sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 5


Hi guys thanx for all of ur comments ….. I just want to make dis story different from others ….. And I’m doing my best. Btw in these days we are preparing for our new year . so sometimes I’ll not able to update my story.. coz my relatives will see my ff. and I don’t like to let dem to read dis , infront of back to our story……
The episode start with ranveer at airport. He thinks “is ishani likes abhi, hmmm , so what problem with it… but y I’m feeling something something ….” . and he goes to meet abhi. Still ranveer’s face has some tensed look . abhi-“hey ranveer , u still angry on me ??”
Ranveer-“no yaar , nothing like , dat …I’ll go to washroom and come back soon”
Ishani holds pragya’s hand and says come let’s go.. pragya feels like her heart coming to her throat… and think how can I tell him dat “I love you”.. if he refused me … then I’ll never have a chance to see him. But.. suddenly ishani pulls pragya and get on to the bus . while they travel agar tum saath ho plays. And thinks how I’ll tell him….

Pal bhar theher jaao…
(stop for a moment)
Dil ye sambhal jaaye…
(let this heart get stable)
Kaise tumhe roka karoon…
(how should I stop u)
Meri taraf aata…
(every sorrow coming towards me)
Har gham phisal jaaye…
(would slip away)
Aankho mein tumko bharoon…
(I’ll fill you in my eyes)
Bin bole baatein tumse karoon…
(I’ll talk to you without speaking)
Agar tum saath ho…
(if you are with me)

At airport abhi ,purab , ranveer and raman wait for the flight. And they hears da annousment .so they separate from each other , while abhi and purab going to entry door abhi hears some lady calls his name “ABHIII stop” .so abhi turns back to see her.. abhi says with tensed face “dadi tum, how u came here,”
Dadi-“u pagal , how u could leave me. Without informing me”
Abhi-“sorry dadi, if I say u about this u never let me to go. And u know nah I love to learn music, and I don’t like to go college, bcoz of u I goes there, but I can’t do it any more dadi. Plz let me go . purab also going with me. So plzz .” abhi and dadi gets teary eyes.
Dadi-“okay , but take care urself , and I’ll tell purab’s father about u”
Abhi-“he knows everything dadi, and romyl will take care about u” and abhi feelsso happy dat dadi agrees with him.he hugs his dadi and says “I’ll miss you , but I promise u dat I’ll be da bst rockstar, and after dat there will no any suffer in our lifes,”
Purab goes to abhi and says “abhi shall we go now , its already late” and purab too hugs dadi.

Pragya and ishani are still in bus.
Ishani-“oh dis traffic, pragya there’s only 10 mints left , shall we run”
Pragya with teary eyes says “let him go, I know he will never loves me , so y will he stops for me. And if dat is his dream , I don’t want to be a barrier . if he is my destiny we will meet again coz god never do bad with real lovers. Plz ishani don’t tell my feelings to abhi’s friends. We don’t know nah about them. They will insult me. And I want to focus only on my dream. Coz of my ma . she suffered a lot bcoz of me and bulbul.”and wiped her tears and get off from da bus . ishani is still sit on da bus and thinks what to do “ yah she is right, if abhi refuse pragya’s proposal , she will go down from her dream. So I’ll not tell dis to ranveer also” . and stand up to get down from da bus . but she shocked to see dat she was near da airport. And she get down from bus near airport. At da same time ranveer was in da car . and he sees ishani , ranveer thinks “so I’m sure now ur da one who search about abhi, and y u didn’t tell about it. U have changed a lot ishani” .raman and dadi gets in to da car and says lets go. But still ranveer is in ishani’s world . raman hit ranveer’s arm . ranveer says “arey isha…” and sees raman . raman says “who is isha?”
Ranveer-“I don’t know yaar”. And starts da car.
Raman-“okay , lets go, im so hungry”
Dadi with sad tone says “beta u two come my home to take breakfast today okay?”
Both ranveer and raman says “okay dadi”. And they leaves.

Pragya reach home and she sees her maa is busy with marriage hall … so her heart pains a lot by seeing ma working. So she rushes to her room and closes da door . and cries a lot by hugging her pillow and hamari adhuri kahani plays. And she reminds abhi’s face…

Paas aaye…
(we came close)
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin…
(yet the distances never reduced)
Ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi…
(our story remaind incomplete)
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi jaa mile.. jaa mile…
(it is not necessary that the earth always goes to meet sky)
Ishq sachcha wahi…
(the true love is da one dat)
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein…
(does not get a destination)

will pragya hates abhi?
will pragya fall in love with some other one….

Credit to: Naduni

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