sanam teri kasam[ kumkum bhagya] Episode 5


‘God Bhai’ it was the first thing Bulbul had said when she opened the door of her dorm ‘you smell’. Abhi grimaced, he did smell, but to be honest, it wasn’t his fault that he did. The new shift supervisor at Bhagya, she was, well … he had no words to describe her. Chashmish. But she was also suborn, arrogant, and she acted like she was all high an mighty. He worked at Bhagya, he was allowed to get a beer there. It didn’t cross his mind until after she had spilled the beer all over herself, that she might not knew that he worked there. So he felt bad, and gave her his clean shirt. The one he was supposed to be wearing right now. Because this was the t-shirt he slept in last night, but because he overslept, he hadn’t had the time to change. So he had just grabbed a clean one and stuffed it in his bag, figuring he would change later .

The moment she had walked in to the bar in his shirt, he completely lost his mind, freaking hell she was BEAUTIFUL. Yes Abhi definitely had a thing for girls in his clothes, he didn’t even try to deny that anymore. So to hide the fact that his jeans where getting tighter every second he got out of there as quickly as possible .
To clear his mind he decided to run to Bulbul instead of using his car. He would pick it up later. But it didn’t matter how hard he was running, he couldn’t take his mind of the enigmatic chashmish. All of this, meant that his gross t-shirt smelled like sleep and sweat, which wasn’t the best combination .
‘Yes’ he grumbled at Bulbul ‘I decided to for a run.’

‘You know,’ Bulbul said while letting him through the door ‘there are these very smart people, and they invented these things that are called, uuh what was it again…. sports wear… so you can wear them while you go sporting … and you can change in to your normal clothes when in the present of company, so you won’t smell all over my new house…’
‘Yes Bulbul, I know you smart ‘ he sighed en dropped on the couch ‘so’ he said ‘how is your roommate, I still have to meet her’ – and approve of her – he thought to himself .
‘NO!’ Octavia said sternly ‘UP NOW!’. Abhi eyed her warily and got up of the couch .

‘What!?’ he asked .
‘There is no way in hell that you’re sweaty will ruin my fancy new couch, shower first.’
‘But I just got here’ Bellamy grumbled. Not wanting to go back to his own apartment
‘You can shower here, and borrow some of my clothes.’ Bulbul said, pointing at the bathroom door .
‘Dear god,’ Abhi sighed, ‘you are gonna make me wear one of your mini pink tank tops are you?’ .
Bulbul laughed at his mopping face ‘nah’ she said ‘I think you stole enough of your clothes to actually make a decent outfit for you.’
Abhi was shocked ‘BOo! What else did you steal from me!’
‘YO BROTHER’ Bulbul yelled trough the bathroom door ‘I put some clothes for you down on my bed when you are ready.’
‘Thanks’ he shouted back.
‘and I don’t know if I had mentioned this before,’ Bulbul continued.
Abhi sighed under the warm water of the shower, she would keep on talking through the door until he was all done and dressed, privacy didn’t exist in Bulbul’s mind –by now he was used to it.
‘But I invited everybody tonight for a movie night, you know, since almost everybody has arrived by now, celebrate the new year, to brag about my dorm, oh and to show of my dorm mate, who, by the way, is totally awesome.’

‘Seems like fun’ Abhi answered hoping to end this conversation until he was done.
‘Oh Bhai!’ she yelled, suddenly really excited ‘you are gonna love her, she is so much fun. And she is so kind, and smart. And just to warn you, I’m totally gonna set you guys up. And then you will fall madly in love, and have a beach wedding, where of course I would he maid of honor, and then you will have beautiful babies who you will all name after me of course’
‘BULBUL’ Abhi yelled hoping it would make her shut up. ‘Could you please give me a moment, I’ll be done in here in a minute’
Bulbul obviously hearing his annoyed tone answered something that he didn’t really hear through the door. But he did hear her leave from the door.
He really didn’t mean to snap at his sister, but she really did talk too much every now and then, especially when he was under the shower. And with his mind still at his new coworker. – Well, the timing wasn’t the best to be having a conversation with his sister.
The bathroom he was in was small. Just enough room for the shower, a sink, a mirror and two shelves. One was packed with so much junk, it had to be Bulbul’s. Abhi looked at the different products, barely knowing what the most where for, but he did recognize a lot of bottles that where littering on his bathroom floor only a week ago.
He looked at the other shelf witch was surprisingly empty a small bag and three bottles where standing on top of it, and surprisingly, an alarm clock. Bulbul’s roommate was apparently very neat and punctual, if she would want to know the time even in the shower. He liked that. Maybe Bulbul was right and they would hit it off. And then he wouldn’t have to think about his co-worker anymore.
‘Shit’ he groaned because now his mind was back at his Princess again.
‘SHIt’ he cursed at himself, Pragya was definitely not his princess. He grumbled and looked around himself once more, trying anything to get his mind of her again, this really wasn’t the time to do something…inappropriate. He was in his sister’s bath room for god’s sake!

Abhi sighed, and before he could imagine any more things about his Princess, he turned the tab from nice and warm to stone cold.
‘SHIT!’ he shouted again. NO, she definitely wasn’t his Princess he thought to himself and got out of the freezing shower.
Bulbul really didn’t lie when she said that she had stolen enough of his clothes. On her bed where laying an old pair of sweatpants that he thought he lost in the move to Chennai three years ago, a boxer he didn’t even realized he lost, and one of his band t shirts, the ones that she actually had gotten from him .
‘Bulbul!’ he shouted at her from her bedroom. He hadn’t even bothered to close the door, while Bulbul was preparing snacks in her kitchen.
‘What’ she asked.
‘Since when are you such a kleptomaniac!?’ he asked amazed while he was getting dressed.
‘What?’ Bulbul laughed ‘didn’t you always say that you did…’ Bulbul stopped talking when they both heard the front door being opened
‘BOo? Are you home’ a women’s voice asked.
‘Haai hunny’ Abhi heard Octavia answer, he just had to put his shirt on and then he could meet this mysterious girl Bulbul liked so much.
‘My god, you got to hear about my day’ the girl sighed and Abhi heard her sitting down on the couch.
‘This awful man-boy came in to the bar, who, by the way, apparently is my new co-worker, and then he actually threw a glass of beer all over me!’
Abhi who was just about to enter the room stopped in tracks right away.
‘SHIT’ he whispered to himself, there was no way in hell right …
‘What an idiot’ he heard his sister answer. ‘Please tell me you hit the guy, like right in his face!’
Abhi needed this conversation to end, like right now, but then he heard his princess answer.
‘Trust me I almost did, and then…’

‘God princess’ he said walking in to the room ‘if you wanted to touch me so bad, you just could have asked you know’. There she was, his princess looking completely shocked with fierce wide eyes at him. He smirked.
‘What are you doing here Idiot’ she spat out ‘ stalking much?’
‘Yes, I couldn’t get enough of you in the bar, so I decided to go to your house….’
‘Hey now’ Bulbul came in between them ‘be nice to each other.’ Bulbul then turned towards Pragya ‘Pragya I take it you have already met my dear brother, Abhi, who really isn’t usually as much of an Idiot as he apparently was today. And trust me when I say I’ll punish him for his behavior.’ Pragya smiled at Bulbul.
‘And Bhai’ Bulbul continued, now facing him ‘meet my awesome roommate Pragya Arora, you will learn to love her, and if you don’t, you will pretend to do so just for me, because I am your sister and you love me. And further, a little birdie told me that you behaved like a total Idiot today, so I want you to apologize, and as a punishment you will not be getting any dessert after dinner tonight’

Abhi grumbled at Bulbul ‘I didn’t threw beer at her, she was just clumsy enough to spill it over herself. While I was there, she just blamed it on me!’
Bulbul eyebrows shot up ‘I don’t care, apologize! Now! And hug it out while you are at it’
‘You know we really don’t have to hug’ Pragya tried, but Bulbul just gave her the same look she had given Abhi earlier.
Reluctant Pragya got off the couch and Abhi walked towards her.
‘I’m sorry for the beer princess’ he grumbled.

‘Do not call me princess’ she snapped before he could awkwardly touch her to pull her into a hug.
Bulbul looked happy and turned around to go back to the kitchen, and he felt Pragya trying to free herself from his grip, Abhi smirked and put his mouth just near her ear before he would let her go ‘you smell like beer, princess, how did that happen?’
Her undignified intake of breath made him laugh, she pulled herself out of his grip and hit him across his stomach. He feigned hurt so dramatically that he had to laugh even harder
‘You really are an idiot’ she huffed and walked away and mumbled something incoherent.
‘I’m going to take a shower BOo’ was the last thing she said out loud before she closed the door to the bathroom behind her.
‘Yo brother’ Bulbul yelled at him while he sat down on the couch, exactly on the spot Pragya had sat on earlier, not that he did that on purpose, no not at all .
‘You really are an idiot you know, can’t you at least try to like her just for me’
‘Who says I didn’t like her’ Abhi smirked at his sister who looked annoyed at him.

Precap- party with new friends Nikhil, Tanu, Robin, Aliya, Ranveer, Ishani and Raman.

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