Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 18 Final Episode

Hai Guys here comes the last episode of my ff. Hope you all enjoy it and don’t forget to comment.

In evening all are getting ready for party. Dhaani comes wearing A Beautiful Blue Gown.

She sees herself in the mirror and says wow Dhaani…… beautiful..! Aaj sab tumhe dekhte hi reh jayenge. Tumhe kisi ki nazar na lage (Apna bhi nehi). Viplav comes to room wearing matching suits for Dhaani’s gown.

He looks at her and obviously he is mesmerized seeing her. She asks how I am looking? Viplav says very bore and you looks like a child. She gets sad. Viplav hugs her and says you know the fact that you are very beautiful in any look. Then why are you asking others? My wife is the best in the whole world. She says you also looks so gorgeous today. Thank you my wify. Now give me my gift. What gift? He reminds her by using sign languages. She gets shy and says Viplav tum bhi naa……! He smiles at her.
Dadaji announces that party begins. Now I am welcoming the newly married couples to lime light. Viplav, Dhaani, Shalu and Dhyan comes there. Everyone cheers for them. The party starts. Karan and Anjali comes there and hugs Dhaani and Viplav. Congrats both of you. Dhaani I am really happy for you dear. Thanks Anjali. All family members join to cut the cake. Just then somebody says party without us..? All turns and are surprised too. Viplav and Dhaani says you guys..? All their faces are revealed. They are none other than Arnav-Khushi from IPKKND.

Rishi-Tanu from Kasam

Aryan-Aradhya from Krishnadasi

Ritik-Shivanya from Naagin

Dany-Kusum from Saraswatichandra

Karan-Sakshi from Ek neyi pehchan

Laksh-Ragini from Swaragini

Shravan-Suman from Ek duje ke vaste

Dev-Sonakshi from Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Kunj-Twinkle from Tashn-e-ishq

(These are your suggestions and my favourites. If you have other favourite couples you can add it in your imagination.)
They all come there and wishes Viplav Dhaani and Dhyan Shalini. They also join the cake cutting. Some cute lovely moments between all couples. They all poses for a group selfie. All girls starts dancing on the song Cham Cham Cham……… Later all the boys also join their jodi’s on the dance. Everyone claps for them. They all says bye and leaves. Both families thank them for coming.
Party continues… servant comes and says Viplav something. He rushes to outside. Later he comes to Dhaani. She asks where did you go? He says I want to introduce you to some people. Viplav continues…… Dhaani these are my friends and also my another family. She greets everyone. He introduces them one by one. Lakshmi (ya its me), Sam, Sneha, Louella, Sujie, Maria, Porkodi, Renu, Sweety, Joyee, Mahira, Anisha, Saranya, Vavachi, Ahana, Rajee, Nima, Midarshani, Pethu sri, Butterfly, Swetha, Kavitha, Neil, Vaishnavi, Latha, Swara, Prachi, Akshay, Josh, Megha, Aish, Avijit, Arshdeep, Nimisha, Anne, Zee, Naren, Areeb, Florentina, Lekshmi, Goldie, BR, Pjain, Saras, Saraswathi, Philo, Yetty, Nancy, Smita, Amisha, Jessi, Arohi, Shinjini, Surya, Varoley, Anji, Meena (Sorry if I missed anyone…)
Dhaani says its really very pleasure to meet you guys. And thanks Viplav for introducing them to me. They all get into a conversation. They all take a group photo. After they all dance on Badtameez dil song. Everyone claps again. Dhaani says really enjoyed it and goes to drink water. Lights goes off. A spotlight appears and it comes to Dhaani. And another one appears on Viplav. Dhaani looks on. Viplav says I dedicate this song to someone on this special occasion…. My Love…..To my wife Dhaani….. She gets surprised. He starts walking towards Dhaani.
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi…….Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin………Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa………..Meri hoke humesha hi rehna……..Kabhi na kehna alvida………….
He holds her and starts dancing……..
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho……….Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho……..Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa………..Meri hoke humesha hi rehna…….
Kabhi na kehna alvida……..
He stops and bends down on his knees….
Kyunki tum hi ho….Ab tum hi ho……….Zindagi ab tum hi ho……..Chain bhi, mera dard bhi………….Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho……….
I Love You Dhaani…………! I Love You Too Viplav……! They both hugs. Light comes and everyone claps for them. All showers rose petals on them. They smiles at each other and looks to the sky. Moon and Stars shines brightly. Scene freezes with a happy note.

“True Love Will Last Forever………. Like Our Vidhaani’s Love”

This ff dedicated to Vidhaani and all their fans. Special thanks to Maria for helping me to collect all members names. Thanks to God, Telly Updates, All members of IKRS family, My family and last not the least all silent readers…..Inspired from Maria’s Hate Me Or Love Me and Pethu Sri’s My Girl Is A Liar. I will be back with a brand new story. Till then read all other ffs and watch IKRS daily. Love you all…………and keep smiling…… 😀

Credit to: Viplav


  1. Maria

    Wow you nailed it again and thank you so much for inviting me to the reception party of vidhaani ??? was so happy to click a selfie with them.. I also took a selfie with Mishal secretly kissing him ?? I know it’s too much.. And I loved your concept of inviting all the lead pairs of all serials.. And loved Vidhaani dresses very much, Mishal will look so handsome in that ?????

    I have no words to express my feelings, now coming to the episode it was awesome their dance and you chose my favorite song janam janam…??? Viplav dedicating this to Dhaani awww??

    And last but not the least thank you so much for mentioning my name.. And I inspired you to write ff really? I don’t think I write too good, seriously speaking, but happy that I inspired someone great pleasure 😉

    I know I am writing too much today.. But last I loved your ff from the start to the end and would love if you come back with another ff soon and all the best for your exams, 12th na..

    And sorry once again how can I forget your cover pic was???
    Sorry for such a long comment, please don’t get bored reading it.. 😉
    Bye see you with another one but we will meet again on fb tomorrow so till then bye??

    • Viplav

      hey thank u maria……oh really??? u taked secret selfie with mishal!!!! this is not applicable 🙂 😀 just joking…..inviting our ikrs family and all lead pairs just came in my mind few days ago….so i also added it….i want the ff ending to be special…..the idea of vidhaani dresses is mine and the selection is by my sis…..its so difficult to select our mishal’s dress…then i got it…the perfect one….oh its my fav too..janam janam…..yes really maria u and pethu shri inspired me to write and comment..thus i became a part of our family from a silent reader….no dear my classes r starting only…….exams ke baare mein bathakar mujhe darao math……i hate that…..the cover pic credit goes to my sis……love u dear….no i’m not at all bored just enjoying ur brief review hahahaha…..yup will meet u in fb….bye dear


  3. Actually what all i wanted to say is already dsid by my maria so now can only say ditto maria ?☺i too enjoyed a lot in the party but unfortunately didnt take my phone so cud not click ang oic and no?☺w all sweet memories would be in my mind forever ???

    • Viplav

      hahaha its really funny…..maria stoled everyone’s words and hearts…..its ok di…i think we take selfie in our mind (heart) instead of phone…… they makes very memorable moments

  4. Nancy

    Thank thank u for adding my name mam l. I am still smiling mam u made my day thank u soo much man Loved ur ff thank u once again.

  5. Louella

    Lakshmi Lakshmi Lakshmi I m on cloud nine. Fantastic, Fabulous, Amazing, Superb….. Now I don’t have words. It was so……. See I m now speechless.

    U invited my favourite couples and also me. It was too good. I could imagine everything. It was fab.

    Every episode was super duper hit. Thank u so much for inviting me in the reception party of Vidhani. Wonderful ff.

    Come back with a rocking ff soon. Will eagerly be waiting for it.

    • Viplav

      yeah louella i’m hearing u……speak up dear…if u will become speechless then i will surely miss ur lovely talks….hahahaha just for fun 🙂 😀 😉
      anyways thanks dear…..u makes me cloud 9 dear….

  6. Sujie

    Awesome episode Lakshmi….
    Words are not enough to appreciate your effort….. Superb…and thanks for including me and my name….. God bless you dear

    • Viplav

      thanks sujie di……u all r my strength…so keep supporting and loving me di….no mentions….u too di

  7. Areeb

    Out of words right now! ?

    Phewww, A wonderful ending! ? Loved reading as well as watching the other pairs too! ??

    Was so unique and cute you add everyone’s name as the guest! Aww, mine too. Thank you. ??

    Will be waiting for another!!

    • Viplav

      areeb was missing u……u r back with a bang hahaha….thanks i write in above that u all r not guests….u all r friends ya family lagthi hai mujhe aur viplav ko….

  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB , EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow Laxmi nice will miss ur ff a lot and I like all the couples u invited 🙂

  9. sri (kaviya)

    viplav aka lakshmi i couldn’t follow your full ff but your last epi said definitly it was soo good and nice end with all pair, i am not sure about all pair, vidhanni pair only i knew but you attached picture with that so no problem i could imagine them , great work…….

    • Viplav

      thank u kavya aka sri…….thanks alot….i think u r new here….anyways welcome to our family…oh is it??

      • Porkodi

        Lakshmi ,kaviya is pethusri who wrote my girl is a liar. Kaviya how r u. Missing u a lot. Why u r not commenting on tu page.

      • pethusri

        hi porkodi me too miss you all, i want to come daily and comment in tu page but some kind of trouble in my side, but sure i will try to comment daily, and i have thought about new ff also, yeah sure i will back with new one as soon as possible, till then missing you all……

      • Maria(Mishalian?)

        Wow kaviya di please come fast with your ff waiting for you, pls come fast… Longing to read ur ff…

      • Viplav

        oh i mistakened…….thanks a lot porkodi for saying it…..and kavya didi u made me to write this….the credits goes to u and maria……i can’t tell that time…but i loved ur ff very much…i’m sure u will back with a new one…waiting 4 that…..

  10. Nima

    OMG ? Laxmi u r a amazing writer.
    i never though that we all vidhani’s fans r attending their reception party I just feeling cloud 9 moment??? I’m so so happy
    its called happy ending ff

  11. Sneha

    All the best for your school days dear sister ??!!!!
    The last episod is super? Adipolli !!!!!?????

  12. Arshdeep

    So viplav aka lakshmi talking about the episode.. It was super awesome..!! ??
    Thank you so much for introducing us to viplav and dhani.. So kind of you..??
    And viplav and dhani were looking stunning in that dresses.. ??I could not take my eyes off them..????? And yep so matching..matching..?

    And then coming to complete story..
    The storyline was superb..? You always kept a sword hanging over our head(talwar pe sir latkana).. We were like now they will surely know they are marrying each other.. (Remebering that moment when viplav fell over dhani and was trying to take off the chunni but even then he could not see her) But noo you took a long time.. And made us wait a lot..?
    Loved it.. Well done lakshmi.
    God bless you dear??
    And offcorse you need to come back soon for us..?

    • Viplav

      hahaha arshi di enjyoed ur each and every word…..thanks a lot di…..nope di viplav already knows us and he introduced all of us to dhaani 🙂 😀 thanks for the compliment on dresses…..its my style di to keep suspense…..will come back for u all….i think i will update my next story tommorow evng

  13. midarshani

    Thnk u for ur luv.Superb ending yaar.also missing u come fast with a new ff like maria .miss ur ff and u also.

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