SANAM Forever… (Chapter 1-Some Unwanted Memories)

Iam soooooo sorry revisions I had my annual exams and revisions test which made me soo busy for these 2 months now its my vacatiin and i believe i can post each week maybe …so for people who didn’t red my first episode and teasers , I have  the links in the box below .

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So let’s get into

Episode 2 – Some Unwanted Memories

It was 20 th January of 2017,  I was sitting in the class with my gang we were known as HASH . That day we noticed one of the boy(Shan) looking at our girls side so long that we started feeling irritated  . So we decided to ask what his problem was . During intervals we were waiting for all other boys to walk out of the class so that we could talk to him. We didn’t want him to be embarrassed  in front if all the boys  but when all the boys  went out he too went along with them.  Usually he sits in the class, but to fail our plan he went out. After interval the next period teacher was absent and we all were talking and I don’t  know why but there was a small fight with my friend that time and I just sat at the other end and my other 2 friends were  trying to talk to her.  At that time I was asked to put on the fan by Nayhan.  And I stood up to see the  switch board and said to him that there is no electricity  . And I saw that he was staring at our bench for a long time. I even said to my
Friends that he is looking here and did he get shan’s  habit. During those days we were not in good terms with other girls of my class.  And they all sat together and we HASH sat together. And one of girls passed me a ring and said I don’t know but to take the ring  to me.  But luckily at that time I was angry with my friend and not in a good mood so when she was about to give me I beat her hand from downward forcing her to leave hold of it.  The ring fell on the floor  and I didn’t care.  The problem  between me and my friend were sorted out that period itself  and I left home happily.  But next day  it was a Sunday and we had no class and I was sitting on whatsapp chatting in our whole class group . So that time Nayhan texted in the group that he was in love with someone.  And at that time there were only 4 people chatting including me, Alna my classmate, Elan a new boy and Nayhan. So me and Alna started asking who it is and he asked  us to promise not to tell anyone other than this
group members and we agreed.  He told us that it was from 6th class, our juniors.  So I felt relieved and believed that he was just acting friendly with us. After long time of guessing and clues I said bye and was going to give it a rest and received a personal get from Elan. It was ” You are the girl. Its you.” and I replied to not joke and trick me. And he said ” if you don’t believe text Nayhan .” I texted Nayhan  asking him that what was Elan talking about and Then,  Nayhan proposed to me and said that I’m guessing girl he loves and asked me to pls reply positive.  I was so shocked and sat with my mouth open and I reminded all the things and connected them ..this was something new to me even though the one bit was there when I was in 6th and he in 7th who liked me but we never spoke or proposed  to me. Everyone knew about that and teased me on it. He went from school next year and never saw him again. And here I was sitting on the phone after getting a proposal not knowing what to reply. I then replied him no. And told him to forget it and I never thought about him in this way. I never supported the idea of love and was against it.  Then the msg he replied made me stop angry that I felt to push him in the face. It was ” I had a bet with  my friend that to make you feel in love with  me that’s  why I did this and if you had caught on that ring also I would have won I had to do all this because  u didn’t even touch that ring. I felt like I was a thing to be betted on ,And I was eagerly waiting for someone to love me.  This made me angry.  Alna was a trusted friend even though she’s  not our best friend. She texted me asking who that girl might be and I wanted to tell somebody  and I told her promising her not to tell others.i spend the day with this thoughts in my mind. I couldn’t  trust mom as I am not close with her and my sister is more close with her but I had reasons too. Then things got worse when I went to school next day.

Thank you  for reading this episode.  I know it’s boring cause I feel so but I want to complete this as soon to take all the things off my Mind by speaking to someone and opening my mind. Pls comment down below if you read this 

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  1. Niyati

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    Waiting for next episode and welcome after a very long timeee ???

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    After how long updated???As I told before too it takes a lot of courage to share with the world one’s feelings n u gotta have a lot of courage dear??This bet thing is so….Update ASAP?

  4. Riya5794

    After a long gap?? and ur update was awesome???

  5. Pavithra1616

    Was superb! I loved it a lot! I liked the habit of urs of remembering each and every date of important happenings.. Even I am so.. Pls pls update soon Liz.. Luv u ?

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