Sanam teri kasam tanshi Episode 7

Gyez please tell me you want to i write ff on Tannu and rishi after marrige and i am also saw tannu dead and reincarnation based please tell me in comments

Episode 7

Rishi and Adi come mumbai reach the Tanu mansion

Neha : see my ticket to hollywood come and i go to rishi

Everyone come in haal

Neha go to rishi

Neha ; where are you i m waiting for u since morning

Rishi : ohh you are waiting for me actually whats your Name

Neha : what happen my Name tannu and you know very well

Rishi : ohh tannu ya Neha

Everyone shocked

Raaj : rishi what are you talking she is tannu daughter of my frend Veerender khurana

Tanvi (tannu) and Ahana shocked

Ahana : What uncle she is daughter of veerender bauji

Raaj : Yeah rishi and Tannu (Neha) Relation made in chilhood at kali maa temple

Tanvi (tannu) crying

Ahana : yeah uncle rishi and tannu relation made in childhood but why are you married rishi with Neha daughter of Guljeet and bani

She is Neha not Tannu

Raaj : What but who is real tannu

Rishi : i tell you papaji real tannu is who when i touch her first time without see her face i feel that she is my tannu when i saw her first time i reconige my tannu everyone say she is not my tannu but my heart say she is the one .
Rishi come to tanvi (tannu )

Rishi : she is real tannu daughter of veerender and sharda

Rishi : tannu you know i love you only and i say you thousand time but why you are Quit why not you say that you are my tannu why tannu i need my answer

Tannu /tanvi : Because chachi said rano aunty hate me and Ahana if i tell you that i am tannu . Your mom break relation with Neha and go back to America

Raaj : but beta we come india to marry rishi and tannu daughter of my frend veeru

Tannu : But why chachi did this with me

Adi ; because she want to marry Neha with rishi in her Greedy and see this video what she did with our parents

Adi show video to them

Raaj scold bani and say : Get out from here

Adi : Chachi we thougt you are like our mother but what you did with tannu dii we never forgive you please leave

Bani go to tannu

Bani : you know your mother and father wish we all stay together in house

Tannu / tanvi : Chachi you are elder what you did with me i forgive you but what you did with my parents i never forgive.

Rishi come to tannu /tanvi

Rishi : tannu i am very upset with you whenever i want to come close to you always fight with me

Tannu / tanvi : i am sorry rishi please forgive mee

Rishi : i forgive you already

Rishi : papa ji we are married tommorow

Raaj : you donot want to marry in hurry now tomorrow

Rishi : because you want me marry with Chipku Neha and i want to maary my tannu thats why i always delay marry

tanshi marrige

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  1. Gr8 i wish d truth would come out like this in d show also. Bt want to see tanshi marriage nd marriage life.

  2. Siddhi

    Nice and please write a ff on tanshi after marriage and reincarnation story

    1. Rithik

      Thanks siddhi

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