Sanam teri Kasam Tanshi episode 9


Sorry Gyez i update this ff really very late because my own work so sorry

Episode 9

20 year leap

In office

Receptionist Tia : its 9:00 sir come

Rishi enter in office

Tia : Good morning sir

Rishi : Good morning where is Mr. Malhotra i have a meeting with him and its really importent

Tia : sir he he

Rishi shout :What he he tell me where is he

Tia : sir he go home because her wife is really sick

Rishi :What he go without informing me he is fired

He go to his cabin

Rishi : Tannu where u go please come back i need you you promish me that you come back then why you break your promish tannu please come back i need you

Rishi looks sad

Tej : May i come in

Rishi : yes

Tej : sir today our meeting is with Tanuja Khurana

Rishi : she is best Archeitecut of india

Tej : yeah sir she is very best and surprisly her Age is only 20 years but she stand a big buisness emperor

Rishi : okk fix with her meeting tomorrow exact 9:00 and tell her i donot wait anyone

Tej :okk sir


Rishi come Tanuja office

Rishi to receptionist : Hii i am rishi singh bedi i have a meeting with Miss Tanuja khurana

Receptionist : yeah sir mam in her cabin

Rishi go in cabin

Someone shout Fire fire

There is a very much fir rishi cant see tanuja face

Precap : Tanuja look like Tannu and tanuja save rishi

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    Awesome episode dear

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