Sanam Teri kasam (Meri aashiqui tum se hi) Epi-6


Thnx for the comments guys!!

The episode starts with Ranveer holds her hand.. Ishaani stands tensed.. Tera chera plays.. Ishaani comes closer to him.. He also eyes her lovingly! She pushes him and runs inside washroom.. She closes the door and cries. Allah warriyan plays.. Ishaani cries.. Ranveer asks her to open!

Ranveer also cries.. Ishaani opens and comes out and. Sees him and hugs him.. Sanam replays.. He comes closer and kisses her…she holds his beard tightly! She comes back and leaves. Ranveer sits on bed and sleeps.. Ishaani comes back to house and leaves inside room crying!

Shikhar asks her what happened? She tells nothing and leaves. Chitali tells shikhar that she and ranveer kissed!! He gets shocked and. Asks what? She shows video how they kissed!! He stands shocked and tells this time I will kill her.. Chitali tells him not to kill her.. He nods his head. She tells him to kiss her! He gets shocked.

Ishaani sits on her bed and cries.. She thinks how she kissed ranveer! She breaks vase and thinks I should tell the truth to him! Next day.. Ranveer thinks how he kissed Ishaani!! He tells so she loves me!! So I need to find the truth to marry her.. He sits and thinks about it!

Precap: Marriage function starts.. Ishaani sits on mandap! Shikhar also comes there.. Ranveer in room locks inside and takes poison bottle!

Within 2 epi.. Ff will end… It is short story!! Sorry

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    Nice but why end so early???

    1. Narendran

      Prince actually!! It is short story!! So I need not want to drag this ff!! For many epi!! So only..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ishveer scene was so emotional.The kiss was emotional n sweet.Ranveer realized how much Ishaani luvs him now also.So he wants 2 know d truth.hope he finds out d truth abt Shikar.Chitali is so cheap to advise Shikar 2 kiss ishaani 2 take revenge on her 4 kissing ranveer.hope he wont b able 2 kiss her.precap makes me nervous.Is Ranveer going 2 commit suicide as Ishani is marrying Shikar?Oh no.plz don’t let him commit suicide

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Jasmine for the comment..

  3. Nice episode Naren but it is tooo short dear at least it needs more than 2 episodes to be ended but as ur wish ?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx neelam.. But I have studies so I have been in situation to study!!

      1. Its ok dear?


    1. Narendran

      Thnx harisha for the comment!!

  5. Hey bro u rocking as I love all your epi’s soooooooooo much as I don’t get words to express all your ff and specially this epi soooo awesome lived it bro

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Duvakshara for the comment!! Hope u liked it!!???i am happy!

      1. No liked I always love it

  6. Nice narendran bro… but it’s my request pls don’t end this off plssss

    1. Narendran

      But radhika.. T is short story and I don’t have any idea to drag this ff!! Sorry.. But I will come back with season-2 but with diff plot..

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