Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 8)


missed me na? me too a lot..well guys plz do cmmnt and shwr ur love.
n goldie thanku for reminding..
actually i m not crazy its her frnd..
n thus i m uploading the episode insted f her..
n for the fans of twinj love strategy season-3
are guys u all know na crazy z an expert CSE..she has locked her such a big passwrd..
infact it has 3 continues locks..
so i cant touch her lapi..and those episodes are their..and i m uploading #STMK as its in her cell..iska passwrd i know but not of lapi..
and she never gives too..
btwn any way tq for praying for me..and no worries sirf pair nahi haimere..but i m way still strong to irritate u..
so i m back..with episodes too..
wait for sometime i ll upload my ff too..

enough f my bak bak lets proceed now..


ragsan reach sunshine mansion..
and ragini is setting her room..
shes setting the pics..of her swara(shona),with laksh and their family..
just then sansakr comes their..and forwards a cup f coffee to her..
ragini smiles at him
R-tq bahi..i needed that now..!
R-bhai i want to tell u something..but promise u wont shout plzzz..
r-actually i still have dout if shona is our swara
s-listening this shanky split the coffee that he was siping in..
what?are u insane..rags tum..
r-bhai u promised me..
s i know shona and laksh are not real sis-bro and she suddenly appeared a day..
and then i was infromed that she is his sister..
but no proff yet..
s-wow..i must say..kitne jaldi yadd agaye tumhe yeah..
oky do something and make her hug me..
r-hug u?and y? that i can identify her
r-wow..but how can u be sure..
s-ragz swara is my soul mate..its not just for name sake oky..
uske ruh ruh se wakif hun..uske har ehsas se wakif hun..
mei akh band karke bol sakta hun if she my wara or no.
but u shd make me hug her once atlst..!
r-its really difficult bhai..
koi aur idea hai?
s-#SS only that can tell..
s-hmm wo..actually swara has a tatu..#SS..
n u shd find it..and say me
r-no she dont have..if it would be i could have seen it na..
s-(tohimself)duffer isse abb kase baaun ki wo tatu esa jagha mein hai were u cant c it..(guess karo)
oky ragini listen..
make her were saree..
the tatu is near her waist..n my swara din know wearing saree does shona too?
ragini smiles…
good..u go n help her and try to c d tatu else make her hug me…
get it..
any way i think lets move to their home now…

at swalak..
sw-lucky plz
l-how dare u..u i hate u..y u din say me..this n y r u still in home..
sw-vo i dont want to go..
l-what but y?shona this opportunity is not got by all..n u r lucky u shd accept it..
sw-no i wont…i wont..
nani-are laksh beta dont force her..
nanu-han beta if she dont want to then no one ll force her got that?
do u even know karma industries is best in asia..
among millions f people u r selected as his secratory and u want to..fine..
u said u dont want to join me in the bussiness as u want to stand by ur self..
and when in campus of ur clg u got such a brillant oppurtunity u r denying it..?
and y ?
just because that jessi filled ur ears..
nani-kya kiya usne?
l-nani her sister works their..
actaully their are many rules which shd be followed..
more over..
sw-huh..u know vo khadus hai..
i hate that sanskar maheshwari,,,,and being his secratory..
c his name koi oldy hoga…
i dont want plxxzzzzzz
l-what go and get ready,..and plz no need f talking to me..understand..
and plz behave well with my inlws..
nani-dont worry my baccha..
nanu-han vo tho bas ese he..
he is angry now..but later he ll only talk to u..oky..
and soon all departed

ragini came to meet..(are vo ladka ladki dekne wala program..actaully in our boys family go to girls family house..
but its my ff..
and y shd boys have all fun..)

ragini takes blessings from nani and nanu and hug them..
nani-are rago beta..where are ur family members..
rag-han nani..bhai is parking the car..he ll be soon..
nani-and ur parents?
rag-vo actually..
“i m only her dad and a brother too”came a firm voice from back…
nani-are aoo in..
and rago..dont dare say like that..m i not ur nani
nanu-are han mei bhi tho hum itne handsm person ko kase bhul gaye tum..
just then laksh cmes their..
l-hii ragini..
and goes forwars and see towards sanskar and says hii..bahi
nani-are all ll talk at enterance only or ll cm in too..
come sanskar beta..
u came first time here na..
cm cm..
sanksar was impatiently waiting for someone..
u might have guessed na who?
raigini(wishpers)bhai patience bhai patience..
sn-u know na i m gonna watch her live front of my eyes after so many years..
r-oky i ll ask..u ctrl ur emotions..
r-wase nani ghar mei itna sannata kase..
shona kaha hai..
i wanted her also to meet bhai..
just then they hear a voice..
“mein yaha hun”

all are shocked to c her..
her eyes red and swollen tears can flow again anytime..
she comes and hugs her..
r-shona..wt happned..(she sees towards sanskar and assures her through eyes and signals to ask her)
sw-are nothing..vo something went in my eyes..and i m feeling week too na so nothing else..
saying so she turns..
r-u lucky monkey wt did u do to her..
i m sure u shuted her isnt it?
so only its so silent here..
sanksr holds his fist ctrl his anger..
r-speak up now..
sw-rago plzz…u know me and bhai always fight its comman..n i m not that kid ki i becm sad for him..
if he dont talk to me then koi pahad nahi tut padega..
muze koi farak nahi padega..
and plzz u guys are here to fix ur marriage plz stop it here..oky..

swara-i hate sanskar mahewshwari
did u here that i just hate that person..
sanskar shocked!

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