Sanam Teri Kasam – KKB (Chapter 1)


Hello everyone….abhi ,pragya a great pair…but kkb is wasting I am here to to express my point…it will be quite interesting. may think it should not be fine with abhigya and here total change of view on pragya ,location etc. Hope you all will like.a new view and youngsters plot…keep enjoying.have a good day

Place : Australia

Abhishek prem mehra: a great rockstar
Pragya arora: girl who is great actress and lives in Australia. She visits India on occasions. She is a charming girl.everyone will fall for her
Bulbul arora : sister of pragya
Purab khanna: lawyer. Abhi’s advisor
Sarla ma.

Actually ritik and shivanya got married.



It was late night when shivanya called pragya.but she didn’t pick .shivanya says where did she went ? Hope she is fine.
Here In a club ,pragya was sitting alone.she thinks about the incident that happened few hours ago.she starts drinking.she keeps on drinking when she gazed a man sitting near her.she looks on and keeps drinking.but she notices the man is looking she decides to speak.she asked if he drinks.the man looks on .pragya asked will you.he nods yes. PRAGYA orders a drink for him.she asked what’s his name.he says abhi…pragya asked why he is sad.that time the waiter gives the drink to abhi.he drinks..but didn’t speak. Then he itself ordered for five times, totally he lost his control.Abhi then speaks…my name is abhi..I am a rockstar. You don’t know me.pragya says I am not intrested in music.Abhi says oh.I am famous in India.pragya asked are you from India.abhi says you know India.pragya says it’s my motherland .abhi laughs motherland.pragya says oh tell why are you sad.abhi says she cheated me.pragya asked who.abhi says woh .ladki…tanu. pragya asked who is tanu.abhi says my girlfriend .pragya says oh…abhi says I came here to give her rupture but she …wait…why you are upset and moreover I think you drunk one bottle.pragya says oh..I broke up with arjun.actually he is my fan.he introduced himself like that.soon we became friends and later he proposed me.I too accepted. Later he doubts on my I break up with him.I am enjoying the worst moment of my life( actually both are not in control as they are drunken)
Purab comes there and says abhi I got all the papers.please sign and gives to him. Abhi signed without asking what’s it.purab asked pragya to sign..pragya without knowing what’s it,actually she thought her fan is asking for autograph…she signed the papers…purab says good and he leaves .purab thinks I have to submit these papers immediately otherwise it will be delayed

Abhi continues to talk and pragya was just laughing for his jokes. Abhi says let’s go and both leaves from there.pragya says car punctured and kicks the wheel.she is about to fall but abhi catches her. He says I will drop you.tell me the address.pragya takes her purse because shivanya had a note of address so if pragya was drunk ,someone will drop her.while she was about to take a man snatched purse from her hand and runs. Abhi could not follow him ,before he could catch he ran away.pragya says what to do.I don’t remember my address and my head is driver is also off as his wife is phone was also in that purse.damit..what a worst day.Abhi says come with can go tomorrow.pragya asked are you sure.Abhi says yes and asked driver to take the car.

In hotel where abhi stays
Both enters the room and pragya falls on bed asleep…Abhi falls on couch.both slept…

Next day purab enters the room and sees both sleeping.He wakes abhi.Abhi slowly gets up and Asked what now.purab says congrats man ,the papers have been passed and the court approved your marriage.Abhi says marriage.purab says arey abhi you forgot that..within one are joking na. Ok wake tanu let’s go.Abhi asked tanu is ‘ here and looks on .purab points pragya as tanu.abhi says she is not tanu. Purab asked then who is she.abhi says don’t know.purab asked him not to play as they have to go to court.abhi says hey purab ..yesterday I went to see tanu n.a….she said that she is not ready to marriage and I told her that it will be secret so only I called you to prepare papers and asked you to come to club.but at last she said she is not in love with you.she only want my frame not me.she only wants money not me. She got a new businessman so she break up with me.purab asked what…so that you have drunken.and I mistakenly got signatures and submitted in court,oh my God he sits in shock.abhi asked what do to.purab asked her to wake.abhi says I am feared. .you wake her.purab says no you are her husband you wake her.abhi goes towards pragya and sits beside her.he wakes her by saying good morning.purab asked what’s her name.abhi says I don’t remember.

Ptagya opened her eyes and looks around.she asked where I am .abhi says hell pragya asked what and gets up to sit.abhi says joke.purab says it’s not time to home ,tell her.pragya says on I am leaving, my friend will be waiting for me.abhi says you can’t go now.pragya asked why .abhi says we are married now.pragya asked what both are lying to me.I am leaving. Abhi holds her hand.pragya says leave me otherwise I wil call the police and will file a complaint on you.abhi says arey listen to me.yesterday we both met in club n.a. pragya says ha..abhi says we both were drunken..pragya says ha…abhi says that time this idiot comes and gets sign from you n.a..pragya says I don’t remember the face but it’s an autograph na …abhi says no actually I asked him to prepare the marriage papers and last tanu didn’t agree for our marriage .but he thinks you as tanu and these things happened.pragya says what will happen if my family comes to know and cries.abhi says please don’t cry ,let’s apply for divorce.pragya says what will media people and world says this actress married and got divorced in one day.purab says but bhai,we could not apply for divorce too.we can apply only after six months.pragya says oh God…pragya says let’s tell the truth.abhi says if you think they will accept.pragya says you have a better idea.abhi says no.purab says let’s go to court and first let’s see the situation and let’s decide.

Abhi,pragya,purab comes to court.purab says wait here. .I will come and leaves.abhi gets a’s aliya. Aliya asked where are you bhai.come to India .dadi is serious.abhi asked what …what happened. Aliya says first come bhai.abhi cuts the call and was worried.pragya looks at abhi.she asked what happened. Abhi says my dadi is unwell.Actually it’s because of me.she insist me to get married but I refused because I loved tanu.last week dadi became weak and I promised her that I will bring her bahu.I didn’t mentioned as tanu because I thought to suprise her.I planned to meet tanu and suprise her.I thought to register our marriage first as she always says that if she got married her market will get low.and she don’t want to I decided to marry her secretly but she refused. I don’t know what I am going to say to dadi…purab comes and asked them to come. Three sits before five judges.

One judge says congrats both.other asked them did they both are comfortable with this marriage.abhi looks on pragya as she will tell the truth. Pragya says yes I loved him and married him ,i am happy.abhi and purab looks on.pragya winks at abhi to say.abhi too says yes.the judges says good to hear and Sked did you both exchanged rings. Abhi and pragya looks on.there is a lady judge asked them to show.abhi says no.purab says but I have and gives them rings.pragya puts on abhi’s finger and abhi puts on pragya’s finger.abhi asked can I go back to India as my dadi is unwell. The judges asked if pragya is coming.abhi thinks if pragya and abhi reached India ,we can live out lives.abhi says yes.pragya looks at abhi.abhi says that once we reached India we will free from this marriage. PRAGYA thinks she may go to her home and says yes.

The judges after a short discussion says ok we agree if you are taking pragya with you
But one condition.according to our law,if our people marry other citizen ,they have to report every month till their sixth month.abhi says we will come here every month. He asked pragya to say yes.pragya too agrees.the lady judge says no need as we will send our officer with you.he will give the reports to he mr. Ritik. PRAGYA and abhi looks on.ritik says bo and says nice to meet you both.and congrats.
the judge says that ritik is transferred to India ,so he will report us.pragya and abhi leaves.

In the airport ,abhi pragya comes ,ritik comes with shivanya and introduced her as his wife.both of them greets her.

Precap ….
PRAGYA says I agreed to come for your dadi …dasi sees pragya and happily hugs her.pragya gets blessings from dasi…

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