sanam re [kumkum bhagya] episode 1


Episode starts with three girls who fighting to sit on last row corner chair of da class room. These three are our pragya ,ishani and ishitha.
Ishani –hey let me to sit here plzzz I want to sleep today . plzz yar.
Ishitha- I forget to do homework ishaniii…. And u pragya ,y u want to sit here …??
Pragya- I just …. Want to see him ya…
Ishani- who?? That abishek??
Pragya blushes by hearing that name…both ishani and ishitha smiles at each other …..and ishani tells “soo I will cancel my dreams” and sits on next chair. Ishitha hurridly takes her books and starts to do homework.
1st period starts
Ishani- hey pragya I think today also he will not come to college. Just try to find someone else.
Pragya- what? are u mad??
Ishitha- yah she is already mad. y u not trying to talk with him ?
Pragya- hey he will never love me or never will be my friend. Im just a girl with dis chashma and im chubby nah … soo we two are not matching for each other….
[pragya is somewhat chubby in college days] Ishitha with sad tone “hey don’t say like dat ,ur soo pretty “…ishani with sleepy tone “ha ha she is right”…

After 3 hours bell rang for interval… and trio went out to have their lunch… but pragya’s eyes are always search him. While they having their lunch abhi passes them with his friends . ishani sees abhi and shouts” hey pragya …wht are you doing?”.

Credit to: Naduni

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  1. Nic naduni.Go ahead.

  2. hey it’s really so nice…but plz give some big is too short..

  3. Nice one. Its short give big one.

  4. Very nice

  5. It’s good yaar………….But its short…….I need more………….By the way when the trio argued for last row to sit na………By read that ,Actually I laughed out loudly & Tears are also roll out from eyes………Bcoz,That scene is actually happens in everyday with me & my frndzzzzzzz………….We all r want to sit back bench to hide from teachers eyes……….???

  6. Very nice.

  7. Super naduni even me and my friends would fight for sitting at last bench to avoid from teachers question she always ask the questions to front rows

  8. Nice yàar plzzzz update somewat longer episode yaar…

  9. omg its really happened in my life too fighting fr last bench plzzxx do continue

  10. Awesome

  11. Nice episode but too short make it longer and 1more request plz add precap also

  12. Haha awsome. … They r fighting fr last bench and Ishani to sleep lol! Add some ishveer scenes too ???

  13. naduni even me and my friend m.janani will also fight for middle seat in last bench.but now we can’t.

  14. naduni even me and my friend m.janani will also fight for middle seat in last bench my other frnd yamini will console us.

  15. nice yaar nice episode

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