Sanam teri kasam tanshi Episode 3


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Episode 3

Everyone come to the venue

Rishi left crying and hope someone stop this engazement

Tanvi is very much heartbroken

Rishi :tanvi please stop this i love you so much

Tannu :rishi ab bahut der ho chuki hai

Tannu left from there

And engazement start

Tannu put the ring just then someome come and say tannu

Tannu Run and hug that man
Ahana also go to that man

Everyone shocked rishi also shocked

Raj : He is Mr. Aditya khurana in America he have very big buisness emperor i meet him in some meeting but how tannu know him

Tannu : Adi where are you you know what where not we search you everywhere the day mom and dad dead you come to india


Tannu on call : Adi where are you you reach patiala or not

Aditya : yeahh tannu i reached i am in college

Just then someone shoot Adi and tannu and family membee cry alot
Flashback end

Tannu : we search you in every hospital but you didint find

Everyone come there and ask tannu who is he

Tannu : He is my brother aditya khurana he stay in America . He come india but he shoot in terriost attck we thought he is but thank god he save my brother

Ahana hug Aditya and cry

Aditya : Aree you also crying i think you donot cry but you cry donot cry like baby

Ahana : dii he is teasing me

Tannu : Left all this you tell what happen that day

Aditya : i was in coma from 3 months when i woke i found i am in hospital just then i call mom and dad but their number is unreachable
Then i go to house but i didnt find anyone neighboures told me that mom and dad are dead and we donot where both girls go i search you everywhere but donot find then i go to back America i find there my manager take all my property my buisness then i came to know he do fake signature on my will ..
I take my property from him and then i thought i shift in mumbai then i can find both of you i come to see this house but i find you are engaze

Tannu ; you are i donot know anything my small brother is with me

Aditya : Ohh Mr. Raaj singh bedi we meet many time you remember

Raaj : yeah but here is not we come to buisness deal here you calle me uncle

Raaj : He is my son Rishi singh bedi

Rishi Shakes hand

Rishi : Nice to meet you

Raaj : learnt something from him hebis in small age he is stand a big emperor and you both

Rishi : dad you are here then why we do work

Adi manpreet laugh

Adi : dii who that man you are engaze

Tannu : he is pawan

Pawan mom happy and now tanvi is rich

Rishi : Adi why you said tanvi tannu because she is tanvi

Aditya : No yar she is tannu

Tannu : Rishi i tell you my nickname is tannu thats why Ahana call me

Tannu and rishi share an eylock

Adi notice this and this there is someting i have find this

Sory pawan but this engazement cant happen tannu and bani and faimly shocked rishi manpreet biji is very much happy

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  1. Awsm again. Thnx for d early update. I m again excited about dd NextNext?

  2. Thanmy

    Awesome pls post the next part soon I waiting for it to see why she tell no

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