sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 2

Hi guys how u all doin?? Thanx for all ur comments …. And I try my best to give new moments of abhigya . back to our story…..

The episode starts with ishani’s shout…. At da same moment abhi’s gang(abhi,raman,mihir,purab,romyl) turns to da side of trio.. but pragya didn’t see dat abhi is looking at them.pragya-“hey what have I done , im just eating nah”
Ishani-“no nothing PRAGYAAA “ .and ishani signs her to look back side. And then pragya sees abhi (Allah waariyan plays) ..pragya couldn’t take her eyes from him at dat moment and thinks “when u came to college today,I finds u everywhere “
Abhi-“eh chashmish, y are u looking at me like dis” with a naughty face.. and just then pragya comes to senses..

Ishani –“hey abhishek don’t call our pragya as chashmish”.then abhi turns to pragya and says“chashmish chashmish chashmish are u okay with dat name ??…. pragya just nods and says “haa”
Abhi-“see she also likes it , then u have no any problem nah “
But ishani looks with angry face at abhi. Just then some one shouts as” ishaanii how are uu? I thought dat ur in America ??”
Ishani-“ hey RANVEER ur here .. how nice to meet u.. I missed u soo much yar”.just then abhi says to ranveer “ how u know dis bodybuilder ,,, ohh I know..let me guess.. from gim.. im right nahhh??? “ with a wide smile ranveer says “ oh no abhi she is my childhood friend ..but today I met her after 4 years…”
Ishani pointing her finger to abhi “ hey you just shut up … and ranveer I want to talk with u “ and holds his wrist and goes to a side…

Ishitha whispers to pragya “pragya , just talk with him yarr”. Prgya slowly says ”what will I say , I cant breath , I think I will die today”.and looks at abhi, abhi also looks at her with a smile and says “eh chashmish don’t eat too much , if u eat too much u will blast like a ballooooon , puff,sound is good na”
Pragya again nods and says”haa” with a smile….
Abhi-hey I will tell u something ?? but don’t get angry on me ok?” again pragya nods with a smile and says “haa” .abhi with a serious mood says “do u know words ?? “ . pragya cames back to her sense and shouts “WHATT?”
Abhi with a funny mood say “ oh u know word WHAT too , I thought dat u know only word “haa” “and give a hifi to RAMAN . then pragya smiles and says” ur soo funny ahh ,but I don’t like jokes” with a serious face. Just then abi pushes pragya’s nose and says “ I don’t like uuuu”.with words of abhi pragya hurts and turn to ishitha’s side with teary eyes. Ishitha saw it and says” hey pragya don’t cry , he is just joking nah. But abhi didn’t see pragyas crying face.and says “ e chashmish whr z ur bodybuilder??”.but prgya didn’t talk. Then ishitha says “ they are still talking there arnt u cant see”.just then abhi rushes to pragya and takes her chashma .

Precap-ishani tells to prgya dat abhi is in love with……….

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  1. Abhi is in love with ….oh pls ya post one epi ya

  2. ash(akshaya kannan)

    Its Awesome awesome awesome awesome yaar
    This story line is very interesting
    I think there some years of leap
    You are going good but I want a long update from are rocking yaar??????????????

    1. ash(akshaya kannan)

      Grammatical mistakes
      I think there will be some years of leap

  3. hey it’s nice pa..plz give long one…

  4. its really nice pa…bt plz long one pa…

  5. Grt epi but wrte it longer

  6. hi naduni .really nice yaar.especially abhi tells ishani as bodybuilder and abhi tells pragya not to eat’s all funny yaar.u r really doing well.

  7. sorry for my short episode ,, i will update next one soon

  8. Its Awesome yaar……loved it……….Abhi is in love with …………WHOM YAAR??????Plzzzzzzz post the next one soon………………

  9. Superb yaar… Really awesome n I love it soooooo sad 4 pragya when abhi say I don’t lk u nu… Let’s c how ur twist vl make them closer…I’m just eagerly waiting for Ur next part yaar…

  10. Awesome….. Update next episode soon wants to know abhi loves whom????

  11. Wat Abhi is in luv With ??????????? Whom

  12. Amazing naduni ??

  13. Superb yaar pls one request don’t give tanu entry because we can’t see her here also so plssssssssss it’s a request and eagerly waiting for next episode

  14. wat abhi is in lv with????

  15. sana ( abhigya )

    Wooooooow awesome ya precap seems to be interesting eagerly waiting for it update it fast pls

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