Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 13

Hello everyone………….! This is my 13th episode. Once again Thanks to all. I will continue my ff because reopening of my class postponed……. 🙂 So watch IKRS daily and drop your comments.

The episode starts with Vidhaani’s phone conversation. Viplav says and one more thing my name is not Chottu… Dhaani listens carefully. Just then suddenly Kanak comes there and calls Panchi… Dhaani turns and gets shocked. She hides the phone behind. Viplav tells that time “Panchi… my original name is Viplav. I will meet you later otherwise others will suspect us.” Kanak asks why are you sweating? Is there any problem? She says No there is no problem. Kanak asks her are you really happy with this marriage? She replies yes. (Nervously) Kanak asks her to come. She says okay and follows her. On the way she checks the phone and thinks for a while.

They reach the hall. Everyone is dancing there. Dhyan comes there and ask Dhaani is everything fine? She gives phone back and signs yes. He says now go and enjoy. Shalu comes there and takes Dhyan with her. Lights go off………………. Dhyan and Shalu starts dancing on Mast Magan song. Dhaani feels that she and Viplav dancing alone in the hall. Viplav watches dance from upstairs. He also dreams about the dance with Dhaani. Dance ends. After that Shalu distributes masks to everyone and says now all jodi’s dance. She says she wants it in a filmy style 😉 . Sun sathiyaa song plays… everyone wears masks. (Dhaani and Viplav too 😀 😛 ) All starts dancing with different jodi’s. Atlast they all comes to their own Jodi. In the end of the song Vidhaani performed alone. Everyone claps for them. Lights come… they both see each other’s eyes…. Shalu pulls Dhaani’s hand and asks her to come as the sangeet ceremony is over. They both go from there. While walking Dhaani looks behind. (manchala song plays in bg) She sees him standing there. He is also thinking the same as Dhaani. Then they both realise that they had not see each other’s face. Viplav thinks to meet Panchi tomorrow. Dhaani also thinks the same. They both go to their rooms. They had an unpleasant sleepless night.
The next day Kanak comes with the haldi and shares it to Dulaari. The hall is divided into two parts with the help of a yellow cloth. Dhaani and Shalu is sitting in one side and in other side Viplav and Dhyan. Function begins…. Kanak applies haldi on Dhaani’s face and blesses her. Then she applies to Dhyan, Shalu and Viplav. Dulaari and others does the same. After the function ends Dulaari asks them to go and wash. Kanak reminds them not to see each other as it is a part of marriage ritual. They ask them to go and get ready for Shaadi. They four goes to their respective rooms. Viplav thinks to meet Panchi but recalls Kanak’s words. He thinks when I am not marrying her then why should I follow these rituals. He thinks to meet her secretly.

PRECAP: Viplav tells everyone that he hates Panchi and don’t want to marry her. Everyone gets shocked….!

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  1. Lakshmi it’s superb. But precap is shocking. I m truly in love with ur ff.

    1. hey plz see my comment below
      thanks louella

  2. hey guys i’m planning to make a special entry of most lovable onscreen couple on the occasion of our vidhaani marriage.
    whom would u like to invite? tell me in comments………… i will select the most repeated couple from that.
    and one more thing guys don’t hate me for not uniting vidhaani but it will soon happen 🙂 🙂 😉
    the cover pic is the editing of my sis. in this occasion i also thank her. love u dear sree 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. I love Arnav and kushi. Don’t know more about current pairs . Love mishal and Eisha.

      1. porkodi thanks
        hmm arnav and khushi sounds nice let’s see who gets more vote!

    2. cover picture editing was superb. Convey this to ur sis. unite vidhani soon . Precap sounds scary.

      1. u can convey directly to my sis as she also joins IKRS family

      2. Thanks dear 😀

    3. Welcome my dear SissY 😀 🙂 😉

  3. Lakshmi……… loving it….but Precap……. :O …keep going dear

    1. no don’t worry sujie di and thanks

  4. Lakshmi you are awesome but shocking precap, pls update it soon otherwise I will get sleepless nights thinking about your ff. I love your ff very much ??

    1. Hi Maria where is ur ff?

      1. Hi Porkodi, i am so sorry actually yesterday i was at my aunts place so could not write i will post it in sometime today..

    2. no maria its just a ff
      don’t be so tensed

  5. laxmi, superb episode. scary precap..

  6. Oh laxmi had thought that they would come to know about each other but as u said soon they would come to know looking forward to their union.

    1. renu di plz continue ur reading

  7. Lakshmi I like tanu and rishi or aryan and aradhya from kasam and krishnadasi

  8. Precap is bad!! ?

    1. mahira plz don’t be upset

  9. Super !!!? My dear cousin !!!
    Write more and more dear mani !!?

    1. diiiiii nee ingane cheyumennu njan vicharichilla 😉
      thanks my dear sis sneha

    2. Nthadeeee…..!!!!!

  10. Spr dr keep going my dr sister :-*

    1. my love my one n only sis no mentions
      u also did alot for me so no comments 😉 🙂

      1. Luvvv uuu Mani :-*

  11. Super stories!!!?
    I love it dear cousin!!
    Mani !!!??
    Write again and again !!

  12. How are u daa???
    A good message for u and ullu ! Arjit Sing one song is in BARFI movie!!
    I forget the name of the song!!? but it starts from the letter “S” !!?

  13. Love u very much !!?

  14. di snehe naatikathe podi

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