Sanam Teri Kasam Tanshi (Prologue)


Hii frends i am Rithik and i am new on this site so please if i do any mistake so sorry in advance

So now i write my new fan fiction on Our lovely couple Tanu rishi

This ff start where rishi meet tanu and say you are my tannu but tannu say i am not tannu i am tanvi and tannu (Neha) is my cousin.

Episode 1

Rishi : you are my tannu I know i can sense my tannu

Tannu : i am not tannu i am tanvi and tannu is my cousin (Neha)

Rishi : oh so why your sister call you tannu tell me why

Tannu : Because everyone have nick name i am also have like veerendar call veeru sandeep call sandy

Rishi : okey so you are tanvi not tannu but i donot care i love you i spend my whole life with you if you are tannu ya tanvi

Tanvi : How can you you know you are engaze with my cousin How can you say this

Rishi :Because i Love you and everything is fare love and war i love you so much

Rishi leave from tannu room tannu left crying and say i love you too rishi but i cant say this

Bani : Now this tannu love story is end because my game is start and my Daughter Neha become bride of Rishi and Neha become Queen of rishi property

Neha : yeah mama but rishi love tannu if he refuse to marry me then what will happen

Bani : you dont know your mom now i start my other game just wait and watch

Bani go to tanvi room and start crying

Tanvi : chachi why are yo crying what happen chachi tell me we can solve problem

Bani : My daughter ypu mom dad last wish that you marry your chacha choice boy

Tannu is shocked and stand like statue

Bani : beta you fulfill your father last wish

Tannu is crying and say : yes chachi

Precap : Groom come to see tanvi and its pawan rishi is shocked and crying

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode Rithik and soon I will also start a Ff on tanshi

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