sanam teri kasam [kumkum bhagya] Episode 2


Hi guys I’m back. Enjoy this.

So they decided together they would leave. They would move as far away as they could and make sure that her mom never would find them.
The only thing that would take a little time was that her dad had to get some money in cash, he had to make sure everything was covered at work, Pragya needed to heal a bit more from the knife wound and she insisted to say goodbye to Suresh.
‘Saying goodbye?’ her father asked, he looked up at Pragya, who was still in the middle of the stairs. He was holding his own bags and waiting in the door opening.
‘No.’ Clarke said ‘We are finely going to find a home, this house never was.’
He nodded his head silently, his eyes full with his own regrets ‘I’m so sorry princess.’
‘Let’s go.’ Pragya said. Together they left the house. She locked it and then threw the keys through the mailbox.
‘I won’t be needing those anymore.’ Pragya mumbled to herself.
Her father had already walked to the car and she heard the all to familiar beeping sound the car made when it unlocked. She walked towards it and put her bags down near the backside of the car, waiting for her dad to load them in.
Pragya felt a chill creep up her spine. She opened the door to the passenger side of the car, hoping she would feel a bit safer when she was actually in the car. It only took a minute for her dad to join her. He put the key in the ignition and started the car. Pragya looked at the house, trying to wrap her mind around the fact that this would be the last time that she would see it.
The moment they started to pull out of the driveway they felt a big bump from behind, like they had hit something. Pragya looked around trying to see what they had hit them.
Her mother’s car was parked behind them on the driveway blocking them in. Pragya saw her mom climbing out of her own car throwing the door of the car closed with a loud bang.
She looked absolutely terrifying.

‘Honey’ Pragyas mother yelled while she walked towards the car Pragya and her father were sitting in and started hitting at the window.
‘Could you come out of the car please? I need to talk to you.’ She almost song the last part.
Pragya didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until she felt her father’s hand reach out for her arm.
‘Don’t be scared princess, I’ve got you, I’ll get us out of here. But I need you to stay in the car.’ Pragya just nodded and felt the car move when her father exited the car.
‘Sweetheart!’ He said walking towards his wife, trying to calm her down.
‘What are you doing home so early?’ He questioned her. ‘Pragya and I were just about to get some takeout food. It’s a good thing you came home now, otherwise we might not know what to get for you.’
He tried to reach out for his wife trying to make some contact with her, but she pulled away. ‘Really honey?’ She mocked ‘Take out huh?’
Sarala looked at Pragya and then back at her husband. ‘I know what you were trying to do! – Do you think I’m stupid!? Huh?’ She walked towards her husband and started pushing him against the car.
‘You Idiot!’ She screamed in his face. ‘You are not taking my baby away from me!’
‘Of course I’m not’ Her father tried ‘she’s our baby girl! Why would you ever think I would take her away?’
Pragya saw her mother walk away from her dad, holding her breath again, she prayed her dad would get in the car right now. So that they could drive away and never come back.
‘Anil told me what you were planning’ Her mother yelled over her shoulder. She stopped walking when she was about 20 feet away from her husband and then turned around.
‘Did you really think I would let you kidnap my daughter?’ She reached for something in her back pocket.
‘Darling, please calm down, I don’t know what you have heard, but I assure you that it isn’t true!’ Her father pushed himself of the car and tried to walk towards his wife again.
Pragya saw it happening before she could yell to warn her father. Her mother had pulled out a gun, aimed it at her father, yelled ‘Liar!’ and shot.
‘DADDY’ Pragya screamed with the air she had been holding in her lungs for way to long. She threw the car door open and sprinted to where her dad had collapsed. Pragya felt like she couldn’t breathe. Completely forgetting that her mother even existed she started looking through all the blood if she could find the bullet would so she could stop the bleeding.
‘Princess,’ she heard her father whisper.

‘Daddy I can’t find it there’s to much blood.’ She started sobbing.
‘Princess I’m sorry.’ He whispered. He reached up to put a lock of hair behind Pragyas ear and then slowly let his hand back down again, and closing his eyes.
‘Daddy?’ Pragya tried to shake at him ‘Daddy please!’ Crying she started screaming at her dad ‘DADDY PLEASE, PLEASE WAKE UP!’
Pragya felt the world collapsing on her, darkness surrounding her, like all the oxygen had left the world, like it was impossible to ever take another breath.
‘Pragya please.’ Her mother sneered at her, ‘Have you learned nothing at those med camps of yours? You know just as well as I do that the man is dead. Now let’s go inside so you can get changed and we can get some takeout food. That’s what you wanted isn’t it?’
Pragya looked up at her mom, the words she had just said not fully reaching her brain
‘You MONSTER!’ Pragya screamed at her mother ‘What makes you think I would ever come willingly with you?’
‘Pragya you do not talk in that tone to your mother. Now get inside’
‘You’re a monster!’Pragya , still holding her father’s corpse sobbed.
She looked up one more time at her mother, straightening her back and looking her mother straight in the face.
‘I hate you, and I will make sure you rot in prison for this.’ She spit out.
Her mother just looked at her, raised the gun again said ‘Your choice sweaty’ and shot at Pragya.
All Pragya remembered thinking; ‘This is where it all ends.’ before the entire world went black.

Precap-‘I’m sure you will learn to like your dorm mate.’ she said sternly, signaling that the conversation was over.
The girl huffed, grabbed her bag that was sitting beside her on the ground and turned away from the reception. Not knowing he was standing behind her, she was shocked when she was suddenly directly in his face.
‘Watch it!’ She jabbed at his face and walked away.
He just smirked and bowed ‘My apologies you’re Princess’.
Suddenly she swirled around and looked with wide eyes at him.

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