Sanam Re …O my beloved… Abhigya SS Part 5

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Sanam Re …O my beloved… Part 5
The astrologer:Accoding to Abhi’s horoscope his wife won’t survive for a long time.If Pragya marries Abhi that would be the end of her life.
All were shocked.
Santhosh:What nonsense is this?
Radhika:We don’t believe in all this.Just because of a blind belief we won’t cancel this wedding.

Sarla stared at Radhika:Can I ask you something?If Pragya was your daughter would you have moved forward with this wedding?Would you have taken the risk of this wedding if Pragya was your daughter?

Everyone including Radhika was stunned.
Raghuvir:Sarla..what are you saying?

Sarla:I am a mother.I can’t risk my only daughter’s life.If Abhi loses Pragya he will get another wife.But I won’t get another daughter.
All became upset.
Pragya:Why are you talking like this Maa?Just because of horoscope you are thinking of cancelling this wedding?
Astrologer:Astrology is not silly.Whatever I have predicted has come true.
Sarla:Right.Whatever he predicted in our life has come true.So how can we take this risk?
Abhi was in tears:But we…how can we get separated?
Raghuvir was confused.
Sarla:Why are you silent?Will you conduct this wedding just to please your best friend?
Raghu became upset.
Pragya:Whatever it is I will never leave Abhi’s hand.If I ever get married that will be with Abhi.Otherwise I will remain as a spinster.
All were shocked.
Sarla:Pragya!Will you disobey me?
Pragya:Maa!You and papa only selected Abhi for me.I did’nt find him for myself.After attaching Abhi to my life are you trying pluck him from my life?Have you ever thought how I will feel?How painful it will be for me?
Sarla was silent.
Pragya held Abhi’s hand:Abhi…don’t be upset.Nothing can separate us.We will always be together.

Abhi smiled emotionally:Thank you so much Pragya for being with me and not leaving me because of astrology.I can’t live without you.
Prag:Even I can’t live without you.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Abhi Pragya went to a temple.
Prag:This is a powerful temple over here.Whatever I have prayed for have been given by God.I am confident that this time too God will hear my prayer and fulfil my wish to live with you happily.
Abhi smiled.
Pragya folded her hand closing her eyes.Abhi smiled.

They both prayed.
Abhi prayed:God…please let us live happily together and not let the astrologer’s words come true.
I don’t know if astrology is true or not.But please give my Pragya a long life time.
Pragya opened her eyes and smiled at Abhi.
She held his hand:Now God will always tie us together.
Abhi smiled.

Sarla blasted at Raghuvir in frustration:Are you a father?Don’t you have any consideration towards Pragya?How can you let Pragya be with Abhi after hearing what the astrologer said?Don’t forget that his words have always been true in our life.
Raghuvir closed his eyes painfully.

Raghu:Ok…You may be right.I need to think as a father also.
Santhosh and Radhika came.
Raghuvir felt difficult to face them.
Santhosh:Don’t feel odd Raghu.You both are right as parents.It’s your duty to protect your daughter.We too want Pragya to be safe.

Radhika was upset:We will think that we are not lucky enough to get a daughter in law like Pragya.
They all were sad.
Sarla:I am sorry Radhikaji.I was rude to you.What to do?The mother in me talked like that in frustration.
Radhika:It’s ok Sarlaji.I understand.

Raghu:We thought our familes will become one through this marriage.We thought Abhi is the best boy for our Pragya.But we ourselves are trying to break this relationship.
Santhosh:Even though this wedding won’t happen our families will be one.And Pragya will get a better boy.We will pray for that.
Raghu Santhosh burst into tears and hugged each other.

The next day…

Pragya wore her new ghagra.She looked at the mirror and smiled.
Prag:I will go and show this to Abhi.He will be impressed.

Pragya went to Abhi’s room.
She was shocked to see Abhi getting romantic with a stylish girl.
Abhi:Hey Tanu…you love me this much?
Tanu:Yes Abhi.I really love you.That’s why I came all the way from London for you.But you are going to marry someone else?
Abhi:Who said I will marry her?I don’t love that behenji.I love only you my Tanu darling.I just pretended to love Pragya for my parents as they want me to marry their friend’s daughter very badly.
Pragya was shattered.
Abhi was shocked to see Pragya:Pragya!
Pragya stared at Tanu:Who is she?

Abhi:My girl friend.
Pragya could’nt bear it.
Pragya slapped him:You cheater!You liar!You played with my emotions and I was a fool to think that you love me.
Abhi are fool.Otherwise you would not have thought that a NRI doctor like me will love a stupid village girl like you.
Pragya became upset.Her tears rolled down her cheeks.
Prag:I am a fool to even think of risking my own life to marry a heartless person like you.

Abhi smirked:Yes… you are a fool.Otherwise why will you agree to marry me against your parents’ wish though the astrologer predicted that you will die if you marry me?
Prag:I am not going to marry you Dr.Abhishek Mehra.I hate you.
Abhi smirked:Thank you for deciding not to marry me.I was thinking how to throw you out of my life.Now you yourself is getting out of my life.I am happy.Please get out of my life immediately.
Prag:Yes..I am going.
Pragya left the room crying.

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  4. this was quite a depressing episode. felt really sad for pragya . she was completelyin love with abhi . never expected abhi to do this . good that pragya slapped him . waiting for abhi to realise that pragya is the best for him

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you.please read the previous parts of sanam re too

  5. I know that abhi is faking for pragya after hearing the astrologer’s words

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