sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 9

Late updates , short episode , SORRY

The episode starts with the conversation between pragya and that old lady. Lady-“thank u beta” and she looks at da place where people shouting and she asks from pragya “is there any accident …. Oh no rockstar abhi, come lets go and see”. Just then pragya shouts “no”. Lady scared by her voice and says “okay if u don’t want to come I’ll go, and again thank u for ur help”. Pragya makes a fake smile and nods her head. Pragya thinks again he came oh no.
Fb shows one year ago abhi came back to India for some shows. And he goes to meet college principle with purab. In that time bulbul also studies in same college and pragya also a teacher in the same college. Abhi goes to meet principle and purab take some pics of his college and remind all his happy moments. Abhi-“exuse me sir”
Principle-“oh abhi come in what a surprise take a seat”
Abhi-“thank you sir”
Prin-“my daughter is a big fan of you ,”
Abhi smiles and says “actually sir I want a help from you”
Prin-“yeah sure and I want an autograph from u”
Abhi-“sure sure sir. I want to know about a girl who studied here and I only know her name PRAGYA”
Prin-“its sme what difficult do u know her year?”
Abhi-“don’t know sir”
Prin-“okay , miss arora will help u, and she also studied here she might be know about dat girl”
And principle send a msg to miss arora to come to da office .
After some times abhi hears someone knocking to da door .prin-“come in”
Abhi stands up and says “eh chashmish”.pragya shocked by seeing abhi. Pragya-“eh don’t call me chashmish”
Abhi-“how are u chashmish, sir this is not miss arora she is chashmish”
Pragya-“just shut up don’t talk with me”

Fb ends ..

Pragya goes to home, she goes to her room and clos da door. And get a call to her best friend ishani.
Pragya-“he is back”
Ishani-“so what ?”
Pragya-“so what means if he again try to find pragya I mean me??”

Precap-ishani meets ranvir after 4 years
Pragya confess her love to____

Credit to: Naduni


  1. Hi dr plz plz plz post the next episode soon and also post it with a long update with more ishveer scenes plz sorry If I am disturbing u

  2. durga

    Episode was nice bt precap s awesome n interesting wl pragya propose abhi… Im eagerly waiting for next part yaar

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