Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 4


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In night Viplav is sitting in the terrace.
Moons and stars shine bright. Viplav is thinking about the moments with Dhaani. He unknowingly touches his injured hand and he gets hurt again. “I even save her but she didn’t say thanks to me.” Just then Dhaani calls Viplav from behind. He asks you? What are you doing here? “I just want to say sorry.” Viplav asks sorry? For what? She tells that she thinks him wrong and also adds that she behaved to him rudely. Viplav says no, it’s ok. Sometimes it happens. Then she says thank you for saving her. Viplav replies that oh it’s not a big deal. Dhaani forwards her hand and says friends? Viplav think for a moment and says friends and shake hands. “So I’m Dhaani, lives in Banglore and I’m a MBA student.” “I’m Viplav, just arrived from USA and I’m a lawyer. They introduce themselves and spends some happy moments together. They come to their rooms and say good night to each other.

Later in night Viplav comes to Dhaani’s room and sees her sleeping. He says that you look more beautiful while sleeping. Now we are just friends but soon I will realise you that how much I love you. He looks Dhaani lovingly while the song Muskurane ki wajah plays………………
He covers her with blanket and was about to go. But then Dhaani holds his hand and hugs him. She is still sleeping. Viplav removes her hand, gives a flying kiss to her and leaves the room.
In morning its Haldi ceremony.

Dhaani comes with haldi in a bowl. She is wearing a beautiful yellow lehenga. Viplav confronts her. She asks what are you doing and tells him to move aside. He takes some haldi and applies it on her face. He laughs. She says Viplav and runs behind him. Everyone watches their cute fights and laughs. Atlast she also applies haldi on him and his white kurta gets spoiled. She says sorry Viplav. I really didn’t mean it. “It’s ok Dhaani I will go and change the dress.
He goes to his room. While Dhaani comes there and gives him a blue kurta. “Viplav this is a gift from me please accept this. Actually I brought it for my brother. But no problem I will buy another one.” Viplav says but……….Dhaani says for me. He agrees. She hugs him and says thank you. Viplav is stunned and goes to change. He thinks that this is perfect time to propose her. I think she also have some feelings for me.

He comes outside. Dhaani says oh you looks awesome. Come let’s go. Viplav says I want to say you something. She asks what? He comes closer to her. I want to spend my whole life with you Dhaani. Whenever I am with you there is happiness. We can overcome any difficulties together. I love you Dhaani. Will you marry me? She looks confused and shocked. Jeena jeena song plays………….They both had an eyelock. Dhaani was speechless. Viplav waits for her answer.
Dhaani shakes him and asks what do you want to say? Viplav realises that it was a dream. He says that Dhaani……..I……..I……… She says you……….Just then Anjali comes there and takes Dhaani with her. She signs to him that we will talk later. He thinks that shit missed……I have to say it to Dhaani at any cost.
He comes downwards and sees Dhaani doing pooja in inhouse temple. “Tum uppar wale se dua maang rahi hoon aur mein uppar wale se tumhe…………………”Scene freezes with both Viplav and Dhaani’s happy face.

PRECAP: Marriage and Bidaayi of Karan and Anjali.

Credit to: VIPLAV

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      1. Fatarajo is the combination of te firt two alphabets of my name in my full name and I m also known as Joyee. U can call me Joyee. Like Jo is from joyee. And I finished schooling and m studying engineering . I m from singapore and i and my parents are fan of hindi shows for a long time

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