Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 9


Hello friends. First of all I’m really sorry for not updating the episodes for last few days. I was not at home.

In forest.
Viplav says Dhaani don’t go alone. There will be wild animals. Dhaani stops there and says I’m not afraid of any animal. And please leave me alone. Just then they hear a roaring sound. Dhaani shouts Viplav and runs to him. She hugs him tightly. She realises what she did and steps back. Viplav smiles at her. Dhaani asks him don’t be so happy. She thinks about the family and asks his help unwillingly. He says ok and smiles at her again.

They start walking and reach near a road. But no one was there. Viplav says Dhaani come fast. I think we will get some vehicle from here. She says no I can’t. Viplav comes near her and asks for help. Dhaani says Viplav I want to tell you something. He asks what? She says I don’t know how to tell you this. But I have no other option. He tells her to say.
She reminds him the day he proposed her. Viplav looks on. Dhaani continues. That time I was very angry with you. But later I feel that there is no problem with your views. But it was too late Viplav. My marriage was fixed early by my parents. I don’t want to hurt them by making any decision for your proposal. They mean a lot for me Viplav. I often think that if we met earlier. It’s all our fate Viplav. I think we are not made for each other. So it destroyed before starts. I don’t want to hurt you also. So I leaved from Chennai without informing anyone. But I never expected that we will meet again.

Viplav tells Dhaani please listen to me. We can together make your parents ready for our rishta. No Viplav it’s already too late. Do you want me to be happy? Viplav says yes so I’m trying to tell you that we both together will be very happy forever. Dhaani says ok then listen my happiness is in my parents happiness. Now you are also going to marry a girl. So please forget me and move on your life. Viplav asks if you can. Dhaani turns and says yes. Tears roll from their eyes. Then ok Dhaani let us finish this here. He starts walking from there. Dhaani cries and tries to get up but falls down and gets injured. Viplav hears her noise and rushes to her. He asks Dhaani where your mind is and cares her. She looks him with teary eyes. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………….. He lifts her in his arms and starts walking.

It was almost night. They both find a hut like some place. Viplav says we should better stay here at night. Dhaani looks at him. He makes her lie down there. They come closer and had an eye lock. She says Viplav…..but he place his finger on her lips and says don’t say anything just take rest. He recalls their conversation. He removes his finger and get up from there. Dhaani stops him by holding his hand. Viplav turns and looks at her. She asks where you are going. Viplav says you sleep I will be here. Dhaani says you seem to be very tired. Come here and take rest. Viplav tries to leave his hand but Dhaani insists. Viplav says ok and sits near her. He finds some fruits there and they eat it together.

After sometime. Dhaani is looking moon through the window. She sees Viplav taking a peaceful sleep. She starts crying silently. She thinks why these things happen with me. Just then Viplav starts sleeping on Dhaani’s shoulder. She tries to move him but she thinks he would wake up. Dhaani also feels very sleepy.

In morning. Viplav wakes up and finds him sleeping on Dhaani’s lap. He gets up and sees Dhaani sleeping. He asks to her in his mind why did you do this to me Dhaani? Why you are not listening to my words? Is it a big mistake to love you? He removes her hairs from her face. Suddenly Dhaani wakes up. Viplav says I was just……..Dhaani says it’s ok. He asks her about the leg. She says better. He asks her to hurry up and goes to outside. Dhaani founds a purse there. She takes it and opens it. Viplav’s childhood picture is shown inside the purse.

PRECAP: Dadaji asks where you were Chottu and asks about Panchi. Viplav has no clues and remains shockingly.

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Viplav aka lakshmi i had read your ff from the very first day.. i think i had never commented here.. but its awesome.. seriously its too good.. i really love it !!
    I was actually waiting for the next episode of sanam re and finally u posted it today..!!
    Lovely episode❤
    Keep going dear.. all the very best ?

    1. thanks dear for supporting plz continue your comments in upcoming episodes

  2. I was missing your ff too much, but its ok you posted it. Now again dont be late… And the episode was as usual too good. And pls unite them soon

    1. hmmm ok dear

  3. Very nice Laxmi.

    1. porkodi thanks

  4. Fantastic laxmi so now dhani would come to know that she is getting married to viplav only. Can’t wait to see their reaction. U depicted true love n caring for each other

    1. hmm renu i think so and thanks

  5. This is amazing Laxmi…what will happen when Viplav will know that Panchi is his Dhaani and what will be Dhaani’s reaction after knowing Chhotu is non other than her Viplav,….

    1. you have to wait for it

  6. Nice epi…. keep writing

    1. ahana thanks

  7. Superb episode. Keep writing dear.

    1. u too louella

  8. awesome episode..

    1. thanks nima

  9. I was missing your fan fiction. Anyways, awesome episode. Can’t wait longer for the next episode. Post it soon!

    1. thanks congrats to u also

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  10. Nice ff .. I love it.

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