sanam teri kasam[ kumkum bhagya] Episode 7


A loud noise came from the kitchen. Followed up by some cursing noises and then another loud bang.
Pragya grumbled at the noise and turned around in her bed. She pulled the pillow over her head trying to block the noise out.
Sleep was something absolutely holy, a precious gift from the gods that was hard to come by.
Pragya liked Bulbul, she truly did. Bulbul was fun, and nice and she didn’t ask too many questions. Mostly because usually she was the one doing all the talking.
But if she was going the keep making this much noise in the morning, well… Pragya decided that they wouldn’t be able to keep her responsible for her actions in court.
The jury would probable root for her.

When a third loud crash came from the kitchen Pragya was done with it. She pulled her covers away and hissed at the cold air hitting her body. Cursing she got up and heard another noise from the kitchen.
What the hell was Bulbul thinking! What was she doing? Using a blender? Shit. Pragya opened her door and stomped into the living room.
‘My god BOo what the hell are you doing!?’ Pragya said while letting out a very unattractive yawn.
‘Why the Shit are you making so much noise? – You know when people are still sleeping. What time is in anyway? My god are you nuts.’
It was an unfamiliar snickering that made Pragya look from the clock to Bulbul.
Who wasn’t Bulbul?
‘Wow, aren’t you a ray of sunshine in the morning princess’ Abhi looked at Pragya and obviously checked her out. – ‘Like you PJ’s’ he snickered again and went back to the mess he was making in the kitchen.
Pragya looked at herself.
Well this sucked.

She was wearing a pink hallo kitty sweat shirt and her cupcake panties.
Deciding to pretend that she didn’t care she walked towards the kitchen ‘What are you still doing here Abhi, don’t you have your own house, one where you are free to entertain all of your ladies?’ Pragya grumbled making air gestures at the word ladies.
Abhi just smiled at her for a second before he answered. ‘Jealous much?’ he was challenging her.
‘Uhmn well, you know, no’ Pragya didn’t think he could be more cocky when he was looking at her like that, one eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.
But for some reason she felt utterly naked, like he could see right through her. She shuddered at the thought.

‘What are you doing here Abhi’ she repeated herself. God she needed coffee.
‘Bulbul didn’t let me go home last night, said I was way to pissed to drive, so when I told her that I left my car at work yesterday, so she wouldn’t have to worry about me driving, she actually locked the door so I couldn’t get out. Suddenly went all mom mode and shit on me, I don’t know where she got that from’ Abhi answered while cutting a few bananas and putting them in the blender.

Now it was Pragya who was snickering, from al the story’s Bulbul had told her about her brother, Pragya knew exactly where Bulbul got her protectiveness from.
‘So why didn’t you get one of the others to get you a lift?’ Pragya asked while looking for her jar of instant coffee.
The gang had decided, to watch another movie after the Lego one, but since Pragya could barely stay awake during the first one, she decided to skip that one an went to bed early .
‘They had left already’ Abhi answered with a spoon in his mouth.
Pragya looked up to him with an eyebrow raised ‘What the Hell are you making?’ she grumbled, because for some reason her coffee had disappeared.
Before he answered he pushed the on button on the blender again.
‘COULD YOU CUT IT OUT WITH THE SHITTY NOISE?’ Pragya yelled over the awful sound that the blender was making.
The person who invented Blenders obviously never thought about how some idiots would use them to make god know what this early in the morning .
‘You are without a doubt the most cheerful morning person I have ever met’ Abhi smiled at her and started to pour his concoction in three different cups.
‘It’s a Banana – honey – oatmeal and coffee smoothie, because for some weird reason that was all you girls had lying around’ he said while handing her one of the cups.
‘You know those are all perfectly great ingredients for just a normal breakfast. Wait’ Pragya stopped talking and looked up at Abhi. ‘Did you use my coffee?’

Abhi looked around and grabbed an empty pot ‘you mean this instant shit?’ yeah I had to use all of it, the garbage has no flavor what so ever.’
Pragya raised an eyebrow and tried to give him the worst possible death stare ‘You finished my coffee?’
‘Good morning folks’ Bulbul walked in to the room fully dressed and looking like she walked stair out of a catalogue.
Pragya Sighed. Shit. The Meheras were morning people.
‘Oh you made a smoothie’ Bulbul smiled and grabbed a glass of the counter.
‘I missed this since I stopped living with you.’ Bulbul stopped talking for a second to take a sip and then sigh ‘yup, this is why I like you brother.’
She smiled at him and started walking towards couch a plopped down ‘You know I haven’t made smoothies here yet, because I know Pragya isn’t really a morning person. I usually stay quiet until she had her coffee, otherwise she is like, really mean, and by that time I’ve already just made myself a bowl of cereal’

Abhi looked at Pragya ‘you’re being mean to my sister princess?’ he asked.
‘No no no not at all’ Bulbul intervened before Pragya could answer ‘It’s just, well she doesn’t look really uhm, approachable, like she is looking right now.’
‘Yes,’ Pragya sighed and slouched down on the couch next to Bulbul, ‘because mister-lets-see-how-much-noise-it-takes-to-bring-down-the-roof-as-early-as-freacking-possible-in-the-mornig decided to use up all my coffee.’

Bulbul laughed at her and then turned towards her brother ‘Do you have a death wish or something?’
Abhi just stuck his tongue out at Bulbul and went to sit on her other side of the couch.
‘You should try his smoothie though,’ Bulbul tried turning back to Pragya ‘you’ll might have few less killing urges towards him, it is really good.’
Abhi picked up the remote and started flipping through the television channels until he found one that was broadcasting the news.
Pragya started sipping at her drink, and she had to give it to Bulbul, it was really good, – not as good as her coffee, but it was good.
‘Good morning India ‘ the newsreader said. ‘It is right now 9 am on a beautiful Friday morning’
Pragya zoned out while the man was informing her about all the different news items of the day. She never really had been in to politics, and that was usually one of the favorite subjects of the news.

There had been way to many fancy diners in her youth, where she had to dress up to the max and then just sit still and be pretty while all the grown up where talking about the most boring subjects known to man. Including politics.
Pragya didn’t even try to pretend to listen, she had finished her delicious morning smoothie and sat curled up against Bulbul on the couch, she turned her neck to see if there was more of the smoothie left so she could have more.
Sadly for her the blender was empty. Maybe she could scrape out the sides. Nope. She couldn’t do that in front of the Meheras, could she?
Abhi saw her looking and smirked at her. It seemed like he knew she was thinking. Annoyed she slumped down against Bulbul’s shoulder. Staring of into space while the Meheras were watching the news.

Life was probable at good as it was going to get Pragya thought.
Sitting the way she was, and looking the way she did – still in her hallo kitty and cupcake outfit, she hadn’t expected that she could ever let her guard down enough to behave like this .
She trusted Bulbul, and for some reason, she trusted Abhi as well.
She had this feeling like he would always be an idiot – one that spilled beer on her and finished her coffee, but he would protect her as well, if only to please his sister by doing so.
Their friends had been a lot of fun yesterday, but they had been very curious to who she was, and where she came from. And weren’t ashamed to ask.
They wanted answers from her that she didn’t have. When suddenly Abhi jumped in and saved her from the questions. He pretended to be a idiot about it, but she was sure he did it for her.
Pragya sighed contentedly, maybe this could become her home, a real home this time, not just a tiny space where you sleep.
‘There has been a new development in the Sarala Arora case’
Pragya looked at the TV screen where a picture of Sarala Arora was showing.
‘The accused murder Mrs. Arora was transferred from her prison in Chennai to one here in Mumbai. Mrs. Arora who had been searching for her daughter for the past 3 year, ever since the girl disappeared from her mother’s radar. Has had it confirmed from reliable sources that Miss Pragya Arora would be living here in Mumbai.’

The screen changed from the news reader to and mousy looking man with the name ‘Lawyer Sinclair’
‘This has all been such a trying time for Mrs. Arora, but she has been staying positive, like the wonderful Woman we all know her to be. Her daughter, Pragya, is the key witness in this case, and she in to only one that can get her mother free again. Mrs. Arora hopes that now that she is possibly closer to her daughter they can try to reconnect.’
The screen changed again. This time the major Mumbai came in to few. The name on the screen telling them it was Anil Srivastav.

‘Of course I hate to see my dear friend to go through such terrible times. The problem is that miss Arora did gave a statement, telling us the whole story about how her father had gone crazy and tried to shot them all before finally killing himself. We had it on paper and were about to get Sarala out, but then the police building, inclusive the statement burnt to the ground. Nothing to be recovered. I pray every night for the brave police men who died in that fire. Just like I pray for Sarala to find Pragya if only so they can be a family again. I Anil Srivastav fully support Sarala Arora, I know she is innocent. And I want to thank all the people who are have been so kind in supporting the Arora case.’
The newsreader came back in to view.
‘Miss Pragya Arora’s lawyer has been in contact as well, saying that the daughter does not wish to be found, and that she doesn’t what to have anything to do with Mrs. Arora. Therefore Ms. Arora is using her right as a witness to remain anonymous.’
The Newsreader coughed discreetly and continued ‘ Going on with the weather, Shakti, can you tell us if we need to bring an umbrella today?’

Precap- ‘I’m going home Abhi.’ Pragya said ‘Can you tell that to Bulbul, so she doesn’t have to worry about me.’ He nodded .

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