Sanam teri kasam tanshi Episode 4


Episode 4

Aditya : dii tell me one thing are you happy with this engazement

Tannu donot say anything

Adi : please dii tell me are you happy

Bani : my son come when you become so much rich tannu and Ahana donot tell me

Adi : Chachi wow happy to see you

Bani Chachi thought now mujhe in dono behno and bhai ko apne pyar ke jaal mai fasana hoga then we can taje their property

Bani : My son come i cry alot when tannu tell me about you

Adi : okk chachi i know you

Okk let me meet my tannu di would be husband

Bani : pawan see your saala come

Rishi say to tannu :He is my sala not that pawan chavan

Adi listen this and shocked and thing in mind thats mean

Pawan come to Adi both are shocked to see each other

Adi : You here

Pawan tensed and say : i donot know you you know me thats strange

Adi : wow thats starnge
Adi slap him shocking everyone
Adi : Now you remember me how dare you do this my sister you donot know she is Aditya khurana sister and No one have right to hurt my sister no one understand

Tannu and everyone shocked while rishi and manpreet beeji yuvraj happy

Adi notice their happiness

Tannu : What are you saying Adi tell me

A flashback start

Adi enter in house he see pawan with saloni and listen their conversation

Pawan : she is very emotional fool she give me child and i throw her out of my life

Saloni : yeah i see her she is beautifull

Pawan : Not like you

Adi : what are doing this .This wtong you cant do this this is the matter of someone life how can you do this

Pawan : who are you and who the hell to talk in between this is my personal matter we donot know you so stay away .

Flashback end

Adi : but i donot know he is talking about my sister

Tannu is crying
Rishi is very angry and start to beat pawan how dare you to do this with tanvi noone have right to hurt tanvi
Rishi go and turn but pawan get up and try to throw wash on rishi but Adi stop him and beat badly

Pawan parents ; why we believe in you have you any proof

Adi laugh and say : i donot need any proof i think you forgot i am her brother and i have right to take decision yeahh i know i am her small brother but she trust me

Tannu : ya i know my brother donot lie

Bani scold pawan parents raj also scold

Raj : i say that she is like my daughter you have no right to hurt my daugter

They leave

Rishi happy very much and adi notice this and say their is something no one can see this but i see
They come to bani house

Tannu start to do work

Adi : dii what are you doing rest sometime tody very stressfull day for you and tomorrow we leave from here

Everyone shocked rishi also shocked

Bani thought : Now America permanent card go no i cant let that happen

Bani :No beta you and your sister stay with me your mom and dad last wish.

Adi in mind : now that bitter karela how become sweet rasgulla i have to find this and what happen between rishi and tannu .

Adi : okk where is my room i can keep my luggaze

Bani : Son can you stay with rishi . Rishi Have you any problem to stay with Adi

Rishi : No chachi afterall he is my saala

Everyone look at rishi Adi laugh

Adi : he is mean he is going to marry tannu (Neha) am i right rishi

Rishi : yeah
Tannu look at rishi and rishi sign her
Tannu left rishi also left
Adi notice this

Rishi : tannu i am very happy today your engazement is broken and i love you so much tannu you know what i pray to kali maa someone come and stop this engazement and she fulfil now no one cam stop me to marry you

Tannu : but you engaze with my sister i cant do this

Rishi : you know i tell her thousand time that i donot love her but she doesnt understand now i break this engazement

Adi listen this

Adi come to rishi and say rishi i know you love my dii tanvi and i know tanvi also love but she cant accpect it because you are going to engaze with our cousin but i promish you if my dii love you then i do your marrige with tanvi dii rishi hug him……

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  1. Thanmy

    Awesomeee this was better than the so called dragging track which went on n on n on n on in kasam pls cont soon I just love this track

  2. Siddhi

    Very nice but I want to give you a suggestion that don’t update 2 or 3 episodes in one day as you will get less comments

  3. I read ur all episodes its juz amazing!!?

  4. Good going. But please don’t stop it midway like other ff writers.

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