Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 1


Hello everyone……I’m also a silent reader since one year.I like the ffs of narendran,sujie,ahana,and i also like the updates of hasan.Sorry if i missed anyone…I’m also a very big fan of ikrs especially viplav and dhaani like others.My ff is just an ordinary story came in my mind.So i hope all of you like it.If there is any mistakes please forgive me……
One fine morning in Banglore city.Everyone is busy in their own works.A house is seen in the heart of the city but far from the noises of traffics,vehicles etc.A peaceful atmosphere.
A man is sitting in the dining table and calls”Dulaari………”Dulaari comes from kitchen and says “Coming Dev”.Dev Mathur a famous businessman in Banglore lives with his wife Dulaari and his twin children Dhaani and Dhyan.Dhaani is a MBA student and Dhyan is an engineering student.Dev asks Dulaari “where is our Dhaani and Dhyan?”

“Here we are”,they both replied together.They all start their breakfast.Meanwhile Dev tells Dhaani that your engagement is fixed with your childhood friend Chottu.Dhaani is shocked and tells that she knows him when they were young.Now i don’t even now how he looks.Dulaari says he is coming to meet you soon.”But papa……”Dev says that you never disobey my decision.Dhaani feels helpless and looks Dhyan miserable.He signs her that he will do something.They finish their breakfast and leaves home.

PRECAP:In Banaras a car is seen coming in front of a house and a person get downs.Everyone welcomes him.

Guys how is it…..? Please share with me through your comments.And also suggest me who suits more the roles of Dhyan and Dev……!

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Good start dear. But next time pls make it longer

    1. Ok i will….thank u maria……then sorry for not mentioning your name

      1. It’s OK dear, no problem.

  2. It’s cool, keep going

    1. Thanks aish

  3. OMG … u r a silent reader from one year …u have so much potential 😛 …. nice start …. and is ” viplav” is your real name ????

    1. Thanks avijit…… it is not my real name…..but i love that name since ikrs starts

  4. Nice one….keep going and thanks for mentioning my name

    1. How are u now?

      1. I am going well.. drinking plenty of hot water… and sleeping all day

  5. Hi viplav u forgot pethu shri , kavyas name who is the best writer. Good start

    1. Sorry i can’t mention their name. But i like their ffs

    2. oh renu my dear thank u very much for mentioning my name, and viplav aka lakshmi very good start…..all the best…..

      1. Thanks sri

  6. Nice start…
    I Am also a silent reader I commented now becoz I like the name “viplav”… update next one soon….

    1. Thanks coming on the way

  7. good start…keep continue 🙂

    1. Thanks nima

  8. Good start and nice.also nice name…but time make it longer.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sure and thanks

  9. Good start. Liked ur ff. Next time try to make it long.
    What is ur name ?

    1. Ok porkodi…….
      My real name is lakshmi

  10. I loved it very much dear. Plz try to be regular and make it little bit longer. If u don’t mind can I know ur name?

    1. I am trying but its very confusing to me to write the track.
      Ya sure its lakshmi

  11. Ha ha ha..dhani is going to marry chottu!!! Who is this chottu yaar???? & u chose a fantastic name’viplav’. We will love to call u again &

    1. rajee thanks dear

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