sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 7

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four years passes….
All students in the college goes to fulfill their own targets, as all students our trio also separated from each other and go on their own paths. Ishitha is now a medical student, she is so busy with her studies .at night ishitha gets a call from her amma.
Ishitha-“amma how are u I’m sorry amma I’m soo busy these days coz some exams are near so wats up , how about appa and akka???”
Amma-“all are fine ishu , but I miss u so much ,”. Ishitha hears her appa’s voice. Appa-“madhavii {is it madhavi or any other name, I can’t remember it 😛 } when will u tell it, let me to tell it to my ishu”
Ishitha-“amma what happened is everything okay? Plz tell me”
Amma-“yah ishu , we fixed vandu’s marriage with bala.”
Ishitha-“wow I’m soo happy amma , where is akka , and when will be da marriage?”
Amma-“after 2 weeks ishu,”
Ishitha-“what ? I want to tell dis to prgya and ishani , bye amma , gud night.i’ll call vandhu akka later”.and cuts the call. Ishith inform dis news to her two friends. And both of them feels happy to meet them again after a long time.
Now its morning , pragya gets ready to go college, she is now a professor in the same college where she studied. Bulbul still sleeps in the bed , pragya-“bulbul get up its too late , today is ur first interview , but ur still sleeping , get up ,” and holds her hand and try pull her”. Bulbul says with her eyes closing “no ABHI I cant come plz u come with me” . and hugs pragya’s hand.
Pragya again shouts with an angry tone “bulbul get up ,what abhi abhi , don’t remind his name again right , I just… hate him?”
Bulbul gets up and says “oh di! I know he is not ur type , but his songs …. Oh god I love him ,”
Pragya get angry and leave to college.
In england
Abhi is now a big famous rockstar , he lives in there with his dadi and sister niddhi .
In the morning purab came to meet abhi . he meets dadi who preparing table for breakfast, purab-“good morning dadi, whr is abhi”. Dadi with a happy face says he is in da room , purab-“ dadi ur looking soo happy today ,” .dadi smiles at purab.
Purab-“okay okay dadi I’ll go to meet abhi”
And he goes to abhi’s room , abhi is doing exercisers using dumbbells, purab-“good morning abhi” , abhi doesn’t respond to purab , then purab shouts good morning abhiii. Then one dumbbell falls to abhi’s foot, abhi shout at purab and says “purab what da hell are u doing”.
Purab-“sorry sorry abhi , u looking so tensed today wats da problem? Is everything okay?”
Abhi sits on da bed and says “no purab , u know na dadi wants to go back to india coz she wants to live with her 2 sisters”
Purab-“yah I know , and u accepted it”
Abhi-“yah … how u know it?”
Purab-“I saw it from her face today, and it’s a good idea.when will u all go there”
Abhi-“tomorrow morning and u should come with me , coz daadi decided to do ur and niddhi’s wedding at india”
Purab get tensed by hearing it and say “what ? I still…. I mean how?”
Abhi holds purabs shoulder and says “hey hey purab u know nah niddhi loves u a lot ,” purab says “but abhi …..” . abhi says “hey now ur my responsibility and ur mum and dad’s last wish is this …” . purab feels to cry and he hide his tears and says “okay okay I’ll come with u , and plz give me some time ,”
Abhi-“okay , and now let me go to meet my girlfriend”
Purab-“mmmm okay , just try to find ur true love abhi ,”
Abhi-“my true love is in my motherland not here”
Abhi just smiles .

Precap – suresh proposes pragya…. abhi sees pragya in india and shouts “eh chashmish”

Credit to: Naduni


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