Sanam teri kasam tanshi Episode 6


Gyez i think i should stop psting my ff because i think pepole are not intrested in my plot they are not comment on my ff please tell me in comment

Gyez please tell me i continue my ff or not

Episode 6

Adi : Dii i want property paper of our patiala house

Bani listen this and tense

Tannu : But we have loan we cant pay it so our house sell

Adi : We have no loan so how can our house sell

Rishi :we have to find this mystery i think this relate to that chipku chachi and we have to go to patiala

Adi : yeahh we can go tommorow can you go with me patiala

Rishi : why Not

Adi : Okk

Raj ; We have to discuss this project Adi

Adi : Uncle can we discuss this project later because we have to go patiala urgently We came tommorow morning

Raj : okk but we

Adi :Yeah uncle Rishi also come

Raj ; okk beta

Rishi and Adi left for patiala

They reach patiala tannu house

Adi : house is locked

Rishi : we have to break this lock

Rishi break the lock and enter

They try to collect the proof

Rishi : Adi see this camera in this have recording

Rishi play the recording and see

Tannu parents sign the paper without reading and then bani tell them that now whole property in name of Neha and swati not tannu and Aahna
Sharda try to stop but bani hit her head

Rishi : he is dad frend i mran tannu (Neha ) father so how can he your and tanvi (tannu) father .

Adi : What he is my and tanvi and tannu real name is Neha and she is daughter of Guljeet and bani

Rishi : what its mean bani chachi betreyed me she tell that Neha is Daughter of veerender uncle and my marrige fix with tannu Urf Neha in child . The she lie to me now i get it why i fell that Tanvi is tannu then why she lie to me that she is tanvi not tannu i want my answer i have to go mumbai right Now

Precap : Rishi reavel the truth and show the video

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  1. Meen

    No rithik….it’s really good….I loved d plot….don’t end this plz….I would suggest u to be a little more expressive… giving it ur some what desi tdka…

    1. Rithik

      Thanks meen i will try to add some intresting plot

  2. Plzzz continue I love it??

    1. Rithik

      Thanks Nida

  3. Siddhi

    Awesome ritik don’t stop it dear I really love it

  4. Its nicee…..

  5. Siddhi

    Hey if you can write then can you write a ff on Rivanya as I am big fan of naagin. If you can write a ff on nAagin then do tell

    1. Rithik

      Sorry dear i cant yaar i am doing this because i miss kratika sengar in show badly

  6. No don’t stop it. Plz continue

    1. Rithik

      Okk i will try please

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