sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 10


The episode starts with conversation of pragya and ishani.
Ishani-“be cool pragya , I know after dat scene u hate him ,and I will think an idea and call u later okay , cu”
Ishani cuts da call and thinks how to solve dis problem. And she share his problem with disha.
Disha-“we will tell him dat pragya is now married”
Ishani-“wow its brilliant idea, but how?”
Disha-“is there any friend of him u know?”
Ishani thinks and she shouts as “ranveer”.and she rushes to her room and get a call to pragya,
Ishani-“okay listen?”
Pragya-“yeah I’m listening”

Ishani-“we will tell dat abhishek as pragya is now married and have 2 or 3 babies”
Pragya-“what? But it’s not true”
Ishani-“eh idiot y we cant tell any lie?”
Pragya-“yeah ur right, hey I want to tell u something”
Pragya-“suresh proposed me”
Ishani-“who is dat villain?”
Pragya-“he is staff? And I have no any answer to him”
Ishani-“tell him yes”

Pragya-“I want to think about it”
Ishani-“okay sweetheart cu”

Ishani cuts da call and thinks how to contact ranveer as she haven’t seen him long. “I’ll ask from maa”. And she goes to meet her mum.
In pragya’s room she thinks how she can face to suresh tomorrow. She says to herself “abhishek I know u’ll hate me after knowing dat I’m pragya.dats y im doing this but if u hate or not I’ll hate u forever coz I loved my abhishek not for abhi the rockstar who think about money and his fame.and my abhishek is now dead”

Fb shows at da college principle shouts to abhi and pragya “stop u two, still like kids , and miss arora I never thought dat u can fight like dis”
Pragya-“sorry sir”

Prin-“it’s okay , and I want a help from u, please help our abhi to find a girl”
Pragya-“I don’t want to help him”
Abhi-“what u don’t want, e chashmish other girls are dying to help me touch me kiss me etc.. but u?”
Pragya-“hey listen” and points her finger towards abhi and says “I don’t want to help u touch u , I just want to lo..”
Abhi holds her finger by his finger and says “please continue”
Pragya takes her finger and says “I just want to left u okay”
Prin-“okay okay he will left u now please help him , check in store room”. Pragya nods her head to say no but principl shouts “now its an order miss arora”. And pragya nods her head and says yes.

Precap-purab get hit by a stone and bulbul runs towards him.
Ranveer tells to ishani “I thought u loved abhishek”and they smiles.

Credit to: Naduni

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar……..

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