sanam teri kasam [kumkum bhagya] Episode 1 (Prologue)


Hi guys I’m Naduni ,can you remember me. I think no . I wrote Sanam re in half and stopped. Sorry for dat.
So dis is a new story line. And this is based on another fanfiction. I hope you guys couldn’t find it :P,
This is the 1st episode. Read it. Leave your comment.
Thank you.

‘Princess’ her father grabbed her hand trying to get her away from her room. ‘Princess, we need to go now.
Pragya looked up at her father, he looked pale in the dark house with nothing but the light from the streetlights outside to illuminate his face. His hair had become so much grayer than it had been when Pragya was growing up. He had developed so much rimples and his blue eyes, once just as blue a Pragya’s were, now looked almost grey
‘But daddy,’ Pragya looked up at him tearfully ‘I don’t know if I can leave. What if she finds us? What if you lose everything? What if I never get to speak to Suresh again? What if something even worse happ..’
‘Princess’ her father stopped her rambling. He stepped closer to her and grabbed her for a hug.
‘Daddy, I’m so scared.’ Her father gently kissed her hair before he let her go.
‘Hey kid look at me.’ He said ‘Nothing will go wrong I promise you, I’ve got you, and I always will. Never ever forget that.’ He looked at his watch Pragya grab your bags please we really need to go now’

Pragya took one more look through her room.
No, from now on old room.
One of the walls was full of pictures, mostly of her, her dad and her best friend Suresh. Pictures of them on vacations, pictures of Suresh and her playing chess, pictures of her dad proudly holding the first drawing she had ever made.
She walked towards the wall and pulled it of the wall. She wanted to keep that one.
The rest of her room was clean and neat, a few diploma’s hanging on the wall next to her desk and trophies on the desk, and she had won for sport events, science fairs and med camp
They were never enough for her mom.
Pragya grabbed her bags that were still on the ground and with her other hand grabbed her father’s hand. He had been waiting silently for her to come to terms with their departure.
‘Let’s go’ she said
As they walked down stairs trough the big house she couldn’t help but fell small.
This was the house where she had grown up in. This was the house where she and Suresh had their first kiss.
It had only happened once, when they were playing hide and seek one time. They had both come to the brilliant idea to hide in the closet under the stairs, and cramped together in such a small spot, it had seemed like the right time, they had only been thirteen at the time.
But that closet was also the spot where she would hide from her mom, every time.
Down the hall was the kitchen where she and her dad loved to cook together, they would pump the music as loud as it would go and danced while they were chopping vegetables or baking cookies.
The kitchen however was also the spot where her mother had hit her for the first time. When she had been 7. Her mom was baking a pie for a faire, and when Pragya had tried to help she accidently dropped the bag with flour.

At first Pragya had started laughing, it had looked like it had snowed in the kitchen. She had grabbed a hand of flour from the floor, threw it in the air and started dancing in it. Pretending like it was snow falling on her.
The moment she had seen the look on her mom’s face, she stopped immediately. With a straight hand her mother had hit Pragya across the face and had started yelling at her. Pragya had to pretend she had fallen down the stairs for the rest of the week when she was at school.
Next to the kitchen was the living area where they all used to watch Cricket , Suresh and his father Anil would come over, they usually brought enough takeout food to feed a small army, and the four of them – she, her dad , Suresh, and Anil – would be shouting at the television the rest of the night. – When they were playing, she and Suresh would always side for the England team, because, well, they were awesome

However, in the living area was also the spot where her mom had told her time after time again that Pragya was worthless. That she couldn’t understand how she could have ended up with a daughter like her. That Pragya was nothing but a disappointment. Her mother had toldPragya, that if she would have been the father instead of her mother, she wouldn’t even admit Pragya was her kid. Asking for a paternity test because there was no way she could be hers.
As Pragya looked at the hallway one last time she sighed. It was only a week ago when her mother had gone to far. Her mother had been mad at Pragya, again. It was Pragya’s job to take care of dinner. So that when her mother came home, a nice family dinner could be had.
But her mother had come home early, and the chicken still needed to be in the oven for at least half an hour.
Her mother was furious. She had started yelling and hitting Pragya but after years and years of abuse Pragya had enough of it. She had grabbed her mothers hand which she was trying to strike Pragya with and with her other had she had slapped her mom across the face.
It had been the wrong move to take.
Her mom stood still for a few seconds, she had looked at Pragya completely startled.
And then lost it.
Pragya had gotten terrified and tried to slip away. She had tried to run to the hallway and hide in the closet under the stairs. But before she made it there, she saw that her mom had followed her. A big kitchen knife in her hand – the one she had been using earlier with cooking the dinner – and run towards Pragya.
All Pragya remembered was waking up in her bed with her father sitting on the ground next to her. It looked like he had been crying.
Her father had told her how he had came home the night before, and when he opened the door he had seen Pragya, lying in the hallway, in a puddle of her own blood.
He had thought she was dead.

But when he came closer he saw that the massive wound in her side was already stitched up.
He had carried Pragya up to her room, cleaned the blood of her, put her in some clean clothes and had stayed beside her all night just to make sure she was still breathing.
When he had checked on what his wife was doing later that night, she was already sleeping peacefully.
That morning her father had told that he couldn’t take it anymore. Not when Pragya’s life was at stake. So they decided together they would leave. They would move as far away as they could and make sure that her mom never would find them.

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