Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 10


Hi friends. I think we are going to miss IKRS very soon. But as fans we can make it alive through fan fictions. What is your opinion in this? And plz suggest me one thing also. My classes are going to start on May 4th. Whether I stop or continue my ff? Because now I’m going to be in 12th. It’s an important year for me.

Dhaani was about to see the picture just then Viplav comes and says it’s my purse and snatched it. He says I got a lift in a car. Come let’s leave from here. Dhaani follows him. They sit in the car and leave the place.

On the way Dhaani says thank you to Viplav. He says no it’s ok Dhaani. She says I know you are still worrying about our yesterday’s talk. Please forget it Viplav. We were friends and will be forever. They reach city area. Viplav asks her to give her address. Dhaani says no need. I will get down here. My family will be much tensed. So I don’t want to create any problems. Viplav says I can understand. Take care and remember one thing Dhaani. She gets down and looks at Viplav. Never show your face to me again. I can’t bear that. I will try my level best to forget you. And wishing you a very happy married life. Dhaani is shocked and replies you too Viplav. She gets teary eyed. They both part their ways. Tu jaane na plays…………… Viplav looks at Dhaani. I know you will return to me. I am waiting Dhaani. I have to do something to stop my marriage. He leaves from there.

Viplav reaches home. Dadaji asks where you were Chottu and where is Panchi? Viplav asks Panchi? Yes we thought she was with you. No Dadaji I don’t know where she has gone. All gets tensed. Kanak prays to God. Dadi tells now what will we tell to Dulaari and Dev? Viplav says don’t worry. I will definitely find her. Dulaari comes and says no need. She went to her friend’s home yesterday. I received her call now. She is now in temple and will come soon here. Everyone gets relieved. Kanak thanks God. Dadi says why don’t we start their tilak, sangeet and mehendi functions now itself? All gets happy except Viplav. They all start doing arrangements. Viplav gets an idea. He goes to Dadaji’s room to talk.

Meanwhile Dhaani arrives home. Dhyan sees her and asks her to get ready fast for the rituals. She looks upset and goes to her room. Dhyan notices it and gets an idea to cheer up her. Dhaani prays to God that now my life is in your hands. Please help me God.
Viplav says to Dadaji that this marriage won’t happen. Dadaji gets shocked and says Chottu what are you saying? I mean now it won’t happen let’s postponed it. Because when my sister is remaining unmarried how can I marry? Dadaji as a brother I want to secure my sister’s life. Then only I can think about my life. Dadaji gets very happy hearing this. He says I appreciate you but Chottu we can’t postponed your marriage. Viplav says please Dadaji otherwise can we search a nice groom for Shalu in one day? No na? Dadaji says but beta…… Just then someone knocks at door. Dadaji and Viplav looks at the door.

PRECAP: Dhyan says to Viplav that Panchi likes a guy. Dadaji tells to everyone that Chottu and Shalu’s marriage will be conducted in the same mandap.

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Laxmi as usual out of words goo job keep it up

    1. joyee thanks dear

  2. Nice episode but pls unite them soon… And it is your 12th indeed an important year for you. Its up to you if you want to continue as a fan I would suggest you to continue but it’s your 12th so you can continue but update it once a week or as it is possible for you.. And post the next part ASAP

    1. thanks for ur suggestion

  3. Nice episode dear..
    And for sure this is a very crucial year for you. Work hard.. Its upto you..if you find it convenient then continue..otherwise post it once a week..but focus on studies first..!!
    All the very best for your future 🙂

    1. thanks arshdeep

  4. Lakshmi it’s too good as usual. Plz post the next one soon.

    1. louella thanks dear

  5. Gud epi………Yess i do agree with maria….

    1. thank u ahana

  6. Marvellous awesome as usual . Oh i thought they would come to know about each other but they haven’t also as maria saud 12th is imp pl concentrate on studies god bless you.

    1. thanks dear

  7. Oh they again missed it. ? Anyways, episode was too good! Post the next one soon.
    I think, after completing this fan fiction you should give time to your studies more. Good luck for your studies !

    1. thanks mahira

  8. too good….loved it… next part soon

    1. sujie u too

  9. very interesting episode…

    1. thanks nima

  10. Nice laxmi. I suggest u to concentrate only on ur studies. 12th std is very important . So work hard and study well. All the best.

    1. thanks 🙂

  11. arre viplav u r writing toplove story dear
    just missd to comment 1 or 2 epi but i read it all. ok my dear

  12. Lakshmi ur ff is fantastic & use of tu Jane na was awesome & apt 4 this ur ff a lot ..I will suggest u to concentrate on ur studies.. I can wait for vidha ff till qayamat?…study is the 1st priority of a student..All the best 4 ur studies!

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