Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 12


A big hello to all the members of IKRS family including silent readers. First of all I am very thankful to all those who appreciated my first episodic analysis and supported my ff.
The episode starts with Dhaani coming to her room. Aayat song plays….. Tujhe yaad kar liya hai…Aayat ki tarah…… Viplav is also in his room and he is restless…. Kaayam tu ho gayi hai…Rivayat ki tarah…. Dhyan comes and asks did you give her the letter? Viplav says yes and asks Dhyan if I refused to marry Panchi then will you also do the same with my Shalu? Dhyan says No… jijaji Don’t say like that. I have accepted Shalu as my wife and trust me I will never hurt her. And you are doing this sacrifice for my sister’s life. So I am really thankful to you. Viplav asks but your family…? Dhyan says I will manage it. Now come downstairs everyone is waiting for us. And I know what to do while the function takes place. They both go from there.
Dhaani is getting ready. She is wearing a green lehenga. Shalu comes there and handover the letter to Dhaani. She asks what..? Nothing bhabhi I think it’s a love letter from bhaiya. Enjoy it and come fast soon as the functions are going to start. Shalu leaves. Dhaani opens it and reads…

“Mujhe pata hai tum iss shaadi se khush nahi hoon. Dhyan ne mujhe sab kuch bata diya aur yeh bhi bataya ki tum apne parivaar valon ke liye kuch bhi karne ko tayaar hoon. Panchi mujhe tum se kuch kehna hai. Jab sangeet shuru ho jayenge Dhyan tumse aake milenge. Please Panchi mana math karna. Yeh tumara hi nahi mera bhi zindagi ka sawal hai. Issiliye main ne sab theay kar diya hai. Bass tum mera saath do…”

Dhaani burst out into tears. Why did you do this Dhyan? I restricted you na? Now what will happen..? One second Dhaani…….. She looks herself in the mirror. She sees Krishna ji’s idol. Whether it is a message from God..? Did I got a second chance to accept my love Viplav..? She recalls his words that never see him again. Dhaani says No Viplav…. I won’t let you go like this. I will tell all to Chottu. Now I realised how much I love you Viplav….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wipes her tears. Oh God…. Now onwards my life is in your hands.
Dhaani comes to downstairs. They start mehandi function. (It’s only for ladies not for men so they are not allowed) Kanak and Dulaari put beautiful mehandi designs on Shalu and Dhaani’s hands. At last they ask them to write first letter of groom secretly as it increases the love and bond between husband and wife relationship. Shalu writes D and Dhaani writes V on their hand. Dhaani thinks that Viplav I will be your forever…….

Meanwhile Viplav writes D in his hand and thinks about Dhaani. He takes his phone and calls Dhyan. A woman comes to Dhaani and gives the phone. Dhaani looks shockingly and says Dhyan you……? Dhyan says leave that Chottu is online. Go and speak to him. She takes it and goes to outside. Shalu comes there and says I know why you came here in a woman’s attire. Dhyan gets nervous. Shalu says if anyone knows this they will tease you. Dhyan ask what do you know…? Shalu says I know you came here to meet me secretly. Now come with me otherwise you will be caught. Dhyan gets relieved.

Dhaani comes to outside. Viplav says “Panchi…” She replies “Hmm…” The tune of Dheere dheere se song plays….. (IKRS waali) They both feel the same strange connection when they met first. Then they both came to senses and thinks that, no it’s not possible. Viplav continues that “I guess you had read the letter. Now I want to tell you something. I also love a girl. I didn’t get a chance to tell this to my family. All in a sudden our marriage was fixed. I know you don’t want to hurt your parents. But you don’t worry I will do something to stop the marriage. Trust me I will never let your name spoil in front of everyone. Panchi are you there…?” Dhaani says “yes.” Viplav says “And one more thing my real name is not Chottu…” Dhaani listens carefully. “Panchi… my original name is Viplav.” Dhaani gets shocked.

PRECAP: Kanak ask Dhaani “are you really happy with this marriage…?” Dhaani replies yes

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Wowwwww laxmi eagerly waiting for the next part pls pls pls update it soon. Don’t take so much time pls… And next time update a long episode…

    1. thanks maria and i think it is not too short 😉 🙂

  2. wow…….. simply wow……… Dhaani knew that chhotu is actually Viplav…. go on Laxmi….. keep writing 🙂 🙂

    1. hey sujie thanks
      ;0 🙂 😉

  3. Laxmi u took so long to post this one but don’t delay for next part. Good they have come to know. Eagerly waiting for next.

    1. renu di thanks and sorry

  4. Finally she know! ? What a relief! ?
    Post the next episode soon!!!!

    1. Mahira where is your ff dear??

    2. mahira thanks 😉 🙂
      maria is right where is ur ff we all are waiting

  5. Lakshmi it was too good. At last vidhani will know that they r marrying each other. Plz post the next one soon. I m in love with ur ff.

    1. louella thanks dear 🙂

  6. episode was awesome..plz plz plz post next episode soon. eagerly want to know what’ll happen 🙂

    1. ya i posted it early nima thanks 🙂

  7. Superb Lakshmi. Finally dhani came to know abt chottu is Viplav. Post next one asap.

    1. porkodi thanks 🙂 by the way i saw ur account on fb. what r u doing?

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