sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 3


The episode starts with abhi taking pragya’s chashma and after wearing it abhi says “OMG I thought dat there’s only one chashmish, but u have 2 sisters like u nah “ by pointing his finger to some places .[[that OMG was said in the tone whr abhi says it in dat marriage hall scene]] purab-“ are u mad abhi what are u saying ??”…. just then a girl shouts by holding her forhead “aawwww …heyy dis is not a ground to play cricket ,if it hits my eye den what will happen ??”… Ishitha sees dat girl and says “hey pragya ,BULBUL” ,… but pragya looks here and there by widening her eyes and says “ishitha I can’t see yarr ??” …then ishitha stands up and gets pragya’s chashma from abhi and put it on pragya’s eyes… pragya sees bulbul holding her forehead and scolding some boys … so prgya goes there by shouting” bulbul ,bulbul are u okay … just shut up and show ur head” but still bulbul is giving her lecture to dat boys . After some time she controlled her anger and says to pragya “dii… I’m okay. Plzz don’t show ur sad face to me “ and pretends to cry. And pragya with a angry tone says”hey don’t try to butter me … and one last time I’m telling to u … plzz don’t over react at public places…. Everyone are looking at u nah ??”
Bulbul-“ohhh di plz don’t start ur lecture coz ur ones are soo boring”..just then bell rangs …. And every students goes to their class rooms. But still ishani and ranveer are talking.abhi shouts from far and asks whether ranveer is coming or not .and ranveer says dis matter is more important than coming with u to da clz .abhi says oooohh den it’s okay and goes near to pragya ishitha ad bulbul .abhi-“hey girls we are going …. And who is she? “ asks by showing bulbul. Pragya says she is my sister . then purab says “ ohh it cant be happen ??”.
Bulbul-“what? Den what can be happen??”
Raman-“hey I will say it after college …. Common guys its already late “ . raman is a guy who wants to study well and the one and only to inspire other his friends.. abhi and his friends left that place.. but prgya was lost in abhi and continuously looks at him while he going ,soch na sake song plays……..
Tenu itna main pyaar karaan…
(I love you soo much that)
Ik pal vich sau baar karaan….
(I love you hundred times in a moment)
Tu jaave je mainu chad ke…
(if you go leaving me)
Maut da intezaar karaan….
(I’ll be wait till my death)

Hey guys I’ll update other part after 12 noon… sorryyyyyyyy …and plsss forgive me .

Credit to: Naduni

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  1. naduni, nice yaar.especially the song i just love it.please reveal in the next part abhi is loving whom?

  2. Good one keep going

  3. Nice yaar… Eagerly waiting for nxt part

  4. Awesome

  5. Nice

  6. Amazing 😉

  7. sana ( abhigya )


  8. hey guys i updated my new episode now but dont know when will it postd

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