sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 6


Hi guys how u all doing? I’m fed up real kkb’s tanu’s track.. but bcoz of dis ff I can forget about it… and there’s one thing to tell for u all .. we are planning to go on a trip next week. So I decided to keep my laptop and my 4n @home , coz I want to get away from real kkb , and enjoy with my family . and I’m sorry ,next week I’ll not be able to post sanam re.. is dat okay with u guys or I’ll take my4n …
And back to sanam re……..

The episode start with pragya crying hardly by sitting on da floor and keeps her head on da bed…. And she hears some one knocking to da door , its bulbul , bulbul- “ di … what are u doing , plz open da door , ma is not well , diii…” . pragya quickly wiped her tears and goes to open da door .
Pragya- “bulbul, what happened to ma??”
Bulbul-“ di are u crying? Wht happened?”
Pragya –“I’m so tired today , whrs ma?”
Bulbul-“she is @ marriage hall”
Pragya –“let’s go” and run towards da marriage hall.

@marriage hall sarala ma is lying on a couch and janaki tryng to give some medicine with water to her. Pragya goes there and asks “maa , what happened?” pragya gently touches her mom’s hair, sarala ma says “nothing beta I just feel so tired today , and where did u gone ? I searched u everywhere” pragya with tensed face says “ma ,I went to meet ishani , and now u go home and rest, I will manage here , okay , bulbul take ma to room , and u help janaki ma at kitchen , I’ll manage here with purvi , okay ?”
Bulbul-“okay di, di when will we go to meet doctor?”
Pragya-“we will go at evening?” then bulbul takes sarala ma to home.. in that evening pragya just forget about the things dat happens in da morning and do her best to help sarala ma.

At England
abhi and purab reached to purab’s home.. purab’s dad and mom waits for them at door , and welcomed them with a tight hugs. A girl runs towards them by shouting “bhaiii…” . and hugs abhi, this girl is abhi’s one and only sister “NIDDHI”. She came here when she was 16 years old and now she is 18. purab’s family thinks her as their own daughter.
Niddhi-“when u came?…. how? I cant believe dis , oh god is dis a dream”. Abhi holds her and “just calm down niddhi, dadi gave permission to my dream, so I came here”. Niddhi says I’m so happy and hugs him back again.
Now abhi is at room and unpacking his bag suddenly a card fall from his bag , and he pick it up and open it, then purab came there asking “abhi do u want any… hey what u hide from me? Let me see it …” but abhi tries to hide it .
Purab-“hey give it” and he takes it from abhi and opens.
Purab-“ valentine card , who is pragya ?”
Abhi-“I don’t know yar”
Purab-“then y u keeping dis with u?”
Abhi-“I don’t know yar?”
Purab-“then who knows?”
Abhi-“I’ll tell u.. come”.and both sits on da bed.
Abhi-“really I don’t know who is she , and I found this from my bag on dis year valentine day,”
Purab-“hey y u didn’t tell me about dis?”
Abhi-“she told me?”
Purab-“then u know her? Y ur lying to me”
Abhi-“ohhh purab just listen to me… she has written it in da back cover”
Purab turns da card,
“ please don’t try to find me, and don’t tell to anyone , one day I’ll tell who am I when da time comes still plz wait.”

Purab with a smile says “really abhi I never think dat u will fall in love with someone”
Abhi-“who says I love her , I just feels something new when I saw dis card , coz of these prablems I forget to find her. But one day I’ll find her .”
Abhi-“u just wait and watch me”
Purab goes from da room and abhi again holds da card and says“PRAGYA”
Pragya realizes it and says “abhishek”…. Back again to abhi “hey pragya I know ur missing me, but I tries to find u yesterday after college , and I’m sorry that I leave without telling u, and how I tell u without knowing u, and its ur fault , if ur my destiny oneday I’ll will find u or u’ll find me”
Back to pragya “ oh god y I’m reminding him again and again , if he know me , if he know my love ….yah he knows dat pragya loves him but don’t know dat chashmish is pragya .miss u” and tears falls from her eys.abhi sitting on the bed says “ hey I know u missing me , and I don’t know y I like ur name and dis card dis much , btw I’m soo sleepy good night pragya”and smiles.
Pragya-“good night abhishek”

Precap- suresh proposes pragya … ishitha invites pragya and ishani to vanditha’s wedding

Credit to: Naduni

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  1. Ohhhhhh soooooo sweet episode yaar…. Really sema plzz update nxt part as soon as possible thn plzzzz tk ur mobile n update ur ff during Ur trip too whenever u r free plzzzzzz yaar… Even I thk kkb fans too fed up with real kkb story bt by ff we r really enjoying soooooooooooo plzzzz update Ur ff yaar

  2. hai frnd awesome episode and enjoy ur family safe in travel pa.when u feel free then update ur ff.we r waiting for ur ff.have a safe and peaseful trip dr…..

  3. Its Just Awesome……. Loved it………The Cover pic is Superb……..????

  4. thank uu durga i’ll take my 4n with me , 😀
    thank u tharu i’ll update in every time dat i’m free 😀
    thank u reshma pradeep , i take it from internet and just change its color 😀

  5. Hi it’s so cute episode

  6. Awesome Nadu???

  7. awesome dear loved it

  8. Nice episode naduni and have happy journey 🙂

  9. I’m waiting for ur nxt one…. Update soon

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