Sanam teri Kasam Tanshi episode 8


Episode 8

Tanshi marrige start
Tanu rishi put Vermala in each other and they sit in mandap and they take phere rishi put sindoor in Tannu Hairline and put Mangalsootra in her neck
Now marrige is complete
Tannu rishi take blessing from elders

Rishi is very happy and tannu shyly smile

Rishi : Now my Tannu is mine for always we live together in every birth

Tannu : yeahh rishi

Biji tease rishi

Rishi go to Her Room in hurry but manpreet stop him

Manpreet : where are u going bhai you sleep with me Now you go another room

Rishi : stop acting i have to go to my tannu

Manpreet ; Ahh bhai wow

Biji come

Biji : Manpreet stop tease my rishi

Biji take manpreet with her

Rishi come in her room to tannu

Rishi : Tannu you know what i am waiting this moment since i saw you first time

Tannu shyly goes away but rishi hug back her

Rishi : tannu we face many problem but today we are one

Tannu : yeahh rishi we are always one in every birth

Suddenly some sound come from outside

Rishi and tannu go outside and see fire everywhere

Rishi : donot panic tannu we have to out from this room

They go out but one piller fell on rishi tannu shocked to see this

Tannu: rishi i cant happen anything wrong with you

Tannu try to piller up from rishi but she fail

Outside everyone worried for rishi

Rano : Please save my son please

Raaj : donot scar nothing happen to rishi

Tannu come outside with rishi
Everyone happy to see them safe but some piller fell on rishi but tannu come rishi place and piller fell on tannu
Manpreet stand rishi but he is unconcious

Everyone shout tannu but she is

They take tannu and rishi in hospital

Rano : Doctor how’s my son

Doctor : he is safe he is not in sense

Raj : But how’s tannu

Doctor : we cant say Anything

Doctor go

Raj : today tannu give rishi new life if she is not there then rishi is not alive please kali maa save my daughter

Rano : yeah

Biji : please save my tannu

Ahana cry manpreet try to stop her

Doctor come and say : I am sorry she is dead

Rishi come

Rishi : What what you think yourself you say anything we believe on you no my tannu cant leave me alone like this

Rishi go to tannu

Rishi : why tannu why you do this today i am died but you save me why tannu why you save me

Precap: 20 years leap Rishi and a girl hit and miss

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode ritik continue soon

    1. Rithik

      Siddhi i think you and me are there

      1. Siddhi

        Don’t understood

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