Sanam teri kasam tanshi Episode 5


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Episode 4

Tannu go from there with a smile

Adi : Rishi

Rishi : Haa

Adi : I listen everything your and tannu di conversation

Rishi : okk yeah i love tanvi not tannu (Neha)

Adi : so why are you engaze with tannu (Neha)

Rishi tell everything about Neha and tanvi to tannu

Adi : okkh i know you love tannu di truly i know tannu di also love you but she cant accpect for everyone happiness she sacrifice herself but if tannu di love you than i promise you i do your marrige with my dii

Rishi hug him manpreet also come and hug them

Rishi : whats your plan

Adi : I have to clear my confusion about bani chachi

Rishi : Okk

Next morning

Adi get up and see rishi manpreet sleeping

Adi : Rishi gt up common we have to do something

Rishi : yar please sone do na

Adi : you want to marry tanvi dii

Rishi get up suddenly : yeahh any doubt

I have a plan

Adi tell plan to rishi manpreet

Rishi : its superb we have to execute today

Adi : yeahh

They come outside

Bani come to Ahana bani talk sweetly to ahana

Ahana : what happen to her why this bitter karela become sweet ohh i understan because Adi property

Adi : ahana tannu dii kaha hai

Ahana : in stor room

Adi : what she doing there

Ahana : My and dii room is store room

Adi :Whatt

We have to shift from there

Tannu come

Tannu : what are you sayung you know na chachi have many Ahsaan on our we cant stay her like that we have to shift with her

Adi and Ahana : Nooo diii

Tannu : yeahh we cant let her alone and its final

Adi : okk dii

Tannu come to bani chachi

Tannu : chachi

Bani : come beta you know i love you so much you are vey sweet what are you saying

Tannu : Adi bought a house in mumbai i come to ask you will you all with me

Bani in mind : Wow i cant imagine i become a big house queen then i snatch all property of them

Bani : yeh beta you come to ask very love so why cant i come

Tannu : ok chachi we have to shift today

Bani : okk i tell this to raaj and rano ji they will pack their bags

Tannu : okk chachi

Bani come in hall

Bani : rano jii adi bought a house in mumbai and he insist to we also to come with them so i cant say no to him please rano ji pack bags

Beeji in mind : tommorow she torture tanvi and today she go her house to live forever Greedy woman

Raj : beta where u bought house

Adi : ji uncle ji u frend house where tanvi dii engazement happen rishi tell me that your frend house so rishi go with me and i bought house

Raaj : Good beta house is good

Adi : ji uncle

Everyone left from there

Rishi tanvi and Ahana adi manprret left there

Adi : Rishi you and tanvi dii come in your car and i go with Ahana

Adi smile to Rishi

Tanvi notice this

Adi manpreet and Ahana left

Rishi : tanvi now lets go

Tanvi : You tell Adi that you love me and me

Rishi : And you please say something what you tell me tanvi i want to hear from you

Tanvi : Nothing lets go

Rishi : one day you come yourself and say i love you rishi

Tanvi : lets go

They all come outside the house

Adi close tannu eyes with some cloths

Bani : Now this brother and sister drama start

Ahana rishi and manpreet beeji and other faimly happy to see tannu

Tannu : Adi what are you doing please let me open my eyes

Adi : No dii i have a surpries for you

They all enter and see all house decorate and welcome tannu write on wall

Rishi open tannu eyes.
Tannu see : its beautifull rishi i love and then stop
They have. An eyelock

Adi notice this

Neha to bani : Mom tannu have a big room of this house i want that

Bani : i give you rishi and also give you this house very soon donot worry

Neha happy

Adi : rishi i have doubt on chachi because i know she cant do anything without her profit anything she keep tannu dii and Ahana here

Rishi : But what her profit in this we have to find this

They all do breakfast

Adi and Raaj have a call from America

ADI : What Mr. williams

Williams : we have a meeting with mR. Raaj singh Bedi they are in mumbai Now so sir your meeting in 3:00 pm

Raaj also same thing

Raaj : okk i handle this

Raaj :so beta your compney inform you we have meeting

Adi :yeahh uncle the contract is big now we can do this contract because we are relative and i trust you .you are like my father and i am thankfull you you care tannu dii like you daughter

Raaj : No beta she is my daughter i tell her she is like my daughter and contract is final.. so we can start work from tommorow

Tannu say Adi our patiala house sell our parents because we have very loan.. rishi is also there
Adi we have no loan so our patiala house how who tell you this dii
Tannu : chachi tell me
Rishi : we have to go patiala to solve this mystery

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