sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 4


Hi guys how u all doing .. I think my ff is looks boring coz there’s no any twist yet… and im so fed up with real kkb these days… but one day abhigya will united … and im waiting for dat day soo badly… and one thing to say my ff takes 7 or 8 hours to post by telly updates..back to sanam re..

The episode starts with conversation of ishani and ranveer. Ishani says”ranveer why u not inform me dat ur coming to my college??.. ranveer with an angry tone says “arey pagal,I came here before 1 week but I have never met u nah and also u even not send me a massage and no calls, I thought dat u changed after going to America . btw u told me dat u all are going there for ur higher studies. But what are u doing here??? “ . ishani gets teary eyes and try to hide . but ranveer sees them and holds her shoulders [ tum hi ho music plays in background].. ranveer- “hey ,what happened ?? Is I said something wrong” and tries to console her. After some moments ishani wiped her tears and talks. Ishani with crying tone “no ranveer ur not wrong .. but my destiny done a big deal with me” again ishani got teary eyes and says “dad leave me , ma and this world” . and again she cries . just then ranveer feels like his world is trying to pull him away .. and tear roll down frm his eyes. Coz he loves ishani’s father as his father . after sometimes ranveer came to his senses and sees ishani crying by wiping her tears continuously . ranveer says “hey ishani y u not inform me .. and how u thought dat I will not come to help u all , he is just like my father too , and im angry on you now . so plz don’t cry? I know ur pain but we cant have him in our life back .”
Ishani-“I know it ranveer , but my eyes are not control to me” and she just smile . coz she don’t want to see her best friend in sad face. Then ishani quickly wip her tears and says “ my friends are waiting, I’ll go now”. She turns to go from there but ranveer says “ hey pagal first give me ur 4n number .” ishani smiles cutely and gives him ,her number.
Pragya treats her sister’s wound and says “hey ishani shall we go now ?? I ithink dis period going to be over” . ishani with a happy face says “so we will stay here , coz next period is a free period”.
Ishitha-“ oh ishani u always trying to pull our legs , stop ur nonsense talks and shall we go to clz” . bulbul also runs to her clz by saying “di ,I’ll wait u at gate plz come soon” . pragya says “okay bulbul take care of ur self”

Trio goes to there claz room . but still teacher doesn’t came to da clz . so trio starts there conversation.
Pragya-“hey , ishani is dat boy is ur friend ?”
Ishani- “who? Ranveer?”
Pragya – “yeah dat’s one ,?”
Pragya-“is he knows abhishek?”
Ishani-“oooo , I know what ur going to ask , okay okay I’ll ask about him from ranveer.after going home right???”
Pragya –“ okay” . by showing her thumb up.

Last bell of da day was rang, and every student went out from da college . pragya with bulbul , ishitha with vandu and ishani with disha goes to their home by waving their hands and saying “Happy holidays”. Yes! today they got there December holiday month. At gate pragya searches abhi .but she didn’t find him back.
At pragya’s home
Sarala ma is in da kitchen making some paratas with janaki .
Bulbul rushes to da room and close door. And thinks if ma sees my wound she will give another lecture.pragya goes to kitchen with sad face ( coz she didn’t saw abhi’s face after da college).
Sarala ma notices pragya and asks “arey pragya beta what happened?”. Just then pragya comes to senses and says “nothing ma , I’m so hungry” . sarala ma holds pragya’s face with one hand with lots of love and says “ohh , haven’t u had ur lunch” prgya just says “ no ma …. Yes ma but little”. Sarala ma-“ okay okay whrs our bulbul ? call her to have food?”. Pragya reminds bulbul’s wound and says “she goes to room , and says she is not hungry . she will ate late”. Sarala ma says okay then u eat , coz these are ur favorite na . pragya smiles and says haa ma.

Its night(at 8)
Pragya is at room and reads a book ( dat black book). But still bulbul is sleeping .pragya says “ hey bulbul get up , if u sleep like dis u will win best sleeping queen awrd?”. Bulbul-“ohh diiii…..”and sleeps again. Pragya’s 4n rings and she goes to pick it by thinking “ if it ishani” with a smile.she picks da calland says “hey ishani how u doing”
Ishani- “great yarr”
Pragya-“ u asked anything about him?”
Ishani –“ yah but dat stupid don’t know anything . “
Pragya –“what ? he is his frnd nah?”
Ishani-“ yah. But he says he will ask from purab and he will tell me . okay . ?”
Pragya-“okay yarr , hey ranveer is ur friend orrr……. “ and smiles .ishani- “nothing like dat yaar….” And cuts da call.
Ishani got a massege from ranveer
Ranveer-“hey pagal im going to airport tomorrow with my friends.. I’ll ask about him from purab there . okay?”
Ishani replies” okay ranveer take care… but don’t tell dis to abhishek right?”
Ranveer-“ to whom u asking about him? “
Ishani-“ u don’t know her yaar”
Ranveer-“okay ,okay gud nyt “
Ishani-“gud nyt”

Ranveer thinks “ to whom she asking about abhi ? if ishani likes him , no no no … it cant be happen. “ ranveer don’t know dat he loves ishani or not .then ranveer sleeps.

In next day morning ranveer gets up and reminded dat he wants to pick his friends from their homes. Bcoz only ranveer has a car and they used it for special travels. So ranveer calls purab to check whether abhi is coming or not.
In purabs home … purab –“hello ranveer when will you come , abhi also here we just need pick raman also… plz come soon.”
Ranveer-“sorry yaar, I’ll come soon , just 15 mints ,okay”
Purab-“okay okay drive safely”
Ranveer cuts da call and rushes to bathroom.

At air port

Ranveer asks is anyone coming here .purab just says “no”. ranveer-“then y we are waiting here”
Abhi-“arey purab u didn’t tell him?”
Purab says by holding ranveer “sorry yarr I forget to tell it. We two are going England today, our flight will be in 2 hours”
Ranveer shoked by hearing it . ranveer-“what?? For a holiday or …?”
Abhi –“no yaar , purab’s dad is there and he tells purab to finish his higher studies in there”
Ranveer-“then y u are going??”
Abhi –“uncle says dat he will help me to be a ROCKSTARRR”
Abhi-“oh purab y u not inform about this”
Ranveer says sorry sorry and says purab I want to talk with u .shall we go there?? Purab says okay and goes….
Purab-“sorry yaar ,”
Ranveer with an angry tone says “I’ll forgive u later first tell me what is abhi’s rockstar scene??
Purab-“ohhh u don’t know about his dream???his one and only dream is to become a rockstar.and he loves music than him. And I wonder how u don’t know it” ranveer says “ mmmm I to 4n someone so I’ll back okay” , purab says okay and goes to abhi and raman.
Ranveer gets a call to ishani and inform everything . by hearing it ishani tensed and cuts da call , and get a call to pragya. Ishani says “hey pragya plz come to da bus stop now. We should go somewhr… pragya asks whr ? ..but ishani cuts da call .
At bus stop ishani hugs pragya and says “pragya , abhishek going England today, for more than 5 years if u , not tell him today u will not have a chance to meet him again, he goes thr bcoz of music , he loves music more dan his world, and he is in love with it pragya , thrs only 30 mints left , plz tell him about ur love”
Hearing ishani’s words pragya have nothing to tell and her tears falls down. Ishani wiped pragya’s tears and say “ bus is coming come lets go” and holds pragya . bus stops near them.

Precap-abhi turns back by hearing his name …..abhi gets happy by hearing her words….

Credit to: Naduni

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  1. Superb yaar… Thn abhi vl leave to England 4 5 yrs ah… Thn leap vl tk place ah anyway I’m super excited 4 nxt part

  2. Awesome and hopefully Pragya will tell her love to him!?

  3. ash(akshaya kannan)

    Awesome yaar Continue soon
    It’s wonderful if I can please update it today itself

  4. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome ………..extraordinary

  5. Its Awesome……… What will happen next??? Pragya Propose Abhi???If so…Abhi accept her love????Oh…no…I am soooooooo excited to know all these……..Plzzzzzzz post soon………..

  6. nice naduni.i wish pragya shud propose him.waiting for ur next epi.

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