Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 14


Hai Friends…! This is the 14th episode of my ff. Once again I thank you a lot guys. Because without your love and support me and my ff is nothing……..! So please don’t forget to drop your comments. And I must say that all ffs based on IKRS are really rocking…!

The episode starts with Viplav searching here and there. He thinks how to search Panchi. Whom shall I ask about her? All will laugh at me. It was my entire mistake. Mujhe pehle hi uski chehra dekhna chahiye tha. Dadaji comes there and asks what are you murmuring Betaa? Nothing Dadaji. Then go and change your dress. You are wasting your time. Viplav says okay and asks if you see Shalu…..Dadaji replies what question are you asking..? Both Dulhans are getting ready in their room. Now go fast. He signs yes and goes from there. Viplav thinks now how can I meet her? Idea..!!!!
Dhaani and Shalu are getting ready (must say both are looking fabulous) both looks at mirror and hugs. Shalu says Bhabhi I am sure Dhyan will be flat in mandap seeing me in bridal attire… 😛 😀 hai na..? Dhaani is not noticing her words and replies her yes. Bhabhi one thing is also sure that Bhaiya will also be mesmerized seeing you. They both take chunnari and wear it as Ghunghat. Shalu says Bhabhi I will come in two minutes and goes to wash room. Dhaani is sitting on the bed. She is nervous and is thinking about Chottu’s words.
Someone is shown climbing the wall of the building through a pipe. The person looks into the room through window by hiding. He is wearing a monkey cap 😛 but his beautiful eyes can be seen (yes it’s none other than our HERO 😉 ) he enters into the room and see her sitting on the bed. He slowly without making any noise comes near her. Suddenly she got up and turns. Both get shocked and Dhaani screams. Viplav shuts her mouth with his hands and both fall on the bed. (Dheere Dheere se instrumental plays in bg) Now Viplav is above Dhaani. He couldn’t see her face because of Ghunghat. He says Panchi…… Don’t shout. It’s me Chottu. You don’t need to worry. Come to Mandap. I will manage the rest. By saying this He slowly starts to remove the Ghunghat from her face due to anxiety. 😀 He was about to see her but…… suddenly Shalu comes from washroom. She asks Bhabhi what happened? Why you screamed? Dhaani opens her eyes and found no one there. She says nothing Shalu I fell into the bed so I screamed. Oh are you okay Bhabhi? Ya Shalu I am okay. She gets up and finds window opened.
Viplav hurriedly comes to his room. Dhyan asks where were you? Viplav says all set. Now action. Dhyan smiles. 🙂 Later Viplav changes his dress (OMG :O He is looking so cute in red sherwani <3 Dhyan is also looking cute but not much as VIplav) Kanak comes and asks them to come for arthi. Both of them wears the mask. They both come down. Dulaari does the arthi of Viplav and Kanak does the arthi of Dhyan. They welcome their Damads. Pandit ji ask them to sit in Mandap and asks Kanak to call brides. Dhaani and Shalu come downstairs. Dhyan looks at Shalu and then Dhaani. Viplav recalls his dream of marrying Dhaani.
He tells to Dadaji that first Shalu and Dhyan’s marriage will happen. Dadaji says no beta we can conduct this together. No dadaji I want to see my sister’s wedding properly. Then only I can concentrate on my marriage. Dhaani realises the meaning of his words. Dadaji says okay. Pandit ji starts the rituals. They both exchange garlands. Pandit ji ask to do kanyadhaan. Kanak asks Chottu and Panchi to do it. They both go and do ghatbandhan. They takes pheres then Dhyan makes Shalu wear mangalsutra and fills the sindoor on her maang. Pandit ji says Shaadi is complete now. Everyone blesses them. Shalu comes and hugs both Viplav and Dhaani together. She asks them to go and sit in the Mandap. They looks at each other.

PRECAP: Dev ask Viplav are you joking with my daughter..? He breaks down. Dhaani cries….

Hey guys my sisters also join our family.
I introduce them to you.
They are SAM and SNEHA.
In this SAM is editing the pics.
Today’s cover pic is also by SAM.
Hope you all like it….. 🙂

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Nice episode ?
    Welcome sam and sneha??
    And the pic is awesome?

    1. hey thanks arshi

    2. Thq Arshi 🙂
      The pic is already Osum 😉 I just do some EdiTinG in it 😀

      1. 🙂 😉 😛

  2. Lakshmi cover pic is too good. And episode again rocked but again Viplav and Dhaani did not see each other. My heart was beating fast when u mentioned Viplav was about to see Dhaani’s face. But then again they did not see each other.

    1. hey cutie thanks dear

    2. ThQ Louella
      I ediT the PicZz 4 my Sisss 😀

      1. 🙂 😉

  3. congrats maria god bless you dear

    1. Thank you so much Lakshmi God bless you too…

      1. oh thank u so much

  4. Lakshmi dear the episode was as usual good but one request please please please unite them soon please year just waiting for it…

    1. yeah request granded

  5. And the editing was superb!!

    1. hmmm hmmmm

      1. pode pode 😛

    2. ThQ 🙂

  6. welcome SAM AND SNEHA…. loved the cover pic….. and must say keep writing such a good stuff dear 🙂 and congrats once again

    1. sujie di thanks….we r missing ur ff plz post it soon

    2. ThQ 😀

  7. Superb episode Laxmi! ? Unite them soon! ?

    Hey Sam & Sneha! ??
    Cover picture is so cute ! Keep going like this! Go Girly Gang! ?✊ Whoop! ?

    1. yeah mahira di…….. thanks

      1. Hei Mahira ThQ 😀 😛

  8. Lakshmi,first of all today’s cover pic is beautiful,a lot of thanks to ur sister Sam for this one.but what’s her full name?

    Today’s episode was good as usual.actually not good but superb.hahahahaha.pls make them see each other soon.don’t drag yaar.i want our vidhani back.keep rocking yaar and pls update soon.

    1. saranya di thanks….. her full name is Meenakshi…don’t be sad di it will surely happen

    2. ThQ 🙂 😉

  9. Laxmi it’s too good but dhani’s father crying means viplav has refused for the marriage. Omg pl unite them.

    1. renu di thanks and soon u all will happy

  10. I loved ur ff….. Awesome ff…… Was always a silent reader to ur ff

  11. goldie arey tum hamare apne hi hai and thanks
    continue commenting

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