Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 15)


soon swara went to freshup..and here sanskar enetered the room..
and took out his shirt as while plying sara by mistake had made coffee fallen…
so he was sellecting the shirt when swara suddenly came out of washroom and scremt
so sanskar immediately closed his eyes and shut her mouth by comming close to her..
and started scolding her..
“swara wt d..hell is it?..who romes in towel in room theirs the bathrob
their are male servents too here swara..
swarraaa r u listening..”
then swara makes hmm hmmm sound indicating sanskar that he has kept his hands on her mouth and he immediately takes off his hands…
guys let me tell u in all this sanskar had closed his eyes..
and this is what swara noticed in all the while where one side her hatred was their and in other side in her heart some respect grew for him..
sanskar immediately turned and left the room and closed the door by making a huge sound which made swara come out of her imaginary world and she immediately ran inside,,,,,,,


Swara was all set to go infront of sanskar..and she had already msg’d him about the same..
now atlast the time had come to take a proper decision..
she was in delima a big huge aniloven choose a path for her life..
andd all the memories like a live movie stream flashed infront of her eyes..right from the day she met sanskar to the moment till her life took a drstic turn..
and then she was forced to think how shanky din ever force her infact gave her a required space..
then she remembered sara..her daughter and while all these she had reached sanskars study room…


their was a knock on the door..and shanky very well knew who it was..and without wasting his time he got up from chair..kept his hands in the pocket of his troso…
and continued “Come in!”
swara then walked in with baby steps..
and shanky who watched her all antics was just sdmiring her innocence..
sn-hmm bolo
sw-wo..i have decided something
sn-i know princess we are here to hear ur decision..i ll never force u..go ahead..think me as ur frnd…
saying so shanky turned ..and showed his back to her…coz he himself din had that much of strength to face her words..
coz though he looked confident in front of her..he and his heart knew how week were they..
and then what swara said had no bounds for sanskar..
“i have decided to give a chance for our marriage shanky!”
these words were just ringing in hs head..
he immediately turned and forced a hug to her..
though he knew she wont hug him back or respond back..but the taught that she made too give their marriage a chance made him happy..
and then again something unexpected happened..she reponded to his hug..
and when he felt so..his hug tightened…


and now indeed it was a new begining of Swasans life..

precap-new life style..realization of love for swara..and much more mature content…all in Season2..



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    Awesome dear

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    omg.. omg.. omg.. Crazyy!! the best decision ever Swara! you won’t regret it for sure!

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    Yeeeiiii !!! Swara well done my princess… u took d best decision… well party toh banti hai…

    precap is like *shining eyes,rereading it without blinking*…
    thnk u dear…

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