Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 7)



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hai all how r u guys?
well thanku so much for the cmmnts..
n btwn Ragsan fan kya huva tuze y did u delete ur cmmnt?
hehehe!any way guys lets go for the next episode..
hope u r enjoying my work..
and yup u all can also suggest ur views and ideas

i ll try in to put them in..

challo lets move to the episode now..
coz i m dam sure u all r already bored with my bak bak..

Sanskar had teary eyes..
ragini seeing this oves towards him..
and places her hands on his sholder
he immediately hugs her..

r-uff bhai app ladkiyon ki tara kyun rorahaho?
wase how was my surprise?nice na

sn-nice?it was bestest..but y u said me not to speak to her?
i too wanna talk to her..
i want to meether rago plz..
kuch kar na..
i want to c the happiness in her eyes..when she ll c me infront of her eyes!
i m sure she also might have searched me..might have missed me..
hai na?

r-bhai..i wish she could..(sanskar breaks the hug..and watches her in shock)
han bhai..i wish she could miss u the way u do..
but she has lost her memory..
and only word she remembered was ur name in that unconsious state..
and then when she woke up..she had lost her memory..
so all of laksh’s family created a new fake memory for her..
and she stays with that only..

and now their family are searching for the groom for her..
after her bday celebrations..
laksh ll anounce about her marriage..

so only i had to take this step today..
when i got to know i was broken so i immediatey tried contacting u..
but u ..(stops in mid)kher lev about these..
i want u to be the groom..
i want u to win back the love of swara..
i want u to meet laksh and tell him truth..

plz bhai..
i cant watch my bhabhi marrying someone other..

sanskar who was getting shocks of happiness a few min earlier was now getting shocks of the worst..
he was not able to believe his ears..
but yet he ought some courage and spoke..

sn-but how can they make her marry like that..
when shes already married to me..?

r-exactly bhai..u know i know..but wt abt that family our swara?
she dont know!..they dont know..!
n so u shd be quick in actions..

s-hmm..but her bday?
uske bday ko abhi 7 months baki hai rago..

r-bhai..u know i know that..not they..
the day when she entered their life na..
that day only they celebrate it as her bday..

sn-i want to meet laksh..i ll tell him everything..


while they were speaking they were intrepted by a knock..
both wiped their tears..
and sanskar asked the person to come in..

kavita walked in…and she was shocked to c a girl an unknown girl with sanskar
(guys remember ragini reached sanskars cabin chupke chupke..with out commming to be noticed by anyone..)

while kavita was buzy staring her…she was interrupted by voice of sanskar..

s-miss kavita..u here?shoot out the reason..
k-vo sir..actually Miss Riya Raichand is here..shes on way..
and u dont like i came to …
s-oky..kaha hai vo(with not intrested tone)
s-hmm..till i say dont let her in..
k-oky sir..

saying so kavita levs..

r-bhai after hearing her name y ur mood went off..
sn-yar..shes chipkali so..
her dadaji was my mentor..and so i cant say her anything coz of that..
and she alwaays sticks to me..


sn-kya?here i m already tensend abut how to get back swara and top on that this chipkali..
and u r expressions?

r-uff..bhai dont u want to relive ur clg days..?

sn-clg days?

r-han the way we both used to do..and u rememer na..
agar ghee sedhi ungli se na nikle na tho ungli tedi karni padti hai..
so my brother take a chill pill..
and yeah just stay calm..oky..
i ll do rest f the work..

s-are u sure..?shes to voilent too..i heard so
r-any way give me ur creadit card
sn-what?but y?
r-kanjoos kahi ka,..!huh!
give so she winks)
sn-impossible girl..
r-vo tho mai hun mere bhai..

ragini walks outside the cabin taking the card..

just then a girl in mini shot skirt..
is seen entering the office..
ragini smirks..seeing her..
and winks at sanskar who was asked to watch the senario from his cabin by his sister ragini..

ragini walks towards her..
and here miss chpkali urf Miss riya Raichand..walks with an attitude..
while whole office starts gossiping
gilr-1-yar lo here she comes agin..
girl-2-han when ever she comes na one of the employee is always fired..god knows whos gonna be the target by sir today after this b*t*h levs..
boy-1-jo bhi bolo girls..but shes hot..
boy-2-she is but she still din get that sir is not intressted in her..any way lets get back to work..else v ll b the one who ll be fired..

ragini who heards the convo was giggling silently..
were as few office staff was already shocked that how could a girl cm from sanskars cabin..coz they din watch her going(here i mean ragini)

here..ragini was moving towards..riya..
and riya to taking hot moves moving towards sanskars cabin..
but suddenly BOOM!..
they both dashed..
which was obvio done by our rago purposly..
riya-WTF!cant u c and walk behenji..

bloddy beggers..
Ragini-mind ur lang miss..
riya-who d hell r u?han to speak to me..aukat bhi hai tumari..?to stand infront of me?
ragini-exactly aukat tho tumhari nahi hai to stand infront of me..
and who r u?
han r u employ of this office?

then if so u r fired of job!
and yeah i think u have a really poor dressing sence..
what type of cloths r u wearing?
riya-just shut up!
u blo* dare u..i m not any employee..
i came to talk tour boss..
ragini-i dont have any boss..
riya-i m riya Raichand..i m here to talk abut bussiness deal..
ragini-bussiness ka B bhi ata hai kya?
badi ayyi

and yeah ur bussiness deal han..
its cancelled now may lev..
just then sanskar enters..their riya seeing him..smirks..
goes to him and holds hs hands..
and continues…
riya-sanskar baby plz say ur this bloddy employee..
and plz fire her from job..
shes speaking so rudly..
sn-btwn y r u here..
ragini-ohh hello..ur nott his it..
move away..
riya-how dare u..
sanskar say ur thus bloddy employee to stay in limit..

before she could she starts dancing like mads..hipping and hopping..
and doing monkey steps..
ragini and sanskar supress their laugh..

—– flashback —-

when rago was talking to riya..
she keeps her hand on her sholder and trurs araound and in this process she puts ittiching powder..

—– * —–

ragini-ohh miss raichad..
first learns some manners..
riya who felt insulted moves back to go from their but BOOM!
she ragini had put marbles..on the floor..

ragini-zayada udne ki kosis ki na..
tho ase hi niche girogi..
u know na my dear..about gravity!
that it pulls the object towaards it..
and has an gravitational force..
are are but how could u know..
u might be buzy na to growl over boys..

riya levs from their..feeling dejected..

and as she levs..
sanskar and ragini..starts laughing crawling and holding their stomach..
and the staff members who were controlling their laugh..burst out too laughing..
but were not getting laugh..
as for first time they watched mr SM..
lauging like this..
so their was only silence..

sn-yar so mach for making chipkali run away..from me..
and the way u did with her..
r-dont worry bhai…she ll never return in this offfice again..
atlast they both realised that they were laughing infront f sm’s staff..
so sanskar stopped and turned to all.. my sister ragini Maheshwari..
ragini greeted all and ragsan hed out..
for some new begining of their life..

precap-sanlak meet..
past revealed…
swara’s bday..
swasan meet -a new love story to begin..

i know many excepted swasan secnes..
but just tried showing u all brother-sister bnd..
hope u all liked it..!


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