Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 3

Hello everyone…..My real name is Lakshmi and i’m from Kerala.I have just written my 11th board exams.Thanks for all your support and love.It is very inspiring to me to write this ff.And don’t forget to tell me about you also.I’m really excited to know about you all.

In Dhaani’s room.
Anjali asks how are you and your family?Dhaani gives a sad expression.Anjali asks any problem?”My marriage is fixed.”Anjali says wow that is a good news.We have to celebrate it.Dhaani tells Anjali that her dad fixed her engagement with her childhood friend.But I am not ready.I want to find my perfect life partner.Anjali says that parents will always do good for their children.So don’t worry it will be perfect for you.Look at me.Today I am very happy that my parents arranged my marriage with world’s best partner and that is Karan.So believe and trust them Dhaani.And remember don’t hurt them.By the way how was your journey with Viplav?Dhaani says oh Anjali he is just irritating.It was not a nice meeting.Anjali says that no Dhaani he is not like that.He is a nice guy.

Meanwhile in Viplav’s room.
Karan who is that girl Dhaani?Oh she is Anjali’s best friend.Ok you take rest we will meet tomorrow.Good night.Viplav closes the door and starts dancing and thinks that I should propose her before the wedding.

Its morning.Everyone is busy in the arrangements for mehendi and sangeet ceremony.Anjali is sitting in the centre of the hall and Dhaani is putting mehendi in her hands.She is wearing a red salwar.Just then Viplav comes downwards.He is also wearing a red kurta matching to Dhaani.He can’t take his eyes from Dhaani.O re piya song plays…………
Dhaani looks at him suddenly but he acts as busy in preparations.He starts doing crazy things while Dhaani stares him.Dhaani asks are you gone mad?He says yes.When Dhaani was about to go he holds her closer and says yes I am gone mad in your love.Karan calls Viplav and asks what happened?It was a dream and he comes to his senses and says nothing.He sees Dhaani playing with children and looks her cutely.Dhaani was about to step in a broken glass piece but Viplav came running and place his hands above the piece and he gets injured.Dhaani looks him shockingly.His hand is bleeding.She gets concerned and tear a piece of cloth from her salwar and ties his hand.She asks are you ok?Viplav says yes
.Karan comes and takes Viplav to his room.They both look each other.Dhaani losts in thoughts.

Its evening and sangeet ceremony is about to start.An announcement is made that there will be a couple dance in this ceremony.Dhaani is wearing a baby pink gown.Her eyes are searching for Viplav.She thinks he might be resting in his room and was about to go.Just then all lights go off.Viplav is wearing a black suit and is looking very handsome.He comes near Dhaani and asks for her hand to dance.Dhaani looks him surprisingly.Anjali compels Dhaani to dance with Viplav.Dhaani gives her hand and they starts dancing on the song sanam re……..
They both look very cute together.Dance ends.They had an eyelock and they are still lost in each other.All clap for them.Dhaani smiles and moves aside.Then Karan,Anjali,Viplav,Dhaani all starts dancing on the song mehendi laga ke rakna………….

PRECAP: Dhaani forwards her hand to Viplav and says friends?Later Viplav tells to Dhaani that I love you.

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  1. Laxmi it was awessome loved it keep writing

    1. maria dear thanks

  2. So cute episode.keep it up.keep writing.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. midarshani thanks

  3. Nice episode…
    Viplav crazy love for dhaani was osum the way he helped her….

    1. ashq ishq thanks

  4. Oh,so u are from hi5,i am also from Kerala,trivandrum and i am doing PG.
    Today’s epi was so romantic and salwar dhani was very lovely.keep it up lakshmi.

    1. oh really tvm evide?
      me in tripunithura in ernakulam ariyumo chechi?

  5. keep going dear…awesome….loved it

    1. sujie thank u

  6. Nice episode. ?

    1. mahira thanks

  7. Gud laxmi one edition if u dont mind she shud have torn her dupatta not salwar. ?

    1. renu i mean dupata

  8. Lakskmi very good episode.
    Just loved it. I m from Chennai .. now at US. Happy home maker.

    1. oh really awesome…..thanks

  9. Nice !!!! Plot is really taking a good start. Love it

    1. thanks laxmi

  10. Lakshmi it’s very nice and very cute vidhaani scenes. I m going to std 7th now and I live in Mumbai. I m 12 years old.

    1. ok louella thanks cutie

  11. Lakshmi super.I am also from Kerala

    1. thanks from where in kerala?

  12. Hllo lakshmi… Very nice dear


    Myself nikki im from up..
    Now i m in chennai srm.

    1. hi nikki thanks dear……….

  13. nice episode…loved it 🙂

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