sanam teri kasam[ kumkum bhagya] Episode 8


Guys Actually I Did a Mistake, Pragya Told her name for Abhi and His gang as “Pragya Tripati”. And I’m Sorry if you had a doubt about it.

‘Shit’ Bulbul murmured.
‘Who would do that to their mother’ she sighed ‘I would do anything to be with my mum again, and this girl is just letting her mother rot in prison’
Pragya got up and started to gather the empty cups to bring them to the kitchen.
‘I don’t know BOo’ Abhi sighed ‘I’ve been following this case for some time now, and there seems to be so much more going on than the news is telling us.’
Bulbul, who had snuggled against Abhi looked up so she could see his face ‘Like what?’ she asked.
‘Well firstly, the reports say that the father shot at the mother who fell down to pretend she was hit, and then he would have shot at the daughter, who did get hit – which is also reportedly the reason that the daughter doesn’t want any more contact with the mother – because she had been abused by her father for years and years and her mother was always too busy working to see, or do something about it. And that that even witch death so nearby, her mother let the daughter get shot.’
‘Yes,’ Bulbul answered ‘but if she hadn’t they might both have been dead now.’
‘Yes,’ abhi shot back ‘but that is beside the point. The point is, that after the father shot himself, the mother rushed the daughter at the hospital, and saving her live while doing so. So in the hospital the mother was arrested and the daughter treaded for her injuries.’
‘So?’ Bulbul asked

‘So why isn’t there any documentation from the hospital about Ms. Arora?’
Abhi looked at Pragya, who was cleaning up his mess in the kitchen and then back at Bulbul.
‘Why did the Arora house burn to the ground 2 days after the incident? – Why did the police station burn down? – Why is there absolutely nothing to be found about Pragya Arora? I tried to Google her once, nothing but the articles about her mother where she was mentioned in. No picture, no school, no nada. –Literally everything about the girl has disappeared’
‘Yeah, but isn’t that because she doesn’t want to be found?’ Bulbul asked.
‘Maybe,’ Abhi said ‘but when your name is out there like hers is, it is hard to stay hidden for long.’
Bulbul looked at Pragya who was done with the dishes. ‘What do you think Pragya?’ She asked ‘Don’t you think it is creepy that you share the first name? Not many girls are named Pragya.’
Pragya looked at Bulbul ‘I don’t’.
Abhi looked around in interest and stared at pragya ‘What makes you say that princess’
‘Do not call me princess Abhi, I won’t ask nicely next time’ she spit back glaring at him.
‘Whoa easy there pri… Pragya’ Abhi looked shocked at her outburst.
‘The reason nobody can find her is because she obviously changed her name. Meaning that we don’t share the first name anymore. I’m going the take a shower.’
Pragya needed to be alone right now, she needed to breathe, and she needed to go to her happy place, no first she needed to breathe, breathe, breathe.
But she couldn’t.
Opening the water of the shower so the Mehras couldn’t hear her, and hoping that the steam would help her breathe.
She went to sit down against the cold bathroom wall, hugging her knees tightly and trying to find her save place.

Bulbul had decided, since Pragya didn’t have to work until 1 o’clock the next morning that they would go out that evening.
Pragya who really could use a drink, happily agreed with her.
So after getting Abhi out of the house they had spent their day like any twenty year old girls should be doing, they went shopping.
Because Bulbul apparently had no clothes what so ever. Or so she said.
The day had flown by and before she knew it pragya was talking to Rithik in a bar called ‘the drop ship’.
The entire group had shown up, everybody talking dancing and having fun with each other.
Rithik was a nice enough guy, he was funny and he seemed like he was loyal as well.
He wasn’t on his second drink when he started telling her that, yes, he was loyal, but sometimes really naive as well.
How he had put his faith in a leader of some gang. It had ended very badly and Rithik had spent a year in juvie, after that he had become an outcast. Nobody wanted to be seen with the criminal. He was starting to get back on the wrong path until he met Abhi, who apparently changed his life for him when he included him in his friend group.
Lightweight, Pragya thought. She would never spill her life story that easily.
‘Wanna dance?’ Rithik asked when he saw that Pragya wasn’t inserted in his life story anymore.
‘Yeah sure’ she said and grabbed his hand. Pragya looked around to look for Bulbul.
She was dancing with a tall looking beard guy, who seemed to be addicted on steroids.
And a whole lot more by the look in his eyes. The guy was as high as a kite. But Bulbul didn’t seem to mind.
Pushing her way to the people she tried to find a spot where she and Rithik could dance. The dance floor was crowded, but is wasn’t too bad.
Pragya started dancing happily alongside Rithik. Using her slight buzz and the loud bass of the music flood trough her body. Losing herself in the movements until she could forget about her morning.
She needed to forget.

Pragya didn’t know how long she had been dancing for, the songs had smoothed together after a while.
She had danced with Rithik, then Tanu had cut in. Raman and Ranveer had joined in as well after a while, but no she was dancing with Rithik again.
He actually was quite a good dancer.
When Pragya looked up to the crowd in the club it had gotten much busier without her knowing, and suddenly she felt trapped.
‘I’m going to get some air’ she said to Rithik, who smelled like beer and sweat.
Everything smelled like beer and sweat.
‘Yeah, see you in a bit’ he answered and turned around to Mihika who had been dancing near them as well.
Pragya tried to push her way through the mob of people, but because of the amount of people crammed in the little space, it was hard to get in between them.
The longer it took for Pragya to get out, the worse her fear became.
She needed to get out. Now.
But the people wouldn’t budge and mostly didn’t even notice she wanted to get through.
Breathe Pragya, Breathe. She tried to remember herself. She couldn’t get in to a claustrophobic fear attack right now.
Not in the middle of a club. It wouldn’t make anything any better.
But it was already too late, she had trouble breathing and the edges of her vision started to blur.
Desperately she tried to push another body out of her way to get out.
But it didn’t help. The moment the guy stepped aside, anther body filled up the space just as quickly.
Pragya felt the tears rolling over her cheeks and her breathing was getting worse.
How had such a nice evening turned in such a terrible one this quickly?
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.
She couldn’t and she felt herself getting weak in the knees. She was going to faint.
A strong hand grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him.
He started dragging her towards the exit pushing their way through the people.
When she finally felt the cold evening air it her face she felt the relief washing over her.
Breathe she reminded herself. Something that got easier every breath she took.
‘Are you okay?’ a deep voice asked her. Pragya looked up. Abhi was standing right beside her, still holding her arm.
‘Yeah’ she panted quietly ‘I didn’t realize it had gotten this busy.’
‘A busy club is no need to panic princess’ he grumbled at her, but the look in his eyes told her that he was worried about her.
Trying to shake his arm of she glared at him ‘I’m claustrophobic idiot.’
‘When you are claustrophobic it’s a really dumb idea to go in to a crowded club Pragya, did you mom never thought you that?’ Abhi said while putting his hands in his pockets.
‘No Abhi.’ Pragya spit at him ‘my mother was already dead before I got claustrophobic.’
Well at least he had the decency to look ashamed of his last remark.
‘I’m going home Abhi.’ Pragya said ‘Can you tell that to Bulbul, so she doesn’t have to worry about me.’
He nodded ‘You need a ride?’
‘No.’ Pragya answered ‘I need the air, and besides, I wouldn’t want to sit in a car with you’
‘Sure thing princess’ Abhi looked with distain at her and then turned around to go back in to the club.
Breathe pragya, Breathe

Precap- College is Starting , Finally

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