Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 3)

Never imagined such huge response for the episodes..well tq so much guys..
i know many guessed few things right many dint..
well i liked all ur cmmnts..
keep supporting..
well i was not able to reply personaly..for few cmmnts sorry for that..

lets proceed to episode now..

sanskar moves to his room..
and he keeps the award in a shelf..
sn-look princess i got another one..
but still i m not that happy..
the happiness which i wanted to c in ur eyes and that feel f watching the happiness watching it in ur eyes..was my real happiness..
but u know what princess ur prince knw that u might be somewere still waiting..for me..
same way as i do..
coz tum kabhi koi kasam nahi todti..
vo bhi tab jab vo kasam meri ho..
and slightly smiles…
he goes towards his wadrob..
takes a suit..
hugs it tightly..
and goes towards the bed and holds it tightly..
and sleeps..

(now dont ask how he got her suit..coz it ll be revealed laer)

(guys refer episode 2 if u get confuse with this part(in last secne in episode 2 i have written this secne its continuation of it)

the guy washes his hands and moves towards the girl..
and unties her hands and legs..
and immadiately..closes his ears instantly..
the girl screams out his lungs out..
“u luckkkyyyyyyyy monkeyyyyy donkeyyyy how dare u..”
lucky-ohh chill shona..chill…u know it that i daily do it with u,…
coz u never have ur dinner..properly…
so siso..
just take a chill pill..

yup the girls face is revealed to be our swara..
but her name is shona…not swara..oky!

“hogaya tum dono ka..”,a voice stikes from back..
listening the voice shona runs and hugs..the person..
badepapa..deko na…
this lucky monkey donkey again did same… baccha…how dare u ..u lucky monkey donkey..

oyeee..y r u calling him monkey and donkey…han
i m sure shona might have done some only he did it..
listening the voice luckys face glows instantly..

l-badimaa..u r 200 % right..
this shona…made me do it force fully…
u know na how innocent i m…

bp-oyee..innocence ki dukan..enough of ur stupid talks..
and ananjali(badimaa)wts this..?ur supporting him..
bm-han tho if u support shona i shd suppoort my lucky na..
and saying so both start fighting..
and lucky and shona..taking the oppurtunity runs from their..

s-hahaha..lucky did u they were fighting.. was so funny..
l-shona..these are not buttons..i too have eyes..and i can c through it..
got it..
s-uu..monkey donkey..y do u always tease me han..
go i wont help u in proposing ragini..
u trator..
L-are ragini kaha se agyi…
s-u just go..
l-are meri maa..plz sorry if u wont help me then who ll help me say…
as compensation i need 3 silk chocolates..
l-kya 3..are u serious..
S-(throws dragers to lucky)
l-okyoky..pakka i ll tommo…

it was a new day…a new sunshine..of the first ray of sun falling on an anglic face..
on the greek god…(btwn guys i dont get it..y do v call some handsm munda a greek god..y cant v call him an indian god?are hamre hindustan ke gods b are handsm…but y we prefer greek god only…
if any one know this answer let me know…)
yet his face is anglic..but the stains of tears were clearly visible..
sanskar gets up..but his eyes were closed..
he walks up to a cubrd..!opens it..
and slowly opens his eyes..
with a bright smile…
and says..goodmorning princess..
and touches the pics in thecubrd..

first let me tell u all wt was in the cubrd…

the whole cubrd had pics of swara..
with all kids of expressions of hers..
the cubrd was totaly a bliss..
few stars like hangings..
gliters with golden and blue + white touch to it..

then he remebers abt something..
and immeditely..
goes towrds the bed sits on it..
rests his head on head board..
and takes out his cell dials a number and calls some one..

s-ohh,,,,so my gf is angry on me..
s-ohh sorry swthrt..i was buzy and when i reached home it was i dint call u..
achha suno..
i m getting late now i ll call u later oky..
take care of ur self..coz ur life is not urs but insted its mine..u know na?
accha oky..bye…!muhhhaaa..

as soon as he keeps the cell..
he gets a call from an unknow number..
he picks up the call..
caller-plz listen to me,…bhai..
s-how dare u cal me..
i said u many times na i dont want to talk to u..
but still u wanna talk..
abb kuch baki rehgaya hai kya muzse sab kuch tho chinliya tumne..meri zindagi mera aurr kuch nahi hai mere pass..
and mind u..again if ever u call me i ll forget that once u tied rahki to me..

so how was it?
loved it or liked it..
do share ur views..


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  1. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Eagerly waiting to read further…. Update soon

    1. Crazy

      Tq dear keep supporting

  2. Tulina

    I think Sara is swasan daughter

    1. Crazy

      Kee guessing v shall c

  3. Khushiii

    Superb continue soon

    1. Crazy

      Tq dear 🙂

  4. Soujanya


    1. Crazy

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Loved it dear…mny suspense is nxt part soon..waitng eagrly fr nxt

    1. Crazy

      Thankuuu so much dear…
      Are its just start re still many suspense r on its way ..
      Just wait n watch I mean wait n read hehehe:-)

  6. Mica

    so many secret,,,,lemme think!
    uft better u continue soon :3

    1. Crazy

      Hahahaha sure 🙂

  7. Awesome
    Plz reveal the suspense asap

    1. Crazy

      Tq yup….sure dear 🙂 🙂

  8. Vyshu10


    1. Crazy

      Tq Vyshu 🙂

  9. Drishya

    Confused ?? but awesome

    1. Crazy

      Tq BT no worries ll clear all f it soon

  10. awesome.. update soon confusion who is sara?

    1. Crazy

      Ll clear the dout soon dear may b n 2-4 episodes

  11. Nice episode eagerly waiting for the whole truth but I know I can’t be give in one episode. But still waiting for it & further story . tc

  12. Awesome..:-) .nice suspense

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