Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 11)


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it was cheerful morning..birds chirping bees singigng..and the rays of sun giving new hopes to get back his swara..

—– sanskars POV —– its an amazing day..i ll be watching my swara daily now..and then slowly i ll make her remember all our things..
wase i should get ready now..
after all i shd make her mine for ever..
swara meri sanam hai usne muze di huvi kasam puri ki..
abb mein appne pyar ka ehsas dilkar use wapus jitonga..
aur iss bar koi hame alag nahi kar paye ga swara..
par use pehle..

hume sab kuch waha se hi suru karna hoga jaha se hamne hamri kahani chodi thi..
kolkatta se..
aur wese bhi Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai
(It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that)
abb chal beta sansakr tayar hoja..teri swara tera intazar kar rahi hogi..
use phone karta hun..
par usa naya number?
han ragz..

—– Ragini’s POV —–

“ragini ragini..”
i heard a call for me..
or may be a shout..
uff obvio its my bahi..
and y not..i m sure now he wants her number..
but abb badle ki bari hai bahi..
u destroyed my beauty sleep..knowing ki how much i love my sleep..
now i m gonna irrite u..
urhh again their was the call their..
“raginiii rags..”
bang bang..
the door banged..
and i lazy lumb got up with such great difficulty and walked towards the door pulling my self..
or better say draging my self..
n here stands my bhai..
n obvio he had come long way from his room to my room to fetch shona’s number..
“i need her number”pleaded my bhai..

or better say ordered my bhai..
he has emotion only when it comes to his swara..his princess..
n when it comes to others its always said to be ki hes MR SM after all..
and hes attitude..
n mine is not less though…
i had shown him enogh..
i attached a question to him..
and after listeing his answer tho he was irriatated first on my demand of a question and then angry for asking..such question..
but i needed an answer and atlast i gave him her number…

. . . . .

—– sansakrs POV —–

first i was immpatient to get her number..
and then ragz irritated me
by saying “bhai if u want her number u shd answer me a question”
i was hell irritated
but all i wanted was her number..
so i accepted her request..
and then she asked “abbh tak app age kyun nahi bade..?y were u still lost in her taughts..?u could have got many..u never showed ur face to world..but still all know u r charm prince thou u were still with her memeories..why??”
this question of hers just made my blood boil..
i wanted to strungle her neck then..
coz in one or the other way though ragini is a changed person now..
but somewhere in my heart..i had not forgiven her..
coz she was sole reason for mine and my swara seperation..
she was the reason that swara is now shona..
who dont remember any of mine and her memories..

but still cntrolled my anger and replied her-“Main aaj bhi usse utni hi mohabbat karta hoon … aur is liye nahi ki koi aur nahi mili … par is liye ki usse mohabbat karne se fursat hi nahi milti..aur uske meri zindagi mein ane se Dil ko zubaan, aankhon ko sapne mil gaye … aashiqui mein, zindagi ko mainne mil gaye..
(Till today I love her the same … not because I didn’t find anyone else … but because I don’t have time left after loving her..and when she entered into my life heart got a language, my eyes got dreams … in love, n my life got its meaning)”
and then she held my hands squezzed it and assured me..and immediately sent me swara number..
i called swara then and their..but immediately cut it too..
i waas dam nervous yar..
and then i taught of sending her a message..

“hai shona good morning..sanskar here..i ll be in ur home sharp at ready..!and u know what i hate late commers in office..hope u get that..warna mein khadus banjaunga.
so be ready @9:30..

and immediately i got a ing back
“oky khadusss..

i let out a laugh and went in my room to get freshup..

i reached my wadrob..
and started selecting my clothes for my speacial day..
and as i was searching a box fell off from top..
i opened it..

and it was yeah it was my swaras box..
i opened it..
and found a neted red sarree having black shiny border with few jewellers in kamarband..earining..bangles.
i got back to my memory lane when she ad actually wore them..
s..she had wore it on our special night..
it was my first gift for her..
i let out a small laugh thinking about that day..and run my fingers underneth my hair..

. . . . . . . . .

it was 9:15 ..
sanskar entered swaras house
nani-are sanskar beta come na come inside..
shona is almost done..
u come sit and have the breakfast..
sn-no nani i m full i eat in home..
just as soon as she comes we shall lev..
i have few impostant meetings to handle..
sw-i m ready Mr kadus..
sn-hai dont call me that..n lets move now..
sw-sure mr khadus..

prcap-office fun..

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