Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 10)


cool na guys i reached 10th episode of my ff..
so maha episode tho banta hai na?
so heres a new episode longer one..
n a note or say my wish so a resqst to all my readers to atlst cmnt a “hello”/”hi or anything u like..
so that atlst i get how many like my ff..
r say read my ff..


sanskar walk to swaras kani shona room..
as he slid the room door..
something stingy he felt on his head..
he touched their on his head to c what was that..
and smelt it..
and made a yukk face..
and our swara yani shona..
who was watching this came out from the hide out…
and started laughing..

and got her shock by seeing sanskar their..
she started bladering..

“oh shit i m really very soory sanskar..
sacchi i din know u would be here..i taught lucky ll cm to convince me as he always did..but insted u did..”

sn-han its…

sw-what cool look ur hair i spolit it..really sorry..wait a min..
u use my washroom..and clean ur self or u ll smell horible..
and han if u want u can use my shampoo too..
and yeah u can say ur self lucky as u ll get a chance to use my things..but i rqst u not to say thanku..
as it was my mistake..

shona kept on bladering and sansakr was smiling like an idiot..
watching his swara his princess so close to him..
seeing her like this made him uncontrollable..
but he had to control himself ..
he urged to hug her..
but he couldnot..
he urgd to kiss her but he could not..
all he coud do was stare..which he was indeed doing..

later shona came to her sences so did shanky..
she let a small laugh and said

sw-sorry han sanskar i m a bit adat se majbur..if i talk na i keep on talking..
u go n frsh up i ll fast n thank god that it din fell on ur sshirt just on ur head..

sankar laughed a bit and head to washroom..

abb reader log u might be confused na..
tho let me tell u what had actually happened..
lets revind the time to few min befor..

kuch samay phele…
swra came to her room in anger and started bad mounting about sanskar maheshwari thinking that he was sole reason for lucky anger….
after sometime she cooled..
and something struck her mind..

she took a stole/chair..
climbed on it..
she kept an egg on it..
such that if anyone would open th door then it wouls be splached on his head..

sw(to her self)-i know my lucky verywell he ll surely cm here to convince me..
then i ll give him punishment by my way..
coz shona is unique..
lucky boy get ready to get unlucky coz shona never spares anyone..

so yeh sab huva tha..reader log nowtho confusion durr huva na..
actually lucky was supposed to cm their..but our sanskar landed up their..
abb meri bakwas tho u dont want that i know very well so lets move to our story..
coz as its maha episode something really goody goody stored for all u guys..

sanskar comes out of wash room..
and sees that swara was painting something curiously..
he slowly walks towards her and stands behind her..
and what he saw blind stucked him..(dont worry i ll tell u later what he saw…)
shona feeling presence of someone turned back and was shocked to see sanskar ..
she immediately hid the painting..

she gave a forceful smile indeed it was noticed by sanskar..
ki the smile was fake..but he dont wanted to drag the topic so he kept quite..r rathet felt to keep quite..
but somewhere he now had confiremdki shona only was his swara..
feeling ki shona was a bit disturbed..
he changed the topic..

sn-hmm wase nice painting..
any way i had come here to talk to u..
if u dont mind can we..
sw-yeah sure..
u sit..
sn-wase sw..i mean shona..
do i look like a kadus to u..
sw-no y
sn-m i looking like a hitler..
sw-nahi tho u r tho very good..infact too good..
but y asking so ..
sn-wase i have a gift for u..
but first u shd accept something..
ll u.. for me..
yeah yeah sure y not..
sn-so frnds..?
sw-yeah bhi koi puchne ki bat hai..obvio v r i think..
the time when u took my support down their tabhi u n me frnds..
wts d gift but..
sn-han he removed a silk from his pocket n gave to her..
hmm so here it is..
a small gift from me to my frnd..
yummyyyy thankuuu shankuuuu..


sw-sanskar i want u to give me a nick name..
sn-nick name but kyun?
sw-c sab muze swara swara khete hai..but u r special…so u shd call me something else..
sn-hmm then i ll call u…
coz u r my princesss..
sw-aww….how chwwetttt mere shankuuuu
sw-han tum iss princess ke shankuuuu


sankskar felt immence happiness within him..
he walked past her and baought a vase and have it to her..
she was confused..
he handed it to her and bent on his knees and bowed his head..
shona was confused…
sw-kya kar rahe ho tum sanskar..?
sn-vo jo tum chahati thi..
sw-me kya?
sn(immitating her)i ll kill that jerk sanskar maheshwari by hitting his head with this vase…
sw-oo..but it was for him na..then y u..(just then reality struck her)
i means u r sanskar maheswari?
sn-han but yar shona tell me..
do i really look like jerk..

shona in mean time was ony staring him..

sanskar shaked her and said what?
swara shok her head..
sw-she let a small laugh..and said.
i din knew what i taught about u was so wrong..
i m sorry agin..
with out juding the person..i said so many things..
she held her ears and pouted..

he again had a urge to kiss her pout..
but he controlled and removed her hands..
and noded negatively..

sw-wase mr SM…when shd i join the company and when to cm to interview..

heaaring this sanskar was dam shocked first but later laughed out..
so did swara..

muskurane ki waja played in the bg..

whle shona was buzy in eating choclate and laughing thinking about her stupidity..

. . . . . . . .

sunshine mansion..
sanskar was lying on the bed with a bright smile on his face..
which he had lost somewhere..
surly he knew ki he would be sleeping peacefully today..
and he also knew ki within few days..his life..his wife..his princess..his swara would be in embrance hugging cuddling with him..
he was remembring the whole day fun he did with his princess..
he slid his hand in the pocket and removed a scarf…
which he stole without leting shona know when he was in her room..
he smelt it..
and was feeling heavens..

he then rememberd,,the painting..
he got up and went to his shelf and removed a album..
he took out a pic..from the album
and yes it was same pic..
it was the first date pic of swasan..which swara had planned for him…

after their marriage..
it was a beach pic..
with many ballons and ribbons and stars hanging
he smiled at the taught that now he has atmost all hopes of getting his swara his princess back..

precap-office fun..and another chudails entry..

well guys do u all want kavitas character to be negative ?
do u all want some extra things in ff then let me know..
and yup i m going realistic way..i know many make our shanky a nehgative way like womniser etc..
but i dont wanted like that so kept him as he was in serial..

ufff,….cmplted another one…hope u enjoyed it too..and indeed i just chked it was the longest uptill now..well thats all for today..
hope u enjoyed..and dont forget to cmmnt..


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  1. Samaira

    Amazing. Hi, bye. Will u tell me ur time of post.

    1. Crazy

      N well no proper trimmings for my ff dear..
      When I m free I just write n post it 🙂

  2. Khushiii

    It was awesome and precap is so interesting especially the chudails??

    1. Crazy

      Hahaha tq dear

  3. Soujanya


  4. Mica

    whoo ho ho, gud luck Sanskar !!
    uufft why you didn’t out of control to kiss or hug her….not fun at all ! :3 :3
    luv it so much Crazy.. Kavita ? whatever you want to do with her..

    1. Crazy

      Thanku for d cmmnt dear 🙂

  5. Awesome

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  6. AnuAnn

    Awesome yaaar

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      Thankuuu dear

  7. Tamanna

    Awesome… But please don’t make kavita’s entry….

    1. Crazy

      Dear kavita z already their n story readepisode 1 n 2
      But shd she b negative ?
      Yaaa kisi aur chudail KO intro Karin ?

      1. Tamanna

        Please kisi aur chudail ki entry krna…

    2. Crazy

      Apke hukum sarakhopar..
      Don’t worry ek nayi chudail jarur ayiigeeee

      1. Tamanna

        Hehe…thanku…for considering my request….

  8. Vyshu10

    awesome…kisi aur chudail ko rakho plz. Tired of kavita

    1. Crazy

      Done Vyshu 🙂

  9. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Nyc..n make kavita positive plzz..tired of seeing her -ve..So make her +ve n let her help Sandkaar in getting Swara’s Memory..Plzz..n continue soon

    1. Crazy

      Tq for d suggestion Goldie

  10. whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are looking around for this information, you could help them greatly.

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