Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 14)


well remember me?sorry for being late guys but litrally was too buzy..within my collage..being a technical student i need to participate within technical fest and all..and make few plus points coz they are one which ll help me in fetching a good carrier and top on that the field i choosed for my self is also a bit trendy and many are within it..
but always the best one cms forward and i want to be within the bestest so…
hope u guys understand and sorry again for being late..well enough of my bak bak..
lets move to the episode now..

leap of few months..swara comes to know the truth shanky guilty..shanky trying hard to make her understand but swara started to be stuburn..


shankys POV..

“Enough is enough now..i litrally need to take some hard step…which i dont wanted too..
i m really sorry swara but i m bound to it..i must take a drastic step now to convince u..
if possible plz forgive me my love..” he started feeling guilty but seeing the sturbunness of swara he was left with on option..
after staring the unconsious swara for more than few couple of min..sanskar moved out..
he called lucky..

sn-hello laksh.
L-hii sanskar..hows she now..?
sn-shes showing no progress and more over she has become more stuburn and i have decided few things for her betterment..
i just wanted to inform u..(hes cut off btwn by laksh)
L-sanskar shes ur wife first shes ur family..
we were just sent by god as a helping hands thats it..
and more than us u have right on her..
so u can take any steps bas keep me updated and trust me i ll be the happiest one if she gets all her memory back..
sn-thanku for everything..i mean every single thing…
i know thanku is very less but still..
l-oky bye sanskar..ragini is calling me..i ll talk u later..

shanky’s POV..
i know laksh i know u are avoiding her talks coz u cant c swara in this state ..
but i dont want to force u but i promise i ll take care of her..

after about 12 hours..
swara gets up holding her head as it was paining like an hell to her..
she was dam furtrated ..
she was not even opeining her eyes..coz due to over sleep she felt her eyes week even to open..
as she tried to open she felt everything blur but slowly she opened it..
it was blur first but she aagain closed her eyes rubbed then and again opened it..
now everything was clearly visible to her..
but she became horified ..
s she beacme hoified..
coz the place was new to her and fear was clearly seen on her face…
all she could see was a huge photo frame of swasan..
and few more pics here and their on wall yet designed and decorated anglicly..
she stared them and within fraction on nano seconds..
all the incidents came in front of her eyes she huridly got up and searched something..throwing things here and their..
but could not find that..
suddenly someone came from back and hugged her..

yup two cute little hands hugged her..
not exactly her but indeed her legs..
as she was too short..

swara turned instantly..
and sat on her knees..
and without wasting any time the little du jumped on her..

saying.. “missee u choshimaa”(missed u chotimaa)
instantly swara got a huge smile on her face forgetting every sorrow she quickly got up and picked her..and sat on bed with her..
kissing her cheeks..
and instantly the lil girl too kissed her..
and then again the lil girl spoke..
“u will non lib me na chocchimaa”(u ll not liv me na chotimaa)

swara nooded her head in no..
“lob u chocchiii maa..”(love u choti maa)
swara repied her with her smile.. “i love u too princess”

the lil girl let a laugh..

“y r u laughing?”..
the lil girl replied-“vo choche sshe could continue..some one interupted them )

“vo hello swara r u feeling now..?
and hope sara din trouble u….did she?
sara beta cm lets go..let choti maa rest sometime..
shes not well na beta..challo let us go…”

“oky massii”replied sara..kissed swaras cheeks and ran out..

“vo bhabhi i m uttara..and that girl is sara..bhai said me about u..but sara dont know na..
ad feel talk to me if u want..”

sw-“and y is she calling me choti maa..?”

u-“shes adarsh bahi and pari bhabhis daughter..!those rivalrly people jaisingh killed all our family..
that time sara was of not even a month old..
and from then on u only took care of her like her real mom..
and she thinks u both only as her parents..

sw(to hersel)-may be so only i felt a keen attraction towards her..
(to uttara)-sorry to here that..
but where m i..
and this is new place too..and where is Mr.maheshwari?

u-vo..u r in London bhabhi..and Mr maheshwari kon?

sw-(to herself)-tumhara idiot bahi…
iss abb kya batonn..

“alle masiii app bol gayi chocchi maa..calls choche papa as Mr.Mahelalari(LOL..!the lil girl dont know to spell maheshwari) when shes angli..”(aree masi did u forget that choti maa calls chote papa as mr maheshwari when shes angry )sara speaks quickly..
and goes and near swara and sleeps on her placing her head on her lap..and swara smiles at her and cares her hair..

ut-o….and hai u..y are u back i said u not to disturb mumma na?
Sw-are uttara let it be na..i like to be with her she’s my princess hai na?
sara-hehehee…chochi maa..don call me plinlss(princess)valna choche papa ll get fake fake angli…and ll ask u kiss also u know na..
(choti maa dont call me princess varna chote papa will get fake anger and in return u shd give him kiss)
swara turns embarresesd…listening this so does uttara..
so to avoid ackwrdness
u-sara u cm with me..v ll eat choclate today oky..
bhabhi their is ur dressing room as it is as u had left s u may not find any difficulty too..
chall sara..

sw-(to herself)-uff is she mad?i dont remebr any thing then how ll i remeber ki were are my things..

tada..thats all for now..well it was a long one ….
hope u enjoyed…!

swaras decision to stay with her family (sanskar)r to return back to india…

wt u guys want?

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