sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 8


Hi guys , how u all doing? . a big thank for my friends who reads my ff { shashi,mukund raj,shurbi,radz(I will add more ishveer scenes RADZ) , rithu , reshma Pradeep, shriti, durga,zari,sharaya, nivethitha, tharu, vaishali.}

the episode starts with pragya saying good morning to her staff members. All of them says “good morning pragya”. a man who wearing specs comes near to pragya and says “ hi pragya how are u? y u came earlier today?”
pragya stands up from da chair and says “ hi SURESH im fine”
suresh-“is u free now”
pragya-“yah , y is there any work?”
suresh-“no I just want to talk with u ,come with me” and takes her to outside.
Pragya-“y wats da matter?”
Suresh-“I just want to say something to u”
Pragya-“say im listening”
Suresh holds pragya’s hand and says “I love u pragya”

Pragya cant believe her ears , coz this is da first time someone proposes her directly. So she takes her hand from suresh and goes from there without telling a word.suresh just look at her .
The last bell rings , pragya quickly pack her bag and went out of da college coz she doesn’t want to meet suresh after dat proposal so she runs towards bus halt . She sees an old lady trying to cross da road so she goes there to help her. At the same time a car stopped and pragya helps dat lady to cross da road. In the dadi sits in front seat and abhi purab is in back seat. Dadi saw pragya and say “how nice she take care of her mother” , abhi just looks at her and says “are u sure dats her mother?”

Abhi –“oh dadi” and he again looks at pragya and says “wait I know her” just then car starts to go .
Abhi-“purab wat we call for girls who wearing spects ?”
And abhi opens da shutter and put his head out and shouts “ eh chashmish”. All da people who in da road shouts as “ abhi is dat uuu” “abhiiiii” . purab pulls him back to da car and says “yar abhi are u mad” and close da shutter . abhi-“ hey purab can u remember her , dat one proposes me last time when I came to india”
Dadi-“what? U know her? Y u didn’t accept her?”
Abhi-“oh dadi u don’t want it”
Abhi-“I know she propose me bcoz f my fame and I didn’t accept it bcoz f pra…. Purab”
Dadi-“what purab?”

Sorry tharu and sree and all who worried silently . and this is somewhat small . please comment everyone who reading my ff , coz I want to know how many are reading this , and it will be some motivation to continue dis ff with my busy schedule.

Credit to: Naduni

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  1. Nice yaar bt sooooooooo short yaar plzzz update somewhat long episode yaar

  2. really nice please unite them yaar

  3. Nice episode plzzzzzzz update regularly and update longgggg episode

  4. sana (abhigya)

    Nice update pls update it regularly I m eagerly waiting for ur ff

  5. i dont have any problem with small as they create suspense the short episodes create suspense and i love suspense anyways that scene was awesome in which abhi shouted chashmish ????? and the overall episode was superb yr ???

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome……. I loved it ……………

  7. dfntly u vil nt blv me if I tell u tht hw much desperate I am fr ur ff bcoz tgis previous episode u gv long ago nd I still daily remember ur precap nd daily I use to think tht whether pragya is updated abt abhi r not nd if abhi came to met his chashmish r not nd many questions really cant xplain dizzz is the nly ff I am following with other serials included in it bcoz I lv nly abhigya so I use to read nly abhigya ff but here their story is really intstng sooo nly I am waiting for ut hope u vil gv a bit longer nd faster nd regular update

  8. Ehhhh cashmishhh ????? that was so funny! Cuteeeeee episode

  9. Such a cute epi and I was waiting for this very long…..happy to read this again today!!!

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