Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 16


Hi everyone…..I’m back with the 16th episode of my first ff…….Two more remaining…..Thanks to all my friends for supporting me in this whole journey………Once again sorry for the late post………Now coming to ff…….

The episode starts with Viplav coming to his room. He sees Dhaani sitting on bed and goes near her. He sits there and lifts her ghunghat. He says I never thought that our marriage will happen this type. Dhaani why are you silent? She says nothing, you continue. Anyways I’m very happy that I got a wife like you….who cares me and loves me a lot. Now let’s begin our new life Dhaani. By saying this he goes close to her. She gives milk glass in his hands. He says Dhaani what is this? I am becoming romantic here and you are giving me milk this time. Dhaani says it’s ritual. Ok ok…He drinks milk and gives half to Dhaani. She gets up and goes towards window. She sees moon and stars outside. Viplav comes from behind and stands close to her. Moh moh ke dhaage plays………..She turns. He removes hairs from her face and forwards to kiss her. She tries to run but he holds her hand. Dhaani says Viplav….He keeps his finger on her lips and says sshh….He lifts her in his arms and proceeds to bed. He comes closer to her just then someone knocks the door. He says wah what a timing???? Wait coming……!!

Viplav angrily goes and opens the door. He gets shocked seeing Dhaani there (in night dress). He turns and looks at bed. No one was there. He thinks oh it was just an imagination. Dhaani ask what were you doing inside the room? Viplav says nothing by the way Dhaani you changed the dress? Ya it’s very heavy and here milk. Drink it ok? Viplav drinks and gives half to her. Dhaani says I have already drinked. Viplav I’m feeling very sleepy. We will talk later and you also change your dress. Good night. Dhaani lies on bed and switches off the light. Viplav is still standing there surprised. He says ok Dhaani good night and lies on the other side. Dhaani smiles and thinks plan worked. Viplav thinks what happened to Dhaani? Why she is behaving with me like this? He had a sleepless night…..But Dhaani slept peacefully after so many days.

Next day morning Viplav wakes up and does not find Dhaani there. He comes to downstairs. Shalu and Dhyan come there. Viplav asks where is Dhaani? Shalu says oho bhaiya you can’t live a second without bhabhi !!! Dhyan ne mujhe sab bataya…….and by the way how was your first night? When I asked bhabhi she gives me a cute smile. Viplav asks mera chodo tum batao mottu how was yours? Shalu blushes and runs from there. Dhyan says actually there was some problem, mosquitoes disturbed us a lot. So we were talking to each other whole night. Viplav says at least you talked to her but your sister slept peacefully last night. Dhyan asks what? Viplav says haa nothing happened yesterday night. Actually she is behaving strangely. Kanak sees them and asks what are you both doing here? Nothing maa we were just……Don’t tell any excuses to me Viplav. You are not ready till now. Go and get ready fast. Viplav asks for what maa? For pagphere rasam. Now go fast Dhaani is waiting for you.

Viplav comes to room and sees Dhaani there. Viplav is freezed seeing her in a red saree. Dhaani takes a black shirt and blue jeans and angrily gives it to Viplav. Viplav asks what happened to you Dhaani? I’m seeing you from yesterday. You are behaving strangely. Why Dhaani? He goes and hugs her from behind. He says now we are pati and patni and you also love me na? Dhaani frees herself and says who told you? You just proposed me and I never tell you any reply. I married you for my papa, ok? I respect him a lot and don’t want to hurt him. So Viplav I need some time. She goes from there and smiles looking at him. Viplav remains shocked hearing her words. No Dhaani your eyes still tell me that you love me and I will wait for you for my whole life…… Jo tu mera humdard hai……. Jo tu mera humdard hai……….Suhana har dard hai…….. Jo tu mera humdard hai………..

PRECAP: No precap but here is some info……….It will be a musical episode that reminds us a sweet moment of Vidhaani……….

Hey guys how was my episode? Only two more…….. but don’t be sad……… plz don’t miss any upcoming episodes…… Watch IKRS daily……..Read all ffs…….Drop your valuable comments……. Keep loving and smiling everyday….. And pray for IKRS for lambhi umar………

Credit to: Viplav

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  1. Oh wow lakshmi but why is Dhaani doing like this, I am sure she has some plans?? Eagerly waiting for next episode pls post it soon…

    1. thanks dear

  2. And your cover pic awwwww??????? just loved it… Mishal??? his smile is a million dollar one???

    1. yes ur right main bhi usme pagal ban gaya tha

  3. Oh lakshmi superb imagination by viplav. Dhsnis behaviour is really strange but i know she is doing ig for fun naughty?????

    1. renu di thanks well lets see what happens

  4. Superb Lakshmi. Nice one

    1. porkodi thanks

  5. Awesome lakshmi
    I hope a big surprise is awaiting viplav??

    1. thanks arshi not only for viplav…..for dhaani also

  6. Nice epi and good cover pic

    1. thanks nancy

  7. Superb episode.

    1. cutie thanks

  8. cover pic….awww…..
    and episode is fantastic …keep it up dear

    1. sujie di thanks

  9. Dhaani must be acting rude, deliberately. ? Cover picture is so good!! ?

    1. areeb i think u r commenting first time here….thanks

  10. cover pic ??
    episode is as always ?????

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