwear..shes having a bracelet in her hand…its a simple platinum bracelet with a cute locket of “SS” carved on it..
she has put on..a pony..a high one…

now camera moves towards her eyes..long maskara carved on her eyes perfectly carving and making her eyes smoch..
and then the camera moves towards her lips..its shown she is bitting her lips side ways…which can make her more hot and just putting an extra glimpse n her beauty…

just then a guy walks in..talking about the deal..which he is gonna sign today..and as he enters he directly moves towards his bed picks up the file and rechecks it…he cuts the call…and starts talking to the lady…
“swara r u ready…(no response)swara were r u lost yar?”
yup d girl is swara..and no dout u all might have guessed it too..
hai na?

swara-“han sanskar..han mean s…i mean…uff..”

and yup d boy was sanskar!

sn-were r u lost..?
sw-(nodes in no)..andd just hugs him…no where sanskar..
sn-feeling nervous..
sw-nodes in yes…then no…
shanky chukels..

sn-u trust me?(she nodes)have faith in me?(she nodes)consider me as ur frnd..(noes in yes)then blurt out..
sn-take a deep breath…close ur eyes..and say me in a go..!
swara does as instructed
sw-vo acually i m not nerveos coz i m joining the course in clg here but nervous that how ll all react to me if they c me with u..han han i know u ll say that..u ll not get out of car just drop me but the big fat symbol on ur SUV where u have printed KR is enough for all to recognize that its ur car..

sn-ufff…so much was going on in my wifey’s small brainless head ..hmm now i get it..
oky no problem..i ll drop u just before ur clg distance..
tho chalega na?

“daudega bhai…”came an instance reply…from the otherside..
and it was our uttara..
sanskar just smiles..

later all 3 head towards dinning table..
to dine the breakfast..
sw-uttara whn is ur flight?
ut-bhabi its @6 in evening..
sw-hmm oky..
sn-shopping done girls..?
sw-han v did it yesterday…only..
sn-and packing?
sw-vo bhi sanskar..

sn-hmm…vase y is house so silent
sw-i m gonna miss my sara..
“me to miss u schwara maa”(me too ll miss u swara maa)
came an instance reply from our cute lil angel..our sara..
who came dressed in an aggelic pink and blue frock..
sn-so u ll not miss me swthrt?

sara-aleee handsm i ll mich u too (are handsm i ll miss u too)
sanskar picked her up and made her sit on his lap and gave a kissi on her cheeks…”goodmorning back soon oky..i ll miss u a lot…”
she just rubed her cheeks and jumed on swara and said..dont give me kissi i m katti on u chote papa..

sw-ale..kya huva meri sara ko..y is she katti with her handsm..
sara-s..katti katti katti
sn-accha but y?
sara-han he z also noch cmming with me and uttu machi and not leving u also to cm na swacha mumma..

(he is also not comming and not letting u also to cm na swara mumma)and she pouts..
sn-ooo..but i had taught to give choclates to my swthrt but i guess…she dont want i ll give it to ur best frnd wts her uttara?
u-u mean arya?
sara-instantly turn her head towards shanky and snach d choco..
shes not my flnd shes my emy..
(shes not my frnd shes my enemy)saying so she runs…off to room..

sw-dekha her mood got ruined coz of u ..
and swara to goes back of her…

thats all for now…bye guys

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