Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 9)


l-han han if u feel being secured and making shonas life be safe then s i m selfish..did u get it..and plz dont support her..
n ask her wt did she do..?
{ shona pouts..(obvio seeing it anyone might melt..) }
and plz ask her not to make such faces coz i m not gonna be affected by these atlesat not now..

r-par huva kya hai..

sw-i ll say..
u know nme na ragu..i dont like working with him..coz i want to make my own identity..
now say is it wrong..

r-han par..

sn-rago..i think u shd support her..
if she wants to stand on her feet by her own then all must support her..
and laksh i dont think there is any such serious reason to get angry..

sw-u too feel same na..c na lucky..

l-seriously u think i m angry on u for that..
no bahi i m angry on her coz she has learnt hiding things from me..


sw-are no no..when i dont want to go y to say..

l-huh..what ever…n may i know d reason..

Sw-are u know na jessi (shes swaras frnd)her sister works in same company..n she too said so many things about her boss..
n seeing and learning abt that i know that no no learnt that hes no 1 khadus..and not only that..i also heard that hes mental..

l-u knw what now i m fed up with ur silly talks..
y dont u grow up shona..

swara was on verge of crying and her anger had no limits..
it was reaching peaks…

sw-fine u want me to go and do work na..then listen i ll go to job from company..
butget that straight into ur mind..
i wont work in ur company nor in that jerk’s company..
coz i hate him..
did u get that i hate that sanskar maheshwari..
i just hate him..
i din c him till now..but for sure when ever i ll meet him na..
i wold (searches here and their)han this vase i ll just throw it on his face..
coz of him u fought with me na..
then i m hating to core..
saying so she runs her room..

that’s it..
this was just a shock to our sanskar..

sanskar’s POV..

when i supported her..infact talked to her first time after so many years felt as if i achived an bharat ratna..
thoih it was just indirect talk but supporting her and the smile she gave me back made me to heavens..
what more would i want..
s i reached to their home..
i was like anything can happen anytime..
but i controlled my emotions..coz if she din recognize me i had to make her fall for me once again..
last time it was she who made it..
and this time it was like pay back..n i was indeed ready to it..
but when she was saying ill about that so called “jerk” which was unfortunately me..
i felt like killing this man who made my princess cry..
but as she said and procceeded i was like “was i planing to kill my self?”hahaha! sounds wierrrddddddddd……..!
but karun bhi kya..
i was feeling happy ki she took my name..
but that hate u word pricked me like anything..
but then she added she hated me coz she taught i was reason for hers and laksh’s fight..
then a happiness my mind..
i taught of taking it as an advantage and make frndship with her..
n i dont wanted to loose this chance indeed..
but then i looked at ragini..
we were alredy sitting..
with laksh’s nanu and nani and they were appolozing for the mistake they din ever do..
but i was happy..somewhere..
so i adruptly raised a question..
and hearing this question laksh his nanu and nani gave me such a glare as if they saw some dead body..of samshan ghat..suddenly getting up and dancing infront of them..
han i know f**king pj..!!


sn-hmm..well if u dont mind i want to talk to sw..i mean shona..if u dont mind..
i think i can convince her for the job..
i mean if u dont mind…
(n then the shocking expression)

ragini in excitment..

r-s.nani u should allow bhai..
u know hes great at convincing people..
and i m sure u dont know him na..

sn-(cutting her off)aunty i m just sanskar..n i can really do it..if u permit..

l-fine..try ur luck..but do a thing..wear the helmet and go..shes short tempered..kuch bhi mar ke phek degi sir pe tho sir phoot jayega..

ll sanskar be able to convince swara?
ll sanskar tell swara that hes that jerk..?
what ll be her reaction?
ll swasan get into a new bond of frndship.. ?

sorry for short know more keep reading!

well guys i got few msgs from tu users that they are not liking the story and all..and are asking to wind it upp!
plz be frnk and let me know if its boring i ll end up with in 2-5 episodes..
else atlst tell me few ideas!
i dont know if u people like this type of ff or no..
but i write suspense type of ff only..
do cmmnt n let me know may it be positive r negative..!


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    Amazing and please don’t end it soon

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    It was interesting dear…. So don’t end it soon

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