Sanam re……………….(Episode 11)


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Shalu opens the door and says Dhyan is looking for you bhaiya. Come fast downstairs. Viplav says yes you go I am coming. He tells Dadaji please consider my opinion once again. Dadaji remains thinking.
Viplav comes to Dhyan’s room. Dhyan says I want to talk to you something about Dha…… Viplav listens to him. Oh sorry Jijaji. I mean Panchi. Viplav asks what? Dhyan says the matter is…. Don’t be hesitant saale saab please tell me. You can share anything to me. Dhyan says Panchi likes a guy. Viplav gets double happy   hearing this but he acts to be sad.  He asks who? Then why did she say yes to the marriage with me? Dhyan says I have no idea about the guy. I don’t know even the name of him. But I know one thing and that is she loves him very much but she is not ready to accept it. She is thinking about family. Viplav recalls Dhaani’s incidence… Dhyan asks what happened. No nothing.. Now tell me what I have to do. Dhyan says now only you can make her understand about love. Viplav says okay. They both hug each other. Dhyan says I have full trust on you.
In hall Dadaji gathers everyone (except Dhaani and Shalu) and announces that today my Chottu asked me something. He adds that Shalu’s marriage will also happen with Chottu’s marriage in same mandap. Everyone gets happy  and claps. Viplav looks shocked. He asks Dadaji but groom? Dadaji says I had already selected the groom also. Dadaji points to Dhyan. Dhyan and Viplav are shocked by knowing this. Dulaari and Dev say yes we asked Shalu too. She also has an interest in Dhyan. But if you say okay then only we will proceed.
Viplav says in mind, no Dhyan don’t say yes. If you say yes then I can’t stop my marriage. But how can I be so selfish? It’s my sister’s life. Dhyan looks at Viplav and signs everything would be fine and says to everyone that he is ready for the marriage. Dadi asks now why are we waiting. Let’s start the tilak. They do the tilak of Viplav and Dhyan.
Meanwhile in room Dhaani hugs Shalu and says I am very happy for you and Dhyan. Shalu thanks her and says now we have to get ready fast for the goath bharayi. They both came downstairs (Viplav and Dhyan is not there) Kanak and Dulaari does the rituals and blesses their bahus.
In evening Viplav is going to Dhaani aka Panchi’s room. Suddenly he hears someone calling Dhaani. He rushes to the room and finds Shalu there. She hugs him and says we both are very lucky na bhaiya? Viplav says yes Mottu. She says I never know that my brother cares me a lot. Thank you Bhaiya… Viplav says leave that and tell me I heard someone calling a name. Who was that? Shalu replies that no Bhaiya we were calling Panchi Bhabi to get ready for mehandhi and sangeet. Bhabi is on the way and if maa would see you here then she will be very angry. Viplav looks confused and says yes yes I am going.. and give this to Panchi. He gives a letter. Oho.. Bhaiya love letter for Bhabi..! Okay I will give this to Bhabi. Viplav leaves from there. He thinks in mind that Viplav what are you doing? It was Panchi and not Dhaani. You are thinking about her more. So you feel her presence everywhere. He says it’s absolutely right. Now I have to do something. I want to talk to Panchi. Oh God… please make her understand. He goes to his room to change the dress.
Just then Dhaani passes through there. Dhyan comes there and asks are you standing here. Go Shalu is waiting for you. Get ready fast. She acts to be happy  and goes from there. After Dhyan goes from there she starts crying and thinks no why I am crying? Viplav is no more in your life. Actually he was not for me.. Now I have to concentrate on Chottu and not Viplav. I have only one request to God please give him all happiness in his future life and fulfill all his wishes.

PRECAP: Dhaani reads the letter. Later she talks to Viplav on phone….

Credit to: VIPLAV

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  1. Very interesting episode & precap too.Enjoyed it.

    1. rajee u always comment last so i never see that
      but later when i check i see it
      thanks i am really happy 🙂 🙂 🙂
      aaj aap ne sabse pehle comment kiya hai 🙂

  2. loving it day by day Lakshmi….aka Viplav……… keep going dear

    1. thanks sujie keep supporting and by the way i am waiting for your ff plz post it soon

  3. Good going yaar eagerly waiting for the next…

    1. thanks maria i am so sorry for the changed name(mahira)

      1. Are its ok yaar it happens dont be sorry for that but pls post your ff soon, waiting for it…

  4. Day by day I m loving ur ff more and more. Plz post the next one soon. Just waiting eagerly for it.

    1. thanks louella i like your name and ur ff very much dear 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Thanks Lakshmi. Even I m a fan of ur ff.

  5. Good one..
    Waiting for them to know they are getting married to each other..!!
    Would be the best moment for both ??

    1. for that you have to wait until the marriage 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      think it as a spoiler

  6. Wow too good spoiler anxiously waiting for the further episode laxmi.

    1. renu di thanks

  7. OMG! you are keeping so much suspense! ? Can’t wait any longer!! Post it soon.. ?

    1. mahira without any suspense maza hi kahan hai? and i assure u all that vidhaani will not be seperated

  8. wow! Viplav, so interesting episode…loved it.☺

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