Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 8


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Next day morning.
Viplav comes for breakfast and asks about Shalu. Kanak says Shalu, Panchi and Dhyan went to temple early morning. She asks him to pick them from temple as the driver is on leave. Viplav thinks today I will tell her about my love Dhaani.
In temple.
Shalu makes an excuse and leaves from there. Dhyan says that I think jijaji is looking very handsome than your Chennai guy. Dhaani gets angry and goes to do pooja. Dhyan joins Shalu. She says that she have a plan. He asks what? Bhaiya will be coming to take us home. Why don’t we give some time to them? Dhyan says it’s a nice idea. They leave from there.
Viplav arrives there. Dhaani turns and sees Viplav standing there. First she thinks that it is her imagination. Then she realises that it is true. She gets very happy seeing him. She thinks Viplav here? He came here for me! Viplav meets his friend Raj there. Meanwhile Dhaani can’t control herself. So she starts running towards him. Raj asks Viplav when he returned to Banaras. Guru and I came to know that it is your wedding, congrats. Viplav says yes but….. He turns and sees Dhaani standing there. She gets shocked hearing their conversation. Viplav is surprised to see her. He thinks Dhaani in Banaras! He comes forwards. But she burst out in tears and runs from there. Viplav calls Dhaani…..Please listen to me once………. She turns and says I thought you came here for me. But I was wrong. Dhaani gets an auto and leaves from there. Viplav runs behind her.
Shalu and Dhyan reaches home. Dulaari asks about Panchi and Chottu. They replies that don’t worry they will come home soon.
Dhaani is still crying. She looks outside and finds a forest area. She asks the driver to stop the auto. He stops and Dhaani gives him money. But he holds her hand. She asks him to take back his hands otherwise…… He asks otherwise what you will do. She slaps him hardly. He says you……and starts running. He comes near her and tries to touch her. Just then Viplav comes there and starts beating him. He asks how dare you to touch my Dhaani? She gets relieved seeing him. Driver runs and takes his auto and goes from there. Viplav shouts at him and sees Dhaani standing there. She rushes to him and hugs him tightly. He asks are you ok? She starts crying. Viplav consoles her. Dhaani says I love you Viplav…….. Viplav gets very happy hearing this and says I know. She tells him that she can’t live without him. He says me too.
She realises what she said and recalls Viplav telling about his marriage. She frees herself and starts walking from there. Viplav shouts Dhaani don’t go alone, it is forest! She stops there.
While in home everyone is tensed. It is almost evening. Dadaji tries to call Viplav but it is not reachable. Dulaari prays to save both. Kanak tells behenji nothing will happen to them. Chottu is there na to save Panchi…………. They will return soon.

PRECAP: Dhaani gets injured. Viplav takes care of her.

Credit to: VIPLAV

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