Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 2


Hi everyone…thanks for all your support….i don’t know whether this one is short or long….so i hope all are liking it….

In Banaras…Tripathi mansion is shown.All are very busy in arrangements because the son of the house(sabka ladla) Viplav Tripathi is arriving from USA after his law studies.The car comes and he gets down.His mother Kanak and dadi does his aarti.He takes blessings from them and hugs his father and dadaji.Shalini comes running and hugs Viplav.He asks,”mottu are you fine?”She replies yes with a smile and start their cute fights.Everyone welcomes him.Dadaji was about to say something but Viplav says that i have to go to a friend’s marriage in Chennai.”But now Viplav?”He says it is very urgent.And then proceeds to his room,packs some dress and bids goodbye to everyone.

Same time in College(Banglore)
Dhaani is very worried about her engagement.She talks to her friends about papa’s words.Just then her phone rings and it was her friend Anjali’s call.She picks up.”Dhaani did you forget about my marriage?” “No dear.I am coming today itself. Ok bye see you later.”

Later in Dhaani’s house.
She tells bye to everyone and leaves for marriage.

In Chennai outside the airport.
Dhaani is waiting for car.Its raining.Just then Viplav comes with his luggage and collides with Dhaani unknowingly and both falls down.Mohabbat barsa dena tu song plays…………
They both feels a strange connection between them.Viplav looks at her romantically.Its love at first sight for him.Dhaani tries to wake up and pushes him.Then she angrily asks can’t you see?Dhaani starts teasing him.Viplav is still in his dreams.

Just then a person comes and asks”Dhaani and Viplav?”They both says yes.”Karan sir and Anjali madam told me to pick you both”Dhaani says what and eyes him angrily.In mind she thinks that he is also coming with me.Its just irritating.Dhaani and Viplav get inside the car.
On the way the song is continuing……Viplav is still looking Dhaani and thinks about their first meeting.She notices it and asks what is your problem.Viplav answers that I just want to say sorry to you.Dhaani says its ok no need to say sorry.”By the way I am Viplav and your goodname please.” “Nice to meet you mr.Viplav.Now don’t disturb me anymore.” Dhaani takes headphones from her bag and put it into her ears.Viplav thinks that she is an angry bird.But no problem,I will manage it.
They reaches the venue of marriage.Both Anjali and Karan hugs Dhaani and Viplav.They welcomes them.Both stares each other.

PRECAP: In sangeet ceremony everybody is dancing.Viplav takes Dhaani with him and starts dancing.

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. good going …superb

    1. Sujie thanks by the way you never tell about u.please share it now we are friends na…

  2. Very good episode, update the next one soon eagerly waiting for it..

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  3. Lakshmi it’s superb. Wonderful episode dear. Keep it up

    1. Louella thanks …is this your real name?

  4. very nice Lakshmi. May I know where r u from?

    1. I’m from kerala. Thanks porkodi..i think u are from tamil nadu

  5. nice episode…keep continue…

    1. Thanks nima keep loving and supporting

  6. Sorry,i didn’t read the first epi,bcz that page is not getting open so i jumbed directly to the second epi.its a very different story and all the very best for upcoming episodes and expecting more vidhani the way is viplav ur real name?if not what’s ur real name and what are u doing yaar?

    1. In first epi introduction of dhaani
      Thanks saranya and i will try my best to add vidhani scenes..
      No viplav is not its lakshmi and i have just given 11th board exams
      And what about u

  7. Yes laxmi it is, longer than first good.

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  8. Good going. Update the next one soon.

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Vavachi thanks
      I love this name because i used to call my sister earlier

  9. Good start… Nice laxmi

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  10. Dhani & Viplav came to Chennai .Thanks 4 bringing them 2 Ur ff is looking very good & interesting.Good job lakshmi.

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